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How the Sonoma Diet Works

The Sonoma Diet is based on information that can be found in the book The New Sonoma Diet and also what can be found with online resources at the New Sonoma Diet website. The diet is a Mediterranean one that gets its name from the Sonoma area of California, which is part of “wine country.” Because the Sonoma Diet is a Mediterranean diet that means there is wine allowed with certain meals.

The Sonoma Diet itself consists of three waves, each designed to introduce dieters to the proper foods and portion sizes that are required with the diet. Wave one is more restrictive and meant to introduce the dieter to the way of eating Mediterranean. Wave Two sees dieters enter the primary weight loss stage and has each meal broken down by portions. Wave Three is supposed to be where dieters enter the lifelong phase and at this point will have already learned the proper way to eat according to the diet.

Because the Sonoma Diet is a Mediterranean diet it is focused on such foods as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, olive oils, fish, and other more natural foods. There is even a section in the book which focuses on these “power foods.”

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Sonoma Diet?

Even though the Sonoma Diet is one that is diverse in the food selection, it still restricts many types of foods altogether. This type of restriction will lead to an overall reduction in calories that are consumed on a daily basis and this alone should provide for some level of weight loss. However, the weight loss success will depend greatly on the will of each participant as cheating on this diet can mean little to no weight loss success.

Is the Sonoma Diet Easy to Follow?

The Sonoma Diet is a diet that is somewhat easy to follow. Although, the diet itself restricts many types of foods and this tends to see some dieters have trouble sticking to it for the long-term. Even some find it hard to cut out food groups entirely even in the short-term.


The Sonoma Diet is nothing new when it comes to Mediterranean diets. However, what is new is the added cost. Any such diet can be costly as it is when considering fresher and more natural food costs as well as wine costs, but the Sonoma Diet has the added cost of online support. This support will be in addition to the cost of the book which can run upwards of $24.99. While some may feel that they need to put out so much money in order to find weight loss success, a lot of what is offered with the Sonoma Diet online for a fee is either general knowledge or knowledge that could be gained for nothing by doing a little bit of online research on your own.

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