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Weight Loss Cure Review

Weight Loss Cure Review
Weight Loss Cure Review

The Weight Loss Cure Diet comes from the book written by Kevin Trudeau titled, The Weight Loss Cure Diet “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. Basically, Trudeau subscribes to the theory that the medical community and the drug companies want to keep you obese as it is more profitable to their bottom lines if you are. He says that the truth about weight loss has been hidden on purpose from the general public for years and he has a method that will allow you to “melt” off 30 pounds in 30 days.

The Weight Loss Cure Diet is a diet that is done in four stages. The first is an all organic diet and also cleanses the liver and the colon. The second stage requires daily injections of the HCG hormone (found in the urine of pregnant women) and a very strict daily diet that allows for a very low amount of daily calories. The third stage is one that has the injections stop but has the dieter stick to an organic regimen. The fourth and final stage is one that sees dieters continue to eat all natural and continue to do various cleansing techniques.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Weight Loss Cure Diet?

If you follow the Weight Loss Cure Diet to the letter there is no way not to lose weight. The calories are dangerously low and when combined with the hour of walking that is required each day with the Weight Loss Cure Diet, weight loss is sure to be achieved. However, the weight loss is not sustainable in the long run unless the dieter continues on with an all organic diet and keeps exercising daily as well as watching calories each day.

Is the Weight Loss Cure Diet Easy to Follow?

The Weight Loss Cure Diet is probably one of the hardest diets to follow. Just eating all organic can be a chore in itself, but then add to that the hassle of daily HCG injections. The extremely low number of daily calories also makes it near impossible to stay on the diet and cheating frequently is quite likely. Only those with an iron will would have success with the Weight Loss Cure Diet.


Forget about the cost of The Weight Loss Cure Diet “They” Don’t Want You to Know About book at $24.95 and forget about the cost of an all organic diet. What really needs to be looked at with the Weight Loss Cure Diet is safety. The diet is simply another in a long line of HCG fad diets that has not been proven to do anything more than restrict calories to near starvation levels leaving a body unable to function properly.

Even if you do lose weight on the Weight Loss Cure Diet, it will not be weight loss that is achieved safely or legally for that matter. Due to the many negative effects of these types of diets it is no longer legal to sell the HCG hormone in the United States. This would leave participants to seek their injections elsewhere which also could prove costly to your overall health and safety.

The Weigh Down Diet Review

The Weigh Down Diet Review
The Weigh Down Diet Review

More and more people are turning to faith in order to help them solve their problems and this is precisely what author of the Weigh Down Diet book Gwen Shamblin wants you to do as well. Instead of giving in to cravings, you give in to God. According to the author, with God’s help you can learn what to eat and when to eat and not have to be bound to a traditional diet.

Basically the Weigh Down Diet philosophy is to only eat when your stomach growls. This is God’s “green light” saying you can eat guilt free. The actual Weigh Down Diet program was founded over 20 years ago and along with the book you can also get online help via workshops as well as thorough CDs and DVDs.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the The Weigh Down Diet?

Dieters that would lose weight on the Weigh Down Diet would do so due to their calories being cut back. This is usually done inadvertently as there is nothing off-limits, but because the Weigh Down Diet teaches to only eat when your stomach growls and then only to eat until full, the caloric intake of the average person might get drastically cut promoting weight loss at least in the short-term.

Is the The Weigh Down Diet Easy to Follow?

Yes and no. The Weigh Down Diet is more of a guide that tells you how to get in touch with God and ask for His help with weight loss. So, there is no dietary or nutritional guide which makes knowing exactly what to eat somewhat of a challenge.

Additionally, nothing is off-limits. This might sound like a good thing, but because you will only eat when your stomach growls you could have the tendency to overeat. This is supposed to be curbed with you stopping when you feel full, but many people simply don’t have that knowledge as to when to stop until it is too late.

The Weigh Down Diet is also a hard diet if you are a snacker. Cravings will hit you extra hard if this is the case and waiting until your stomach growls to have a bite to eat might prove to be too much for you to handle.


