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How the The Full Diet Works

Created by Dr. Michael Snyder, the Full Diet is one that is meant to teach participants how to feel fuller all while eating the right kinds of foods. In addition, those who undertake the Full Diet also learn to exercise almost daily and there are several other life changing habits that are covered.

With the Full Diet there are two stages that need to be followed. The first is a four week Introduction stage that consists of a lot of shakes and is meant to get you to the Continuing Success stage which is then followed until you lose your desired amount of weight.

Each stage will see dieters get three meals and three snacks and each meal has to consist of five to 14 grams of protein and be no more than 200 calories each. The idea is to use some of the snacks to pre-load the meals so you get fuller faster.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the The Full Diet?

If followed to the letter then dieters will likely lose weight on the Full Diet at least in the short-term. However, it is important to keep in mind that this means not only eating as suggested, but also exercising for one hour a day, five days a week.

Is the The Full Diet Easy to Follow?

The Full Diet is one that is very restrictive, especially in the first four weeks. Even though you get to have a cheat day once a week, the fact that many of your favorite foods and food groups become a thing of the past might lead to some cheating which can greatly impact your weight loss success.

The Full Diet also calls for a great deal of meal preparation. Even though the suggested eating is healthier it also means that you will have to spend some time thinking out and preparing your daily meals which could prove to be a bit frustrating.

Additionally, it is a diet that means a good amount of time has to be sacrificed in order to comply with the hourly workouts five days per week. This is sometimes more than people have time for, but the working out is a pivotal part of the Full Diet’s success. Even though the working out is required, there is no guide so you are really on your own as far as your workout regimen goes.


The Full Diet is a great way to get motivated for diet and exercise, but really the tricks it teaches are common knowledge. You likely already know that you should eat less calories and exercise more to help you lose weight without spending the $14.95 for the Full Diet guide. In the end, this is simply another low fat and low carbohydrate diet that also promotes lots of exercise so you really won’t get much of anything new and innovative if you decide to undertake the diet.

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