9 10, 2017

Beachbody PiYo Workout Review

First of all, what is a PiYo workout? The Beachbody PiYo Workout is ultimately a combination of two famous exercises: pilates and yoga. It also includes a bit of cardio with how quickly you will be moving from one workout to the next. The workout comes from the large fitness company Beachbody, and they are a powerhouse in the industry to say the least. They have a variety of different exercises to choose from, ranging from easy to intense and for different lengths of time. On top of their at home and online fitness programs, they also offer different supplements to purchase to enhance your fitness experience. Do be mindful that some of these supplements tie you into an auto ship program where you will receive them and be billed monthly. [...]

3 10, 2017

Beachbody Focus T25 Review

For those of you who have not heard of Beachbody, it is an American multi level marketing company that offers a variety of workout programs and supplements to those interested in getting fit. They create Beachbody coaches who push the supplements onto their friends and family members, as well as get them to sign up with the many different workout packages you can try out. Many times the programs are a one time purchase, but the supplements are on autoship, so be aware of that up front. There are many different workout programs to choose from. For example: Insanity, MAX 30, Focus T25, and 22 Minute Hard Corps just to give you an example of some of the options offered. The company headquarters [...]

2 10, 2017

Beachbody Insanity Workout Review

The Beachbody Insanity 60 day home transformation system is a workout that will be tougher than you ever imagined. If you want to get insanely fit, workout with founder Shaun T. for the ultimate body burn. He claims this is one of the toughest workout DVD’s ever created, so it could either intimidate you or interest you further. So what exactly is Insanity, and how much does it cost? Just for the Insanity Base kit, which will come with 10 DVD’s and a workout calendar, it will cost $150.00 with shipping. Each of the workout DVD’s is packed full of plyometric drills which will not require a gym. Insanity is best known for its intense workouts and its convenient at home style setting. Consisting [...]

29 09, 2017

Chair Gym Review

The Chair Gym is a workout system that can be ordered online or by phone. It advertises an easy and convenient workout system right in your home. It comes with resistant bands, a chair system, and other chair gym accessories. You might be thinking to yourself, a chair workout? Is there such a thing? This exercise chair comes equipped to help you get stronger, leaner, as well as gain flexibility. There are three different levels of resistance with the body bands, and over 50 different exercises to try out. It is great for people with rather sedentary jobs that need a little exercise in their lives, even while they are at work! The chair supports over 350 pounds, and can be [...]

28 09, 2017

Tummy Tuck Belt Review

The first question everyone wants answered is “Does the Tummy Tuck Belt work? Is the Tummy Tuck Belt Miracle Slimming System really a miracle?” You know what I’m talking about. The As Seen On TV product that people rave about. But does the Tummy Tuck Belt as seen on TV really work, or is it just another gimmick? Is this just another in a long line of weight loss promises broken? You know, just another way for weight loss snake oil salespeople to make a buck. Or in this case, lots of bucks.   I’m not going to lie; my favorite line on the homepage of the Tummy Tuck website is this one: “AMAZING! Results! Simply combine with the Tummy Tuck Diet and Exercise program and you’ll [...]

19 09, 2017

Lose It Review

The Lose It app was created by Charles Teague and the company went international in 2015. With over 50 million members, this weight loss and food tracking app has hit the big time with its customer base. Similar to MyFitnessPal, this app for losing weight has different formulas built in that tell you how many calories you are burning for the exercises you are doing. It also has a barcode scanner to make logging a packaged food item rather simple. They also have a new feature that is called “Snap It” where you can take a picture of the food you are eating, and it will recognize it! Now that is innovative. Is it the best app to lose weight? While it might not be [...]

16 09, 2017

MyFitnessPal Review

Mike Lee started MyFitnessPal, and it was launched in September of 2005. What first started out as a fun idea and side business turned into one of the most used and respected fitness websites and mobile applications of all time. With 80 million users today, this company is only getting better. Mike first got the idea when he and his soon to be wife were trying to get into shape for their beach wedding. Their trainer gave them a book of over 3,000 food items and pad of paper so they could calculate their caloric intake. Mike grew up programming and knew there had to be a more efficient way to count calories and track your health and fitness goals. To his [...]

14 09, 2017

MaxiClimber Review

The MaxiClimber exercise machine is a large device that allows the user to get a workout while vertically climbing up stairs that stay in place. The company MaxiClimber produced a light-weight product weighing roughly around 34 pounds in total, which makes the machine versatile to move into any home or office space if needed. This popular device is sold in many retail outlets around the country, so it is not hard to get your hands on one. In total, the MaxiClimber price is $219.75,adding shipping and handling at $29.95, the total comes to $249.70. [1] From other retailers such as Walmart, you can find it for around $20 cheaper.   Company Contact Information:  MaxiClimber 150 Stewart Parkway Greensboro, GA 30642  [email protected]  1-888-433-9083  MaxiClimber Claims  The company makes claims about how fast and efficient the workout is, and it can [...]

5 09, 2017

Danette May Diet Review

“Eat, Drink, Shrink.” I have to admit, I think that’s a pretty clever title for a weight-loss book. So right off the bat, Danette May gets big ups from me for that. And if it works, well, even better.   But before we begin to learn more about Danette May and her popular weight-loss and exercise programs, I must say this: there’s no such thing as a “degree in pre-med,” as she claims to have. Pre-med is a course of study, not a degree—so for me, that’s a problem. And I cannot find the college or university where Danette May claims to have received “a degree in pre-med and nutrition.” [1]  That said, I don’t doubt she knows a lot about exercise, weight loss, and fitness in general. She describes herself as “America’s leading lifestyle expert.” Maybe she is. [...]

27 08, 2017

Daily Burn Review

Daily Burn is an online fitness and nutrition subscription that grants paying customers access to meal plans, daily workout videos, and options to purchase supplements in hopes of a better healthy lifestyle. It is available online and via mobile app, so it’s easily accessible when you’re away from home.   The goal of this fitness platform is to strengthen muscles and get your heart pumping, lungs filling, and body moving—to “feel the burn” daily. Primary trainer Bob Harper and 5 others conduct workouts for users, and it seems like a good option if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home to work out. We’ll see.  The Daily Burn program costs $14.95 per month on an auto-ship cycle, but they do offer an initial 30-day free trial to see if you like the program.  Once you sign up, the system gives you access to the Daily Burn login to create a username and password. You then customize your profile with answers to common questions like whether [...]