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How the Duke Diet Works

Since 1969 the Duke Diet and Fitness Center in North Carolina has been a viable solution for those who have the money to visit their extravagant facility. Now, Duke University is making access to their center much easier and much more affordable by providing an online version of their center called the Duke Diet.

The Duke Diet uses 16 online tools that are straight from a team of those who work at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center. After a weight loss evaluation, the experts then design a diet and exercise program catering to your specific needs. Once a game plan is formed you are expected to stay on the Duke Diet for no less than 13 weeks.

Caloric intake will vary according to your personal evaluation as will exercise. For the most part the Duke Diet focuses on cardio, strength training, and stretching. All exercises are ones that will be able to be done at a gym and some can even be done at home.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Duke Diet?

Dieters on the Duke Diet can lose weight while they participate, but a lot of that has to do with personal will power. While the online Duke Diet will provide you with a custom fitness and exercise plan, you still have to be the one to execute that plan on your own in order to see the results you are expecting.

Additionally, you have to ensure that your eating and exercise habits remain changed even after the 13 week period is up. Otherwise, you might gain back a good deal of any weight you might have lost.

Is the Duke Diet Easy to Follow?

The Duke Diet is one that is easy as far as having everything laid out for you. However, following the Duke Diet is only going to be easy if you have an iron will. Because the program is all online there is nobody to monitor your progress while on the diet other than yourself.

Because the Duke Diet is one that can restrict certain foods and food groups that you might be used to eating on a daily basis you can expect regular cravings. Again, you will need plenty of will power as giving in to those cravings can be detrimental to your weight loss success.


The Duke Diet costs $5 per week, billed in advance for 13 weeks, and unless you say otherwise, you get charged again every 13 weeks. The Duke Diet is said to be one that is only a week to week commitment, but the small print says you are locked in for the first five weeks and then you would have to worry about getting the rest of your money back. Even though $5 per week isn’t all that much, you can easily find similar information on diet and/or exercise from a variety of websites free of charge.

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