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How the Eat to Live Diet Works

The Eat to Live Diet was developed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and is said to be the perfect diet for all those who have attempted to lose weight on other diets in the past and failed. In addition to being a diet that supposedly works well, the Eat to Live Diet is also said to be one that is for anyone who is having extreme health problems and needs to lose weight in a hurry. According to Dr. Fuhrman, participants who follow the diet properly will lose at least 20 pounds in six weeks.

The premise of the diet is putting participants on a very strict vegetarian diet. Those who can’t follow a totally vegetarian diet are allowed to modify the Eat to Live Diet and have one serving of lean fish per week as well as one egg white omelet per week. Dr. Fuhrman uses the formula Health = Nutrients/Calories. It is this ratio that Dr. Fuhrman claims is responsible for the overall health and well being of a person.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Eat to Live Diet?

The Eat to Live Diet is not unlike other vegetarian diets in that it’s one that will naturally restrict the number of calories that a person intakes on a daily basis. However, a lot of the weight loss that might occur on the Eat to Live Diet would be very hard to maintain in the long-term as any participant going back to a normal way of eating, which would include a higher daily caloric intake, would see their results fall by the wayside.

In addition, the Eat to Live Diet stresses the importance of daily exercise but doesn’t require it. So, logically, those who do some type of daily exercise would enjoy more weight loss success than those who don’t do anything at all.

Is the Eat to Live Diet Easy to Follow?

The Eat to Live Diet is one that will be easy to follow for about a week or so. But, since this diet is one that lasts a minimum of six weeks it is not one that is easily followed in the long-term. The human body will naturally crave meat and anytime a staple in your diet is totally removed the tendency to feel cravings will be likely as will the tendency to give in to those cravings.


The Eat to Live Diet is one that comes with plenty of costs both upfront and ongoing. To start, the initial cost of the Eat to Live Diet guide is $14.99. While the Eat to Live Diet does teach calorie restriction, it’s safe to assume that you can eat nothing but vegetables and fruits on your own if that’s the way you want to go and save the money you would have spent on the book.
Additionally, the costs won’t stop with the guide. Because the diet is a strict vegetarian diet, you can expect your grocery bill to reflect that as fresh vegetables and produce don’t always come cheap.

Most concerning though is the way in which this diet is conducted. There are many studies that show reduced calories are a great way to lose weight, but they also show that diets offering a balanced combination of both meats and greens are better than ones that are strictly greens.

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    if there were a pear and a cupcake on the table you have enough sense to know which to eat. if so, this plan is easy to follow.

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