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How the Banana Diet Works

Banana diet fads have been around for many years now. However, back in 2008 the Banana Diet took a whole new shape in the form of the Morning Banana Diet. This was started in Japan and thanks to social media it quickly caught on all around the world temporarily causing a shortage of bananas.

The idea behind the Morning Banana Diet is to only eat bananas in the morning and chase them with room temperature water. Then it is said that the participant can eat whatever else they want for their other meals and still lose weight.

There are some rules that apply though. To start with, the participant cannot drink alcohol or consume any dairy and instead must only drink room temperature water with all meals. The last meal of the day has to be eaten before 8 pm and bedtime should be before midnight. The Morning Banana Diet also forbids sugary snacks and deserts, especially after the dinner meal.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Banana Diet?

The amount of weight loss that might stem from the Morning Banana Diet really depends on a couple of factors. The first factor is how much weight you have to lose in the first place. Obese individuals will likely lose weight on the Morning Banana Diet just because the rules dictate them restricting their calories to a certain extent. However, those who only have a few pounds to lose might find that their results will not be anything like what they might expect.

Is the Banana Diet Easy to Follow?

As far as diets go the Morning Banana Diet is not an easy one to follow. In order to follow it properly you might have to rearrange your sleeping schedule. You might also have trouble totally giving up alcohol as even a social drink here and there is not permitted. The same goes for desserts. If you are a dessert lover then you will not have an easy time on the Morning Banana Diet.


The Morning Banana Diet is not a diet that should be taken very seriously. This is a fad diet like any other and there is no ancient Japanese banana magic that will make you lose weight. Any weight loss that you might experience on the Morning Banana Diet would be primarily due to you cutting out sugars, dairy, and alcohol. This would likely result in you gaining back any of the weight you might lose in a real hurry once you return to your normal way of life.

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