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How the Isagenix Diet Works

The Isagenix Diet is more than just your average run-of-the-mill diet. It is actually a compilation of products and programs that are sold all aimed at getting participants to their ideal weight and then keeping them there for good. What differs greatly with the Isagenix Diet is that it is actually a network marketing program as well as a diet program. So, those interested can become distributors of the products with the idea being that the participants can then make money while helping others get into shape.

The Isagenix Diet does have somewhat basic stages that are completed. The first is a nine day cleanse followed by a 30-day program designed to get participants to their ideal weight. Once these stages are complete, the Isagenix Diet calls for continued use of its products and supplements in order to maintain what they claim will be a lifetime of weight loss success.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Isagenix Diet?

Dieters on the Isagenix Diet are quite likely to lose weight in the short-term. The cleanse is designed to be a sort of fasting program where daily calories are dropped in an extremely dramatic fashion. Then the 30-day program follows and while calories do increase, they are still lower than a typical diet.

However, long-term weight loss would depend greatly on each individual on the Isagenix Diet. Their formula for long-term success calls for participants to always use their products so there is no telling how well weight loss in the long run would go should a participant choose to discontinue using the Isagenix Diet products.

Is the Isagenix Diet Easy to Follow?

The Isagenix Diet is not a hard diet to follow, but it is going to be hard to do for those who do not have a lot of money. The products are very expensive and while you can get the products for a lot less if you become a distributor, that means you have to go out and sell the Isagenix Diet for yourself and this might not comfortable for some.


The Isagenix Diet might have some great products and those products might even help you lose some weight. But, the fact remains that the Isagenix Diet is another in a long line of network marketing programs that makes you pay to sign up as a distributor and then go out and hawk their products in order to be able to afford your own.

While you don’t have to be a distributor, you better have a lot of money if you choose not to be. Their “best bargain” package, which will only get you through 39 days, is $499 unless you are a distributor. In the end, there are many other products and supplements out there that are comparable to those that the Isagenix Diet offers, only they’re not as expensive and do not ask you to bother your friends and family to buy the same products you are buying.

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  • Fran Tellor

    I have been on the Isagenix diet plan for about 3 weeks and have lost about 15 pounds and 22 inches. I lost 8 inches in my abdomen- the bad fat that is really bad for my health. It isn’t as expensive as your review states. I paid less than $300 for a 30 day supply and it is the first diet that I could actually see the major decrease in the area I needed most. I’ve also learned to avoid carbs and no longer crave them or want them. I was a sweets junkie before. I have not been hungry at all on this diet and I have lots of energy. It is a cleansing diet, so because the toxins are out of my system I feel better and my skin looks healthier.

    • Elizabeth

      Fran Tellor: I am going to order my 30 day supply this weekend, have you continued to still lose the weight? How effective is it 4 months later?

      • Ashley Laws Fletcher

        Hi Elizabeth! Have you ordered your pack yet? If not, I’d be glad to help you. I have been doing Isagenix since mid-July and continue to lose weight, but I am still doing the shakes 2x/day.

  • Scott Gee

    Geesh – just download the free app Lose it!, eat real food, slowly lose weight, and enjoy life. And there is absolutely nothing “cleansing” about Isagenix or any other diet. Eat less and your body “cleanses” itself, lol

    • Deanna Eiting

      Scott , as a RN and health coach I felt compelled to comment. While it is true eating real food is of the upmost importance, the availability of said “real food” is difficult. Its generally blasted with pesticides, herbicides and other cides. If you werent raised on an organic farm then you must cleanse the body. Colon, liver, and cellular detoxification IS necessary. Due to the fact that our environment has radically changed we are all toxic. Our cells are the building blocks of our bodies and they too get overloaded. Just look at the average american. When the cells and liver and colon are overloaded with toxins they get locked away in our fat cells and thus the fat cells expand! YOU Can not just eat better these days and hope for better health. The MDS and research team at Isagenix have painstakingly shown this to be true. Let it be known I am not currently a distributor. I have been looking for a solution or supplementalbregimen for my clients that gives them superior nutraceuticals to augment a healthy lifestyle. I have read numerous studies and will becomee my own guinea pig with Isagenix soon. And as far as cost.. as an RN who also worked for an insurance company I assure you that the cost in the long run far outweighs a couple hundred bucks of supplements monthly. Dont be fooled to think it wont happen to you (general public ).. 2/3 of americans have chronic disease that will with a high degree of statistical probability give them serious problems. Not every nutraceutical company is in this game for greed! Some really want to help people live better lives. And if they can make a good living helping others qchieve the same then more power to them. In fact, robert Kiyosaki and donald trump both agree that MLMS beat the hell out of working for corporate america. JUST A THOUGHT!

