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How the Diet Works

The Diet is exactly what it sounds like it might be. It is a diet that is not a diet. While that sounds a bit farfetched, the Diet is actually nothing more than a special liquid protein that is taken just before retiring for the night. The idea behind this diet is that fat can be burned at night while sleeping if the right amounts of proteins are supplied to the body.

According to, the ideal time to do this is within the first 45 minutes of sleep. However, the company contends that it is too difficult to gauge how much protein to consume before bed time, thereby making their special liquid protein formula the perfect answer. The liquid protein is made up of proteins and Aloe Vera making it an all-natural substance that supposedly burns loads fat while you sleep.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Diet?

Though the claims that proteins help burn fat while the body sleeps is prevalent on, there is no strong data to back that claim up. Should a dieter use the liquid proteins from the Diet and lose weight that would likely be a result of something else the dieter has done, such as increase their exercise regime and/or change their diet for the better.

Is the Diet Easy to Follow?

The Diet only requires participants to ingest the liquid proteins before they go to sleep, so in that regard the diet is very easy to follow. But, it should be noted that Aloe Vera is an all-natural laxative. So, anyone who already has a sensitive stomach may find themselves getting up at various intervals throughout the night. This inconvenience can cost the body precious sleep time, which can then snowball into fatigue and low energy levels throughout the day.

In addition, because the Diet is an actual “no diet” there is no guidance given in regards to nutrition. This could lead some to believe that they can eat whatever they like, whenever they like, and still use the liquid protein to help them lose weight, when in fact that would not be the case.


What could be better than drinking some liquid and then going to sleep knowing fat will be burned? Nothing probably, but unfortunately, such a liquid doesn’t exist as of now. The Diet has no scientific evidence to back up its claims and the product contains nothing that would suggest any fat would be burned while sleeping.

What will be burned on the Diet is money. The Diet is not an affordable diet as it costs around $42 per month to properly execute. For nothing more than an all-natural laxative, this product is one that can probably be skipped. | By |

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