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How the Lindora Diet Works

In the early 1970s a doctor who lost his mother to a life of obesity founded the first Lindora weight loss clinic and now there are over 35 locations in Southern California. Additionally, they have branched out to the online community and now offer a comprehensive web based program. The Lindora Diet is one that is medically supervised and is meant to be used by those who desperately need to lose a large amount of weight in a hurry.

The diet itself is based on a large amount of protein while practically cutting out all carbohydrates and using ketosis as a measuring stick for success. The diet plan consists of three high protein meals per day along with three high protein snacks. The diet itself is meant to last 45 days of which the last couple of weeks get participants back to a more normal level of eating.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Lindora Diet?

The Lindora Diet is one that restricts calories to a large degree. Because the Lindora Diet is meant for those who are close to being, or are currently, obese then the calorie restriction might be as much as 50% less than a participant’s normal daily intake. Therefore, losing weight will be all but assured as long as you stick to the diet.

In addition, the Lindora Diet recommends exercising and even shows basic levels of exercise. So, those who choose to be active at regular intervals will likely see more weight loss than those who choose to do nothing at all.

Is the Lindora Diet Easy to Follow?

The Lindora Diet is one that is medically supervised so you do always have someone looking over your shoulder. However, if you do not live in the Southern California area then you are forced to do the online version of the diet. While still supervised to some degree, there is no physical interaction and that means it would be far easier to cheat.

In addition, the Lindora Diet is one that cuts out many food favorites including breads, pastas, and other carb-friendly goodies. Cravings can be expected regularly and only those with a strong resolve will likely have a large amount of success on the Lindora Diet.


Anytime you see “medically supervised” you can bet you will pay for it. This holds true with the Lindora Diet as the cost for attending a clinic will run you around $1,000. The cost of foods and other vitamin injections will be an additional cost. Even if you choose the online version of the Lindora Diet you will still have to spend $250.

Because the Lindora Diet is little more than a low carbohydrate diet which focuses on positive reinforcement and using the proper vitamin supplements, the diet may not be one that warrants such a high price tag. While motivation is always a good thing, you can likely find that motivation for far less than $1,000 or even $250.

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