      • Kam

        You couldn’t be more right! I am a distributor and if there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to contact me.

      • Angela

        Deanne, what a wonderful response.

  • Carol

    I too am with Isagenix. In my first 30 days, I lost 12 lbs and 26 inches..lost the weight and inches in the places that I wanted to release. No other “diet” has done this for me and I feel better now than I have felt in over a year. My ability to handle the stressers in my life are much much more easily handled. It is not expensive if you look at the amount of junk food and convenience food that people eat everyday. Heck for one value meal at McDonalds most wouldn’t bat an eye to spend $6 or $7 a meal…we are a lot less than that per meal and WE are putting GOOD nutrirition in our body..not a bunch of grease that is going to build up around our heart.

  • Margit Willems

    Hi everyone, just like Carol, I too am with Isagenix and want to correct a few misconceptions about the products. First and foremost, Isagenix is a meal replacement. Anyone who has read up on Isagenix is familiar that the product(s) are sold under three different categories–weight loss, healthy aging, and high performance. Therefore, it is important to look at what your goals are. IsaLean, the product that is pretty much the backbone of all three, is a great high quality meal replacement that gives you the nutrients your body needs on a per meal basis. While I originally started out with Isagenix to find out if the products are an option for me to use as a breakfast replacement–breakfast has always been a challenge for me, I actually started to lose weight. Hence, I continued with Isagenix and lost over the period of three months 20 pounds and two dress sizes, without the strict plan as described above. I replaced one meal a day, used the fiber snacks for when I needed a quick pick-up in the afternoon, but ate regular, healthful meals for lunch and dinner. As for gaining the weight if you stop really depends on your overall eating habits. I was off of the product for several months due to an emergency in Europe and didn’t have any problems. I recently went back on Isagenix not so much to lose the last few pounds I want to release, but because of a) the high quality of the product, b) the ease to eat a nutrition meal when I am out and about, and c) to help manage stress. I also want to add, I have lactose and gluten intolerance without any reactions–even the regular shakes. Yes, there are cheaper shakes etc out there, but the taste and quality are not the same. For less than $3.00 a meal, I know what I get .

    • Judy Nolan Gallagher

      When you continued did you still just do the breakfast replacement or did you go to the full 30 day cleanse?

  • Nancy Griffin

    I have done diet after diet after diet.. the reason that I tried this one was due to my arthritis that was causing so much inflammation that I was taking meds and injections all the time and still in pain. What a great decision I made! I’m off all my meds, I’ve lost 30 lbs and average 150 per month. It may seem expensive to some but per meal it is not bad at all plus I eliminated nsaids and steroids which is amazing!

  • momofsix

    Hi, I just started this two days ago. So far so good…however this is pricey and doesn’t have the best flavor. Do comparable products exist?

  • Tori

    I LOVE Isagenix! I started 3 weeks ago and the results have been amazing. I’ve lost 15 lbs and over 49 inches. I have tons more energy and feel great. The prices are not bad either if you consider you eat 3 snacks and dinner (which is regular food) and your 2 shakes a day for breakfast and lunch. It teaches you to eat smaller quantities throughout the day and to watch your calories. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

  • Brooke

    I have been doing Isagenix since August. I have found two things to be very true 1) if you stop using the product you gain your weight back fast and more than you originally had and 2)the corporation itself is a glorified pyramid scheme set up to make you spend money. Whenever I tried to change or alter my autoship, Isagenix website would not allow me to do so. I couldn’t even delete my OWN credit card information! This morning I received a shipment I did not authorize. I called Isagenix and cancelled my membership. This was the ONLY way I could alter my account. Also, the so-called sponsors are trained to cater to the members who are SELLING the product, not just those of us who want to try and lose weight without having to push a product on someone else. It is like a cult.

    • Angela

      Brook sorry you had a bad experience, not all teams are built to just push the product. Many of us are actually there to be a support system for people like you who want to lose weight. Also the fact is that with many systems that people use to lose weight they will gain their weight back in no time and even then some. Isagenix should be used as a tool to learn a new healthy life style to not go back to old habits of eating. I do hope you found a system that can support you on your journey to health and happiness. Sincerely Angela

  • Cindy

    I absolutely LOVE this product! It is the only diet program that has worked for me n I have kept off the weight while stuck in bed recovering from surgeries! I only have been doing 1-3 shakes a week. I lost my goal weight plus inches I never thought I would lose. The price is not $500 for a 30 day program so where they got there info….
    I take the active ageless vitamins n am super pleased w my health results!
    Its like any other. Product out there. But this one by far is the best!

