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How the Omnitrition Diet Works

Founded by a husband and wife well over 20 years ago, Omnitrition International is a company that focuses on overall health and wellness. The company has an Omnitrition Diet of sorts, which really consists of several products all designed to either help participants lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight.

Some of the more popular products for weight loss on the Omnitrition Diet include Thermo Herbal Tea, Thermo Java, Thermo Green/Whites, Extra Enhancer, Nite Lite, and PhasoTrim. Depending on a participant’s individual goals and expectations, one or more of the Omnitrition Diet products may be recommended.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Omnitrition Diet?

Along with weight loss, Omnitrition International also focuses on nutrition to a certain extent. Because the company is one that is also a multi-level marketing opportunity, they provide everything needed under one umbrella. So, provided a dieter is using the Omnitrition Diet products in conjunction with the other Omnitrition International products, some weight loss can be expected as overall calorie reduction should be achieved.

However, overall and long-term weight loss with the Omnitrition Diet will vary. Ultimately it will depend on how willing a dieter is to stick with using Omnitrition products exclusively.

Is the Omnitrition Diet Easy to Follow?

The Omnitrition Diet can get complicated at times. Knowing what nutrition products to pair with what weight loss products can be a bit tricky. Each participant does have an opportunity to get with an independent distributor to see what they need, but not every distributor will have the proper knowledge and knowhow needed in regards to nutrition and weight loss. While there will be those who are in it for helping others, there will be a fair share of others who also do it for the recurring revenues they will earn off selling products and services related to the Omnitrition Diet.


The Omnitrition Diet is not a cheap one to do. The products needed to successfully be on the Omnitrition Diet range greatly in price, but can be anywhere from around $35 for a month’s supply up to $80, and more. When it all gets added up it might be far too much for the average person simply out to try and lose weight. Those who sign up to become a distributor do receive a price break, but this comes with its own set of headaches, such as an annual fee that must be paid.

In addition, some of the weight loss products that are sold on the Omnitrition Diet are HCG based. HCG has not been proven safe with weight loss and its effectiveness typically relies on a drastic reduction of allotted daily calories. Therefore, the Omnitrition Diet is one that is not only going to be quite costly, but it is also one that might prove to be harmful as well.

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  • What was the easiest part while on the Omnitrition diet?
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  • Have you had any side effects while on the Omnitrition diet?
  • Advantages of the Omnitrition diet?
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  • Would you recommend Omnitrition diet?

Share your experiences with others about Omnitrition diet, who might want some help making the best decision for their needs. Leave your comment below.

  • skeptychicky

    When you go to an Omni meeting and distributors start talking, than say, “oh, I can’t say that” it seems a bit fishy to me. What exactly are they NOT supposed to mention? What should I NOT know about? And WHY??? So if anyone has taken any training, sold this stuff and not anymore, could you please give a lil info, please.

    • skeptychickytoo

      You can’t get any information on these products. To even see what they are selling, I have to have a distributor and then be approved to see their products. Seems more than a bit sketchy. Why the secrecy?

      • Pt Christman

        There’s no secrecy, your distributor talks to you and gives your correct information instead of some person reading something and not understanding what they read and miss informing what omnitrition is all about. Omnitrition is not just a business opportunity for people it’s a life style change with a support system like no other, caring individuals who are more than willing to answer questions and help you succeed in your journey to a healthier you. There are weekly meetings to attend to get all your questions answered.

      • disqus_yY6CRXcPLC

        Let us get some ingredient information, please. INGREDIENTS???????

  • Omniforlife

    Omnitrition International, Inc. is about health and wellness before weight loss. With any weight loss program or product you have to include other products that put your body at it’s optimum for results. We are not Doctors or Physicians so we can not make any medical or health claims…”it’s cures this or that”, as with anything results are different for EVERYONE and we advise you to consult with your doctor if you’re not sure about a product. If you take the time to ask questions that you’re burning to ask you’ll find no one is hiding anything. The website has all the current products, their benefits and ingredients.

  • Jerry Lee

    I have been on the diet for 12 days…2 days for phase one and 10 days for phase two (the weight loss phase). So far I have lost 20 lbs. My blood sugar has dropped from an average of 100-110 to 70-90. I have not changed any of my meds (type II diabetic). I have not experienced any hunger pains or irresistible urges. There has been some low energy days recently but nothing that I consider excessive. I am not looking forward to phase III – I hate counting calories! That is where I have failed before and I hope I can get through this time. Otherwise I have no problem recommending this diet.

    • Dara Castor Cartee

      Did you find that you were hungry at all and please be honest? I’m reading how the caloric intake is pretty drastic, around 500 calories a day so I’m just wondering.

      • Heidi

        I just went to a meeting last night and the gal said phase 3 you get around 1500 calories if your body even needs that many. Everyone that has already done the drop program said they never felt hungry or that they were struggling to stay satisfied.

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  • Shannon Davis Pearson

    does anyone take cymbalta and this diet at the sametime. Im interested but im worried it will block my seritonin level

  • Healthylivingchoices

    I’ve been using Omnitrition products for a year and still use them everyday. I feel amazing!! My health is on track and I’ve learned how to change my eating lifestyle. I’ve LOST 40lb and I’m still losing I don’t restrict my self from food- I eat healthy and know what to eat. I want to live a long life for my children and being healthy is my PRIORITY.

  • Lisa Holleman

    I was a distributor with the company 20 years ago. I only stopped selling and taking the products because of family problems. The last meeting I went to was in Irvine, California in September 1995. I loved the products and the results I had with them. When I was a distributor there wasn’t a Phase 1, Phase 2 or Phase 3. I drank a tea, loved the shakes and always had my java in the morning. I became a distributor to get my products for free, there wasn’t an annual fee for distributors which just turned me off to rejoining. The products were awesome back then I can imagine they are better now.

  • Wendell Prindle

    I’m not a distributor,All my doctors including my cardiologist are supporting me I’ve lost 80+ pounds in almost 3 rounds of 42 days each.I feel better, my health is better. I’m saving money because I buy less junk food,less soda pop, go out to eat less. down side is I’ve had to buy new clothes lol. I’ve had no adverse side effects.I don’t do much exercise slow walk 1/2 hr or so 3 or 4 times a week,30 to 50 curls each arm with a dumbbell 2 or 3 times a week.I would recommend Omnitrition to all, Hard was before I lost the weight was breathing and now it’s a lot easier.

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