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How the Isagenix Diet Works

The Isagenix Diet is more than just your average run-of-the-mill diet. It is actually a compilation of products and programs that are sold all aimed at getting participants to their ideal weight and then keeping them there for good. What differs greatly with the Isagenix Diet is that it is actually a network marketing program as well as a diet program. So, those interested can become distributors of the products with the idea being that the participants can then make money while helping others get into shape.

The Isagenix Diet does have somewhat basic stages that are completed. The first is a nine day cleanse followed by a 30-day program designed to get participants to their ideal weight. Once these stages are complete, the Isagenix Diet calls for continued use of its products and supplements in order to maintain what they claim will be a lifetime of weight loss success.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Isagenix Diet?

Dieters on the Isagenix Diet are quite likely to lose weight in the short-term. The cleanse is designed to be a sort of fasting program where daily calories are dropped in an extremely dramatic fashion. Then the 30-day program follows and while calories do increase, they are still lower than a typical diet.

However, long-term weight loss would depend greatly on each individual on the Isagenix Diet. Their formula for long-term success calls for participants to always use their products so there is no telling how well weight loss in the long run would go should a participant choose to discontinue using the Isagenix Diet products.

Is the Isagenix Diet Easy to Follow?

The Isagenix Diet is not a hard diet to follow, but it is going to be hard to do for those who do not have a lot of money. The products are very expensive and while you can get the products for a lot less if you become a distributor, that means you have to go out and sell the Isagenix Diet for yourself and this might not comfortable for some.


The Isagenix Diet might have some great products and those products might even help you lose some weight. But, the fact remains that the Isagenix Diet is another in a long line of network marketing programs that makes you pay to sign up as a distributor and then go out and hawk their products in order to be able to afford your own.

While you don’t have to be a distributor, you better have a lot of money if you choose not to be. Their “best bargain” package, which will only get you through 39 days, is $499 unless you are a distributor. In the end, there are many other products and supplements out there that are comparable to those that the Isagenix Diet offers, only they’re not as expensive and do not ask you to bother your friends and family to buy the same products you are buying.

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  • Fran Tellor

    I have been on the Isagenix diet plan for about 3 weeks and have lost about 15 pounds and 22 inches. I lost 8 inches in my abdomen- the bad fat that is really bad for my health. It isn’t as expensive as your review states. I paid less than $300 for a 30 day supply and it is the first diet that I could actually see the major decrease in the area I needed most. I’ve also learned to avoid carbs and no longer crave them or want them. I was a sweets junkie before. I have not been hungry at all on this diet and I have lots of energy. It is a cleansing diet, so because the toxins are out of my system I feel better and my skin looks healthier.

    • Elizabeth

      Fran Tellor: I am going to order my 30 day supply this weekend, have you continued to still lose the weight? How effective is it 4 months later?

      • Ashley Laws Fletcher

        Hi Elizabeth! Have you ordered your pack yet? If not, I’d be glad to help you. I have been doing Isagenix since mid-July and continue to lose weight, but I am still doing the shakes 2x/day.

  • Scott Gee

    Geesh – just download the free app Lose it!, eat real food, slowly lose weight, and enjoy life. And there is absolutely nothing “cleansing” about Isagenix or any other diet. Eat less and your body “cleanses” itself, lol

  • Carol

    I too am with Isagenix. In my first 30 days, I lost 12 lbs and 26 inches..lost the weight and inches in the places that I wanted to release. No other “diet” has done this for me and I feel better now than I have felt in over a year. My ability to handle the stressers in my life are much much more easily handled. It is not expensive if you look at the amount of junk food and convenience food that people eat everyday. Heck for one value meal at McDonalds most wouldn’t bat an eye to spend $6 or $7 a meal…we are a lot less than that per meal and WE are putting GOOD nutrirition in our body..not a bunch of grease that is going to build up around our heart.

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