The Weigh Down Diet does teach faith-based help in regards to weight loss, but prayers do little without action. While it might help you to seek out God instead of seeking out the refrigerator you will still have to fight all the cravings and temptations that will come your way and be vigilant as to what you are putting in your body. Moreover, you likely already know that you have to eat good things and less of those good things without spending a small fortune on books, CDs, and DVDs that tell you to do the same thing, but with prayer attached to it. As far as prayer is concerned, that has been and always will be free.

Trim 360 Review

Trim 360 Review
Trim 360 Review

Following the trend of a variety of other meal delivery services that specialize in giving participants high protein, and portion-controlled foods the Trim 360 Diet was born. By delivering a variety of foods to each individual’s home, or place of business, the Trim 360 Diet makes it possible to keep control of what is eaten on a daily basis and emphasizes the need for proper daily calorie intake.

Foods are meant to be eaten seven times per day. The food that participants eat can be a mix of what is most popular and what is custom ordered. Food orders are delivered once per month.

Along with the food that is delivered on a daily basis, the Trim 360 Diet also recommends exercising regularly. Online support is available for those who pay for the food delivery program. When all factors are combined, the weight loss expectations are said to be anywhere from two to five pounds per week.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Trim 360 Diet?

Dieters on the Trim 360 Diet plan can expect to lose weight in the short-term. However, much of the long-term success would depend on the ability of each participant to stick to the smaller portions that are offered and also exercise regularly. The Trim 360 Diet plan will only work if Trim 360 Diet foods are the only foods eaten, which might prove a challenge if and when cravings kick in.

Is the Trim 360 Diet Easy to Follow?

The Trim 360 Diet is easy to follow in the eating sense. Food is pre-made and ready to go on a monthly basis so participants know what they are getting before it ever arrives. However, sticking just to those smaller meals might be tough to do, especially if eating out is a frequent thing in a participant’s life.


The idea of food delivery might be nice, but it is a convenience that does come with a price. Depending on what level a participant wants, the Trim 360 Diet has three different pricing packages, none of which are cheap. In addition, many of the meals that are offered might lack the everyday ingredients that participants are used to having in their daily diets. So, the convenience of the food delivery might be outweighed by the cost of the delivery and the actual food.

Fast Food Diet Review

Fast Food Diet Review
Fast Food Diet Review

When Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD was tired of giving advice to his patients about how they should change their eating habits only to be ignored, he decided if he couldn’t beat them he would join them. With that the Fast Food Diet was born and a book by the same name was written.

Basically, the Fast Food Diet is one that restricts your caloric intake to between 1,500 and 1,800 per day, but does it while allowing you to eat some levels of fast foods. However, there is a catch.

Of all the food that is consumed, you have to eat 80% healthy and only 20% of the fast food type. Additionally, no soda is allowed or any fried foods of any kind. Sinatra also suggests substituting mustard for mayo and gives other calorie saving tips when eating fast food. Exercise in the form of at least 10,000 walking steps per day is also recommended.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Fast Food Diet?

Any weight loss that would be experienced on the Fast Food Diet would likely be due to the restriction of calories. While the diet does incorporate fast food, the calorie limits pale in comparison to that of someone who eats almost all fast food.

Additionally, any weight loss would be questionable on a safety level. Even though fast food is reduced it is still consumed. This can lead to negative impacts in the long-term.

Is the Fast Food Diet Easy to Follow?

With a name like Fast Food Diet you would think it is an easy diet to follow. However, it is just another diet plan that gets you to think about what you are putting in your body. Even though fast food is allowed to a certain extent, there are many forms of fast food that are not, like french fries. Those with a weak resolve might find it hard to enjoy a burger without the sidekick fries they are used to which can easily lead to going off the diet.


The Fast Food Diet book is not that expensive at $14.95, but the costs unfortunately don’t end with the book. Eating even moderate amounts of fast food can really add up and when you then add to that the cost of the lean meats and other whole foods the Fast Food Diet recommends, the overall costs can be quite considerable.

In the end, the Fast Food Diet it is little more than a clever marketing name. Those who think they will buy the book and learn the secret to eating at their favorite fast food restaurants on a daily basis will be greatly disappointed. While fast food can certainly be enjoyable, it is not a solution for long-term weight loss.

