40 40 20 Diet Review

The 40 40 20 Diet was founded by dietician Geraldine Georgeou, and she claims to have over 20 years of experience in the diet and nutrition space.* The company aims to provide the scientific approach to balanced eating, but the claims are very shallow when you look at their resources. The limited amount of scientific research is on the website, for anyone interested to look into, so click here for more information. The idea behind the diet is that 40% Protein, 40% Carbohydrates, and 20% Healthy Fats is the essential formula for weight loss and healthier living. However, many people seem to think that 40% protein is way too much protein for the body to be digesting each day which comes as a point of concern. There are many re-calculations regarding the actual formula of what is healthy for the body to process, but this specific diet is promoting 40% protein, 40% Carbohydrates, and 20% Healthy Fats.

CarbohydratesThe key behind the formula is that it is said to monitor your insulin resistance, which will then reduce your risk for diabetes and heart problems later in life. The diet itself is said to have a three step-eating program which I will discuss later in this review. The home base for the 40 40 20 Diet is out of Australia, and will cost around $175.00 for three months, which is not the most expensive we have seen. Because they are based out of Australia, their contact page is simply a submission on their website with no actual phone number to call.The company's refund policy is as such: “If you are not completely satisfied with the 40:40:20 3 Week Meal Plan Program we will refund your money. If you are not satisfied and would like to apply for a program free refund you must apply via the contact us form within 48 hours of initial sign-up and payment otherwise no refund is available.” Their address is: Suite 602, Level 6 251 Oxford Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The 40 40 20 Diet?

The founders claim that you will lose weight each week with the program if you follow it correctly, but there have been many customers report that the program was extremely hard to follow, and not realistic for everyday living.* There are no reviews anywhere from outside sources nor are there any on the website. Essentially, this diet is a macronutrient split, which then guides you to eat certain foods for a certain amount of time. Many body builders follow the 40 40 20 Diet, and you will find many forums such as this one explaining the nutrient breakdown. The lifestyle of a body builder is very strict, and meal planning is a must for success, see this article for more info. Healthy fats are a huge factor in losing weight, as well as choosing the right proteins, which is in turn very costly. However, if the program is followed, weight should come off but it will not be an easy journey.

healthy fatsIs The 40 40 20 Diet Easy To Follow?

This specific diet is online only, and you are given three weeks of just meal plans. There are also many different versions of the 40 40 20 diet out there, which are even harder to follow than this specific program due to the lack of resources. There is online support if you need it, but that is really it. It is not terribly hard over the course of three weeks, but what could get tricky is if you do not like the meals offered on the meal plan. They do not specify whether or not they cater to food allergies, vegans, or vegetarians either.

On top of the meal plans, you have the option to attend webinars and watch video posts about health and nutrition. The hard part about this program for some, is that it is a numbers game. You are constantly calculating and checking your numbers to make sure you really are falling within that 40 40 20 ratio. In order to be successful on the 40 40 20 diet you must understand how to count your macros, otherwise you could be overheating and not following the diet in the way it is supposed to be followed. For people on the go constantly, this will be very difficult without planning ahead.

Calculations are absolutely key, and it is quoted in Macros Are Essential, “When you are learning to track your nutrition, the three best tools you can have on the kitchen counter are a  food scale, a calorie/gram counting book, and a set of measuring cups. I also recommend you keep around a calculator—unless you're a master at math in your head or on your fingers—and a resource of nutritional information.”*


exercisingThis diet program couples the 40 40 20 rule with the right foods and exercise to get a person on their way to a healthier lifestyle. There is not a way that I could see, where they allow you to see a sample menu in case you really didn’t like what they were making you eat each day. There are no alternatives each day, so for the picky eater this could be a disaster and quite impossible to follow. The company does offer social media sites, which is a positive but the activity is almost non existent sadly. Overall, their refund policy is weak and their customer support seems nonexistent when you look at everything as a whole. The company is a simple online menu plan for over $175.00, which seems pricey at the end of the day. Keep your options open when looking into a diet program like this, but don’t be fooled by zealous marketing strategies. There are plenty of free 40 40 20 diet options as mentioned above that are located right here in the United States, but many of the participants are body builders looking to compete in figure competitions. This is not a terrible diet option, but it is most definitely one of the more difficult diets to follow.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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