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How the Body By Vi Diet Works

Body By Vi is a program that pushes a 90-day challenge. Participants can go to the website of Body By Vi and upload pictures and measurements of themselves before they start the challenge and then after as well. All participants are eligible to win prizes based on their uploaded pictures and measurements.

To keep participants motivated, Body By Vi supplies a good deal of weight loss advice. In addition, Body By Vi has packages containing meal replacement shakes and specific supplements all designed to help boost weight loss success.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Body By Vi Diet?

Dieters that are participating in the Body By Vi 90-day challenge are likely going to lose weight, at least in the short-term. After all, each participant in the Body By Vi 90-day challenge is motivated by the competition and the possibility of winning prizes.

Of course, long-term weight loss would depend on each dieter. Should a dieter become unmotivated after the 90-day challenge then some or all of the weight they may have lost could come back. So, a dieter will have to learn to stay self-motivated in order to continue to lose weight after the challenge is done.

Is the Body By Vi Diet Easy to Follow?

Body By Vi doesn’t have any hard and fast rules for the 90-day challenge other than lose weight. While advice is offered to a certain extent, each participant is basically on their own. So, those who have little to no experience with fitness and nutrition could have a harder time than participants who are already fit and used to proper diet and exercise. Along with trying to figure out the best exercises to do, they might be lost as to which foods are best, as well as which supplements will fit their needs.


The Body By Vi 90-day challenge is a very clever way to get people motivated and excited about weight loss. However, the bottom line is that Body By Vi does this in order to sell products. While the advice they give is free, their products are anything but.

Kits on the official Body By Vi website range in price from $49 to $249 depending on what is purchased. While the meal replacement shakes and other supplements are not necessarily bad, they are in fact overpriced.

For those who can get motivated and make the commitment to lose weight, there are other programs out there that are far more comprehensive. In addition, they won’t try to lure you in with the promise of prizes, just so you’ll buy their products.

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