The Diet Solution Program Review

The Diet Solution Program Review
The Diet Solution Program Review

The Diet Solution Program was developed by Isabel Da Los Rios and is based on the metabolic typing principle. Basically, Da Los Rios says there are three types of metabolic categories and each category has its own diet that should be followed.

The Diet Solution Program is designed to help those who do it to first identify what their specific metabolic type is so they know how to approach the diet. In addition, all types are encouraged to work out several times per week. The exercise routines are provided by Da Los Rios, but do come with an additional cost.

The Diet Solution Program centers on foods that are more natural, organic, and whole. According to the Diet Solution Program plan, the diets are based on the latest findings within the food community and are meant to aid in gradual yet steady weight loss.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the The Diet Solution Program Diet?

Dieters can lose weight when sticking to the Diet Solution Program 100%. However, weight loss tends to come slowly and given the fact that entire food groups are cut out of the diet, it is a diet that leaves the cheating door wide open. Many get frustrated when results are not as good as they would like as quickly as they would like which can add to their tendency to cheat.

Is the The Diet Solution Program Diet Easy to Follow?

The Diet Solution Program will represent a total change in your life. Not only will you need to start eating considerably better, but you will also be expected to exercise on a regular basis. Foods that you may love will become a thing of the past as will more than two cups of coffee per day and more than one glass of wine per week. So, those who are not good with discipline will have a very tough time with the Diet Solution Program.


The Diet Solution Program is one that carries a good amount of costs. There are two prices for the Diet Solution Program and what you pay will determine what you get. You can simply pay $39.97 for the basic package or get that plus audio files and other bonus material for $59.97.

Of course the expenses don’t stop there. Because the diet is one that will require you to eat a lot of whole foods and/or organic foods you can expect to pay a pretty penny for those. Some of the required foods will be able to be found at your local grocery store for a price, but many will require you to go to a specialty store and really pay a price costing you time and money. While the Diet Solution Program isn’t one that is unhealthy in any way, it also isn’t one that is inexpensive or convenient either.

Baby Food Diet Review

Baby Food Diet Review
Baby Food Diet Review

Straight out of Hollywood comes the latest and greatest diet fad known as the Baby Food Diet. First introduced by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, it has now gained a lot of steam thanks in part to more and more movie stars coming out saying they are actually losing weight on the diet.

There are two types of Baby Food Diet plans. One replaces all the food you eat throughout the day, with the exception of one meal, with 14 jars of various types of baby food. The other calls for you to simply replace your snacks with a jar of baby food. The more popular version is the one that replaces almost all the daily food.

There aren’t many rules other than the baby food that is consumed has to have calorie limits. The recommended caloric intake with the baby food is between 15 calories and 100 calories. By eating in such a manner the theory is that calorie consumption gets reduced greatly which can then lead to weight loss.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Baby Food Diet?

It is more than conceivable that you would lose weight eating nothing but baby food and one other meal. However, this would only be due to the fact that you will be restricting your caloric intake by a great deal and would have nothing to do with the baby food itself. While baby food might sound good, it is no magic bullet to losing weight.

Is the Baby Food Diet Easy to Follow?

At first you might actually enjoy eating lots of baby food. However, after just a short time on the Baby Food Diet you can expect to start craving food with more sustenance. After all, baby food was meant for babies.

While it is usually nutritious, it lacks many vitamins, nutrients, and also fiber, which are all vital to the health of an adult. Therefore, participants on this diet will have to supplement heavily to make up for those lost additives. This will lead to an increase in the expense of the diet as well as a commitment on your part to take your supplements daily.


The Baby Food Diet is a fad with a capitol F. The only reason any weight loss would occur with this diet is the fact that you would be practically starving yourself eating mashed up fruits, vegetables, and meats. Like many other fads before it, especially ones that start in Hollywood, you can expect that the Baby Food Diet will quickly come and go and make way for the next fad diet to take hold.

