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How the Paleo Diet Works

The Paleo Diet is designed to take participants back to the Paleolithic age of the caveman. Basically, if the caveman didn’t have access to it then you aren’t supposed to allow yourself access to it either. That means no more refined sugars of any kind, no dairy products, no grains, and no legumes.

What you can have is plenty of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, and fruits. However, there is no specific guide as to how much of the caveman food you are supposed to eat on a daily basis. Instead, the Paleo Diet allows participants to mold their own diet plans according to their specific goals.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Paleo Diet?

Much like other high protein diets, dieters on the Paleo Diet tend to have most of their weight loss success up front. However, the long term weight loss success is subject to debate. Unfortunately, the Paleo Diet is still somewhat new and doesn’t have many studies that have been conducted on it. However, one study in particular shows only moderate weight loss in the first three weeks (about five pounds) with no weight loss and/or weight gain after eight weeks.

Additionally, exercise is highly recommended with the Paleo Diet. So, the weight loss that did occur is even more suspect as anyone who goes from no exercise to even moderate exercise will likely lose some weight in the short term regardless of their diet.

Is the Paleo Diet Easy to Follow?

For the Paleo Diet to be considered “easy” to follow you have to have a tremendous amount of willpower. Because you are restricted greatly in what you can and can’t have while on the Paleo Diet your urges will likely be kicking in full force. It might sound great to say you can eat all the steak and chicken your body can handle, but that can get old in a hurry and leave you with the urge to have a sugary treat that is simply not allowed.

You also have to get used to eating in a different way. Breadless burgers for example are something that will take some getting used to and for some that just isn’t worth the aggravation.


Not only is the Paleo Diet a hard one to follow, but it is also a pricey one too. The fact that you have to come up with your own meal plans kind of makes the whole thing a big hassle and having to buy lots of meats and produce is not going to be easy on your food budget. The Paleo Diet is one that likely died with the cavemen for a reason.

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  • Akimbril

    I’ve been following the Paleo diet since March of 2013 and it’s now June 2014, I’ve lost 40 pounds, I’m off of acid reducers, my cholesterol numbers are very good, I feel better and I’ve maintained my weight. This is really a life style change somewhat like following a vegetarian lifestyle or even a diabetic diet. I’ve never been one to fall for the ole snake oil in the bottle where results are only temporary. No this is not hard to follow the basics of the diet is No processed foods 80% of the time and you can cheat on garbage 20%. Leaving gluten filled products such as bread, pasta or hidden gluten in broth or soups. I make delicious meals and I rarely step in the center isles of the grocery store. You have to be creative instead of breading on chicken Parmesan you leave the flour off and prepare as usual, use organic marinara sauce and for your pasta dishes use spaghetti squash. This is also the time to experience different fruits and veggies you may have never tried before. Although paleo encourages organic veggies and fruits, tree nuts and free range farm raised meats you really have to be selective with your food choices. Once you leave processed foods behind you want miss it and will wonder why you ever ate any of these things that poison your body.
    I would 100% recommend this lifestyle change for everybody. In addition dairy is not paleo, but I do use cheeses and yogurts in moderation. If you’re wondering about how you get your calcium lots of green veggies are packed full of calcium you don’t need dairy at all. Tree nuts ( not peanuts) are full of good fats but must be eaten in moderation as we’ll if you’re trying to lose weight. Good Luke to all and I’ll continue my paleo.

    • Jackie Wanner

      I didn’t think pasta was allowed on the diet. They didn’t have pasta back in those days or is that your 20%? I also was wondering what you drink. Is black coffee and tea ok?

      • RazzManning

        Akimbril was saying use “spaghetti squash”, not pasta. And from what I seen, coffee and alcohol are out…

  • Crystal Bush

    I did the Paleo Diet only for 30 days and I hate myself for not staying with it. I felt better then ever when I was on it and I plan doing it again yes I only lost 3 pounds in 30 days, but it’s 3 pounds I work hard to lose and that 3 pounds made me feel better then I have ever felt in years on the the other diets. You also it a lifestyle change not a diet, yes it a hard and costly lifestyle change, but it is well worth it, in the long run. I if I could sleep all day, I would, but with this lifestyle change. I was up at the crack of dawn, go work out, spend more with me kids, spend more time with me hubby, and in bed before 9pm, before I would hide in my room away from everything and everyone. This lifestyle change help me feel better and made feel like living.

  • Sue Treacy

    can i have coconut oil on the pale

  • Darla Madia

    I really love this food regime. I have done Atkins since 2012 u do lose a lot of weight but u r limited in what u can eat. You can have cheese on Atkins but no fruit. Paleo is the opposite. Which I love better. I lost 4 1/2 pds of water weight and this is my 4th day. I have so much more energy and don’t have to take antacids! My knee doesn’t hurt and just overall feel great! I did not give up my coffee although I drink 1 cup in the am and its Decaf. I did give up soda. and replaced it with this drink. 7 1/2 cups water, use 1 cup of the water and warm it and add 1/2 cup of honey dissolve and to water add 1/2 teaspoon of SEA SALT. And 1/4 cup of fresh or organic lemon juice chill and enjoy! Its really good!
    And yes Treacy use coconut oil!

  • dfinnley

    what’s odd is that this is all Atkins……. except poor old Dr. Atkins never gets any credit for it. Atkins came out with his diet back in the 1960’s – and everybody hated it – and him – but a good many of us lost weight on it.

    Paleo is just a more refined and more expensive version – “grass-fed” meat costs a lot of money. Atkins said just to eat meat. He also included cheese and butter in small amounts.

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