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How the Food Lovers Diet Works

Created by Fitness Magazine, the Food Lovers Diet provides unique strategies all designed to help participants lose weight eating what they like. According to the diet plan, most people set their weight loss goals too high and therefore set themselves up for disaster. With the Food Lovers Diet, there is nothing that is technically off limits and instead there is a real focus on eating the right combinations of food and exercising daily.

With the Food Lovers Diet, all daily calories are given in gradual waves. Breakfast is around 400 calories, lunch 500, and dinner is 600. Additionally, a 100 calorie snack is allowed. The approach is said to help keep participants fuller and feel more satisfied throughout the day all while cutting calories.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Food Lovers Diet?

Dieters on the Food Lovers Diet can expect to lose weight if they stick to the plan. Because the diet restricts calories so much, the average person may see a decline in calories by 50% or more from what they are used to taking in on a daily basis.

So, short-term weight loss is almost a sure thing. However, any long-term success would depend greatly on a participant’s ability to maintain their lower calorie eating habits, as well as their willingness to implement regular exercise into the mix.

Is the Food Lovers Diet Easy to Follow?

The Food Lovers Diet comes complete with guides, menu ideas and even interactive online help. However, though nothing is technically off limits, there are plenty of limits as to what can be eaten. Because there is such a large cut back in calories, many will find it hard to stay satisfied on the lower calorie amount, especially if they stray away from foods that would make them feel fuller just because they may not care for them.

The Food Lovers Diet can also be difficult to follow for those not used to a good amount of exercise. While the diet does say that proper eating is essential to losing weight, it also concedes to the fact that there needs to be a healthy dose of exercise added in order for best results.


Fitness Magazine is a trusted source in the weight loss world, but the Food Lovers Diet is anything but a sure thing. The program itself costs $120, which is broken up into six payments of $20 each. That cost is of course in addition to any and all food that will have to be purchased.

In the end, the Food Lovers Diet teaches that the proper mix of foods, a reduction of daily calories, and daily exercise will result in weight loss. But, this is information that is pretty much known by everyone to begin with which begs the question, why pay $120 for it?

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  • Richard Large

    anyone know why Robert Ferguson quit promoting this diet?

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