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How the Curves Complete Diet Works

Curves is a nationally recognized brand and is now one of the most popular women’s workout centers in the United States boasting over 10,000 locations nationwide. Now Curves has taken fitness and nutrition to the next level and has come up with a diet plan called the Curves Complete Diet.

The Curves Complete Diet is one that is online and includes personal consultations at Curve centers as well. It is based on the three factors of fitness, nutrition, and motivation. The Curves Complete Diet consists of two phases and overall lasts 90 days. The diet allows for participants to eat 1,200 calories per day for the first phase and then up to 1,500 calories for the reminder of the 90 days. Meal plans are included with the Curves Complete Diet so you don’t have to wonder what you should eat.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Curves Complete Diet?

Any participant who follows the Curves Complete Diet to the letter will certainly lose weight, especially in the short-term. This will be primarily due to the fact that your calories will be greatly restricted and you will be doing regular exercise. However, long-term success is another story. After the 90 day program is up you will have to ensure your eating habits change on a more permanent basis and that you continue to work out regularly or risk gaining back some or all of the weight you may have lost.

Is the Curves Complete Diet Easy to Follow?

For those who need the support of others, the Curves Complete Diet is one that makes getting that support easy. However, actually following through with the diet is a whole other ballgame. Because the Curves Complete Diet requires you to frequently visit a Curves center each and every week those with a busy lifestyle may find it hard to make such a commitment.

In addition, the workouts that are required while on the Curves Complete Diet are short, but not easy. Those who have not worked out regularly may find it hard to keep up with the rigorous exercise classes offered at Curves. But, without the exercise the Curves Complete Diet plan is rendered obsolete.


While the Curves Complete Diet does help you successfully restrict your daily caloric intake and shows you what to eat you still have to prepare all the meals on your own and some are harder to make than others, requiring lots of preparation. The Curves Complete Diet itself only costs about $5 per week to do. However, you have to keep in mind that you also have to join a Curves center which will run you about $35 per month, plus start-up fees, which may or may not be a financial commitment you wish to make just for added support.

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