6 Week Body Makeover Diet Review

6 Week Body Makeover Diet Review
6 Week Body Makeover Diet Review

The 6 Week Body Makeover Diet Program came to market in 2006, and is the brainchild of Michael Thurmond who you might know if you are a fan of the television series Extreme Makeover. Thurmond has parlayed the success of the show and come out with an extensive diet program that he can now be seen selling on late night infomercials.

The foundation of the plan if to first identify what type of body you have by filling out a questionnaire. This serves two purposes. The first is to identify which foods can be eaten to help burn fat while avoiding foods that make your body gain fat. Additionally the “reprogramming” of your body supposedly allows you to exercise a lot less and still achieve results.  According to Thurmond, following his plan will allow you to eat more as long as what is being eaten are the right foods for your body and you will lose up to 30 pounds in just six weeks. For the book you will pay $15.00 at max, but the hard part isn’t in the payment but in the program itself.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the 6 Week Body Makeover Diet?

Like many other diet programs out there the more you have to lose, the better you should do. However, the claim of an obscene amount of weight loss is suspect at best, and most that try this diet report weight loss in the short-term, but not so much in the long-term. This is likely due to the fact that so many foods become off limits, thus making the diet an easy one to “slip-up” on. There were so many people saying that they liked Michael Thurmond himself, but the book not so much.

JoAnn T.*said

“I am a huge fan of Michael Thurmond and have a great deal of respect for him. I have started the 6-day program four times, and each time I only make it to the third or fourth day. Why? Because it is just sooooo tiring having chicken in the morning, chicken for lunch, chicken in the afternoon and chicken for dinner. You are constantly eating rice and vegetables too. You’ll find that unless you get very creative, you’ll be eating the same food over and over and over again.” 

She went onto say that it is very difficult to stick to the program when you don’t enjoy the food you eat. Due to the lack of change, she found it hard to eat her meals and to enjoy the snacks long term. She does feel the system does work, if you can handle the lack of change.

Katherine Meyer*said

“Well, yes, if you eat less than 700 calories a day and exercise for an hour each day, you will drop a dress or pant size in 6 days. I did this for 4 days and could barely function. I was determined to finish it, I was losing weight! I had lost 8 pounds in 4 days! “

Sadly. for Katherine she added a bit to the diet and all of the weight came back on instantly. You cannot function this way long term, so she didn’t feel like the diet really worked for her.  


“I tried this program based on the fabulous reviews. I lasted four and a half days and was so happy to finally be able to eat a variety of food again. I was HUNGRY, tired, headachy, and couldn’t sleep. I can’t believe how many people say they ate ‘so much food’ and felt great.”

She also went onto say that the meals were very boring and were repeated which caused her to derail from the program.

Is The 6 Week Body Makeover Diet Easy to Follow?

At first the 6 Week Body Makeover Diet Program is pure joy. The fact that you can eat almost as much as you like as long as the right foods are being ingested is a great feeling. However, that feeling soon fades as you being to crave certain foods that you might have once enjoyed daily and have since had to completely eliminate. Any diet that is too restrictive in nature is harder to follow and diet program is in fact restrictive sometimes requiring you to cut certain foods and/or food groups out completely.

Overall, the reviews from actual customers stated that this diet was extremely hard to follow and they felt borderline miserable at best. There were so many different accounts of this same reaction, that it has to be true. The food you are supposed to eat has been said to be boring and bland which is never fun when you are trying to lose weight in today’s flavorful society. Side effects have been noted as hunger, headaches, exhaustion, fatigue, and irritability more than likely all stemming from being calorie deprived.


The 6 Week Body Makeover Diet Program might work if followed to the letter, but following such restrictions can be hard to say the least. In addition, the program itself comes with a cost of over $170 including the food you have to buy each week which is above many people’s daily shopping budget. Because it is a book, there are no customer service lines to take advantage of, so enjoy at your own risk.

