True Top Five Diet Programs for 2015

Best DietsWith all the misinformation that is out there in regards to which diets work and which diets don’t, you could literally lose weight just trying to sift through it all. You’ve likely seen all the claims, heard all the “testimonies’” and maybe even tried some or all of the so called top diets in the industry. But what has your success level been?

If you are like most would be dieters you are probably feeling very dejected and really have no clue as to where you should be looking. Well wonder no more as it is to the rescue. Our trusted and knowledgeable staff has spent the better part of 9 months looking at various diet data, laboratory results, and even conducting our own personal testing.

The end result is a true top five list that will showcase the best diet plans that the industry has to offer. Some of the names you will instantly recognize, but you will likely be in for a surprise as well with other names. Just keep in mind that a household name does not make or break a diet and had no bearing on our top five list.

In order to be certain that you have the cream of the crop when it comes to diet programs, all of the top five contenders in our top five list have detailed profiles that follow. These profiles go well beyond the scope of what you can read online and actually give you a snapshot of what the diet is like.

Each finalist will also have a rating list that include scores that go from 1 to 5 in several areas including the basis of the diet, if it is what it claims to be, how safe it is to be on the diet, and what it is like to actually be on the diet. This was done by having at least 20 of our expert staff members try out these diets and give their honest and unbiased opinions using the rating system mentioned. The ratings are then averaged out and decimal numbers are rounded up or down to the next higher or lower number (example: 3.57 = 3.6 and 3.53 = 3.5) to achieve the final score.

Of course, when we set out to accomplish such a complete list of diets we did so with great care. So, the numbers you see might have different meanings according to what they are referring to. Therefore, we compiled a list of five specifics that each diet was rated for. These include:

  • Weight Loss Short-Term: Probability of weight loss during the first year of diet program. 5=tremendously effective, 4=very effective, 3=somewhat effective, 2=modestly effective, 1=unproductive.
  • Weight Loss Long-Term: Probability of weight loss ongoing after first year (based on available findings). 5=tremendously effective, 4=very effective, 3=somewhat effective, 2=modestly effective, 1=unproductive.
  • Ease of Fulfillment: Based on adjustment to the diet (including any special requirements), taste, fullness, and overall satisfaction. 5=tremendously easy, 4=very easy, 3=somewhat easy, 2=hard, 1=tremendously hard.
  • Overall Nutrition: Using the Guidelines for Americans 2010 as a benchmark, how well the diet conforms to Federal dietary rules and regulations. 5=tremendously complete, 4=very complete, 3=somewhat complete, 2=modestly complete, 1=incomplete.
  • Overall Health Safety: Factors include basic nutrition problems, rapid weight loss, starvation and/or malnourishment, trouble for certain portions of the population and/or those with preexisting conditions. 5=tremendously safe, 4=very safe, 3=somewhat safe, 2=modestly safe, 1=unsafe.

While we were as thorough as possible with our scoring there were certain factors that we didn’t assign a score to. We did not want to assign scores to the cost of the program. What you feel is the right amount to spend on a diet is completely up to you. However, we have included costs based on what was available to allow you to make your own comparisons.

We also didn’t rate exercise. Some of the diets mentioned talk about exercise and others don’t. Again, we do include what each diet has to say about exercise, but we do not assign a number rating to it. worked many long hours to bring you this list. We hope you will find in it the exact diet you have been looking for. While you may have tried one or more of these and not succeeded, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t another one on this list that will fit you like a glove.

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