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Plexus Slim was founded in 2005, and their business headquarters resides out of Scottsdale, Arizona. They are a multi level marketing business, which pays their ambassadors to gain more commerce by selling their “pink drink”. With this style of a business, you automatically should expect false advertising and will find it near impossible to find genuine reviews out there. The company Plexus worldwide sells an array of products from body creams and weight loss drinks, to breast health products and detoxification supplements. When calling into the headquarters, their default line is “We are experiencing a large call volume, please hold.” I called in three different days, all at random times and received the same message. To speak to a representative is a task!

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Plexus Slim Diet?

Initially, yes they lose weight but the weight does not stay off which makes this diet a fad that is unsustainable. Not only is the diet unsustainable physically, but also it does a number on your bank account. Every month you are paying near $100.00 to consume pink drinks from Plexus. When looking into the testimonies on the website, it says “Coming Soon.” For how long this company has been around, it blows my mind that they do not have any testimonies on the website. Outside of the website, there are no testimonies at all! There are ingredients in their products also have no relevancy, for example Hydroxycinnamic Acid is one of the well-known ingredients, and it has no known evidence that it is a weight loss enhancer. Overall, nothing seems proven. The Scientific backing is also not present on the website or any of the forums, leading me to believe there is absolutely NONE.

Is the Plexus Slim Diet Easy to Follow?

Because you are relying on a pink drink to help shed the pounds there is not much thinking involved. You simply take the drink 30 minutes before any meal, and you are said to see results., until you stop taking the drink. This is where the problems lie, once you stop taking the drink the pounds will come back on. Because Plexus Slim is so expensive and the results are not long term, it is not a good spend of money. Some of the side effects are: Heartburn, nervousness, nausea, constant dull Headache, dizziness, digestive problems, and Dull Chest pain. There are no calorie restrictions, nor are there any food restrictions while taking this product. You are relying solely on the drink to cut the weight for you, which we all know leads to failure.


There are too many red flags when looking into this product, that I would call this company a complete scam. By not offering your product to be sold through channels like Amazon, means they do not want to expose themselves to terrible customer reviews. I find it ironic that there are no customer reviews anywhere to be found. Their social networks have a high number of followers, and a low number of activity, which also seems like the numbers were purchased from the start to seem more legitimate. A drink alone will not help you lose weight and keep it off, and it is astounding that people can believe the lies. Another reason this company goes down in my book as a scam is because of the multi level marketing spin they put on their products. For a product that is so expensive, it should be professionally proven and there needs to be positive customer reviews for potential buyers to read. It is completely up to you whether you want to rely your health and money in the hands of a potentially scam ridden company.

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  • Jennifer

    I tried Plexus Slim for two months. First month with the powder and the accelerator. I gained 4 pounds. So the second month I used the powder and the Probiotic 5. Still heavier than I was when I started. I eat well, exercise regularly, and now am about 6 pounds heavier than I have ever been. I am a 48 year old female, 5’4″ and “now” weigh 115 pounds. It did not work for me at all.

    • Cynthia

      You sound like a rack of bones. 115lbs at 5’4″-what are you even doing trying to lose weight? Sounds nuts to me.

  • Jim Campbell

    Victoria Ricker.. you Sound Like a Mouth Piece for the product and You Most likely Sell It. That should be Obvious to anyone with any kind of Intelligence

    • Christi

      She’s 100% correct and I don’t sell the stuff

    • Paige Coker

      I have a friend who sells this stuff, and all the things Victoria said are pretty much verbatim what my friend says all the time, in every Facebook post she makes. It’s like a script.

  • Victoria Ricker

    How successful were you on the Plexus Slim diet?
    Yes! I lost 10 lbs in less than a month with no diet or exercise and I ate what I wanted to!

    Would you recommend the Plexus Slim diet?
    To anyone who can hear or read! Best decision I ever made!

    What was the hardest part while on the Plexus Slim diet?
    There was no hardest part!!!

    What was the easiest part while on the Plexus Slim diet?
    One Pink drink in the morning and your set to go for the day!

    Where you exercising while on the Plexus Slim diet?
    No! Not even a little!

    Have you had any side effects while on the Plexus Slim diet?
    Lost weight!!

    Advantages of the Plexus Slim diet?
    Better sleep, Gastric reflux better than ever, Reduced anxiety, Blood pressure staying consistant now, Better moods, More energy!!!!

    Disadvantages of the Plexus Slim diet?

    Would you recommend Plexus Slim diet?
    To anyone I meet or come in contact with!!

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