  • Mary Cole

    I am never going a day without these products. I have tried just about every weight loss product/scheme out there with no lasting results to speak of. I started Isagenix August of 2013 and at 55 I feel better than I have in 20 years. For me this is not a diet but a beautiful lifestyle, for me weight loss stopped being the main thing long before the end of my first 30 days on these products. While I can’t say Isagenix will cure or prevent illness I can say,, before I couldn’t sleep now I do, before I had severe joint pain and now I don’t, before I was exhausted and bitter, now I have more energy than day and I’m joyful again. These products are free of GMOs and artificial sweeteners pure and natural. It is very difficult to get the equivalent in nutrients from our food sources now, they have been so genetically altered with GMOs and pesticides. And as far as costs, well this is my health care and we all now how expense being sick costs, I have also save a small fortune giving up diet sodas, expensive coffees and Rx drugs I needed to sleep, hormone balance and pain management.

  • Annette Rebo Popson

    Isagenix has taken me to a completely new level in my life. I started on September 22nd and I am now down over 40 inches, and I am now officially going into the first of 50 pounds lost! Yes – I’ve lost 40 pounds since September 22nd! I eat! I live! I love these products. They continuously give me results. CONTINUOUSLY! It’s completely mind-blowing! I have tried “everything and anything” over the last 20+ years and NOTHING has ever given me continuous results. The weight loss is only a bonus though. The products, used as a total system provide improved focus, energy and so much less stress. Plant adaptogens are a huge part of why these products truly work. I have more energy for my family, job and life in general. I have become a better mother, wife, co-worker and friend simply because I care now! I am no longer that fat woman who wished every day that my life and body were different. NOW, my life and body is different. I will never go a day without this nutrition in my body! EVER. As far as the network marketing goes: I do make money! I am completely amazed at how easy earning money with Isagenix is. All I have done is become a product of the product and now everyone who knows me wants to do what I’m doing. They see me every day, living life, being awesome and feeling amazing with high energy! Who doesn’t want that??? Well, people do! I’m not stupid and if Isagenix wants to GIVE me money – why would I say no?? I’ve supplemented my income very well over the last 4 months and it’s a no-brainer, duplicatable system that everyone can do!!! <3 I love Isagenix!!!!!

  • angela

    All I can say is that this product works. You do not need to sign up as a distributor, you can just buy the product if you want. If you want you can sell it and build a team- but its not necessary.
    Isagenix is the REAL DEAL! If you’re thinking about it, and I’m sure you are reading this site, do it.

  • sheryl

    Not sure where this review got its information from but I find that its totally misleading. I have just finished my first 30 day cleanse program on this system and I am amazed at how I feel. I not only lost 12lbs and 31 inches but I no longer have body pain. My anxiety attaches have stopped and my energy is through the roof! Yes, this program is expensive but I was spending money on doctors and prescription’s that were not working but just intoxicating my body even more. You do not have to sell this product. You join the program as a user of the product. Yes its multi-level marketing but once everyone see’s your progress people want what you are doing so they usually sign up and the company gives you the incentive for them joining. No pressure really. I am excited to begin my second 30 day’s and continue as a life long healthy journey with isagenix!

  • Angela

    I have finished a 30 day and feel great I lost 14 lbs and have great energy. You do not have to sign up and sell the product you can purchase it at retail from a distributor, but if you do decide to join not only do you get the product at a discounted rate you also have the opportunity to get your products for free if you start building a team. But again nobody is forcing you to do so. And to Brook this is not a pyramid scheme nobody makes you buy extra product to sell to be able to use it yourself, all it is, is your own online membership to order the products you want to use and yes if you want to make it a business you have to keep a certain amount of points on auto ship every month to get your commission. But this is minimal its about $170. And as far as I know if you have a brick and mortar business you have to pay rent every month to keep your store, I haven’t found a business yet that does not have a monthly rent, or fixed costs to keep it going. In the case of Isagenix the fixed cost is buying your own food. Now how bad could that be, buying the food you like and having it pay for your monthly business rent. I don’t see the negative in this situation.

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