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How the Suzanne Somers Diet Works

If you don’t know Suzanne Somers from her time spent on the sitcom Three’s Company then you no doubt know her as the pioneer of such fitness inventions as the ThighMaster. She has also written 13 diet books, and counting, all aimed at helping people lose weight and keep it off for good.

She has even recently started a new website titled Sexy Forever, where visitors can find anything and everything related to Suzanne Somers. While there are various programs and packages that can be found all over that might constitute as the Suzanne Somers Diet the most popular right now is a series of books called the Somersize Program.

The basic premise of the newest Suzanne Somers Diet is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet combined with plenty of exercise. Broken up into two phases, one for weight loss and the other for maintenance, the diet restricts daily caloric intake to 1,200 and is based on “Seven Super Rules” that are supposed to help you when choosing what foods to eat.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Suzanne Somers Diet?

Short-term weight loss with the Suzanne Somers Diet is almost a lock. This will mostly be due to the fact that you will only be consuming 1,200 calories per day and if you combine it with proper exercises then your weight loss could be phenomenal. However, long-term weight loss might be a different story as there is little chance you can maintain your weight loss should you go back to the way you used to eat and especially if you don’t continue to stay active.

Is the Suzanne Somers Diet Easy to Follow?

With a series of seven books you might think that everything is nicely laid out for you with the latest version of the Suzanne Somers Diet. However, because Somers has so many other books and products, knowing what you should buy and shouldn’t buy can be a bit confusing.

The carb restrictive diet itself will be just like any other low carb diet. All your favorite breads, pastas, and more will be a thing of the past and you can therefore expect cravings to kick in on a daily basis. This could prompt you to give in to those cravings which would of course hinder your progress with the program.


Suzanne Somers has successfully become a brand name among those in the fitness industry. However, that simply means that her face is recognizable and is no guarantee that her diet plans work. Her books cost anywhere from $16.95 to $24.95 each and that isn’t even touching on the other products that can be bought featuring Somers’ name such as skin care products and fitness equipment. If you truly want to be on a low carb diet, there are much cheaper ways to go about doing so, but keep in mind that these types of diets are always hard to stay on for any length of time, regardless of whose picture is on the cover of the books.

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