So, even after the program comes to your doorstep the expenses don’t stop. Depending on what your “body type” ends up being you may be stuck buying the most expensive foods at the supermarket. The overall long term effectiveness of this diet program has not been said to fare well with dieters. While the 6 Week Body Makeover Diet Program might put a slight dent in your weight loss, it will no doubt put a big dent in your wallet.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.
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Very Low Fat Diet Review

Very Low Fat Diet Review
Very Low Fat Diet Review

One of the most popular ways in which many people go about attempting to lose weight is by going on a low fat or very low fat diet. There are many to choose from and participants can even opt to go without guidance as the rules are simple; all but cut out your daily intake of fat. For a low fat diet the general rule is to only get 20% – 30% of your daily calories from fat where as a very low fat diet only calls for 20% or less.

The premise of these diets is to consume more of what is low in fat or even fat free. With plenty of “fat free” foods on the market, participants usually have a wide variety of specialty foods they can buy at specialty stores and many retail grocery stores.

Some of the best low fat foods to include while on a low fat diet are:

Leafy greens: Kale, Spinach, Arugula, Swiss chard, Romaine lettuce, Collard greens

Studies suggest that diets high in leafy greens may protect against certain conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer

Cruciferous Vegetables: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Bok Choy, Turnips

Mushrooms: White button, Crimini, Portabella, Shiitake, Oyster

Ancient Grains: Farro, Bulgur, Spelt, Quinoa

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Very Low Fat Diet?

Low fat diets will work wonders and very low fat diets work even better, but they only work for so long. The problem is that the body needs a certain amount of fat in order to stay balanced. When you deprive your body of too much fat it thinks back to a time where fats where actually hard to come by. So, its natural survival instincts will kick in and it will then store any fat it does get. This means weight loss coming to an abrupt halt and might even lead to weight gain in the long run.

Is the Very Low Fat Diet Easy to Follow?

With all the specialty foods now made available for low fat and very low fat diets you might think it is a relatively easy diet to follow. However, many of the low fat and no fat foods that are sold are filled with so much sugar and chemicals that the absence of fat means little.

Add to that the fact that the low fat and very low fat food industry is a multi-billion dollar one that relies on those trying to lose weight with their foods to largely fail. So, not only is it hard to know what you should and shouldn’t eat, it can also be quite expensive. That cost can quickly turn into frustration if you are spending a lot of money on these specialty foods only to find you are not losing any weight.


Low-fat diets are sometimes recommended if you’re recovering from gallbladder surgery or have gallbladder or pancreas disease. It sounds great to say you are on a low fat or very low fat diet, but sounding great alone will not get you to your weight loss goals. While any successful diet should cut out a lot of the bad fat that you might be used to consuming on a daily basis, no diet should totally deprive your body of certain food groups. Fats have their place in any well balanced and safe diet so a low fat or very low fat diet will never be able to be considered fully balanced or safe rendering it ineffective in the end.

Review Sources

Belly Fat Cure Diet Review

Belly Fat Cure Diet Review
Belly Fat Cure Diet Review

The Belly Fat Cure Diet comes from the book of the same name written by bestselling author Jorge Cruise. The Belly Fat Cure Diet is similar to the South Beach diet and focuses on carbohydrate swapping, which is swapping out carbs for other sources of food. The entire diet plan revolves around keeping insulin levels in check as Cruise says not doing so leads to excess belly fat to gather thanks to sugars being stored as fat by the body. When followed properly Cruise promises up to nine pounds of weight loss per week.

The eating plan consists of lots of proteins, vegetables, fats, and a small amount of sweeteners. Participants are encouraged to drink at least eight glasses of water each day and can also drink beer, wine, and champagne in moderation. However, they must steer clear of any excess sugars, starches, milk, cocktails, and artificial sweeteners. The diet also expressly forbids almost all types of fruits until a participant’s ideal body weight is achieved.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Belly Fat Cure Diet?

The Belly Fat Cure Diet is like many other low carbohydrate diets on the market today. While weight loss usually comes in the short-term, it is a diet that requires a good deal of discipline to stay on for long-term success. Additionally, the diet doesn’t promote exercise or make you count calories. So, after some weight is lost the chances of losing more without slipping up and doing what isn’t recommended are slim to none.

Is the Belly Fat Cure Diet Easy to Follow?

No calorie counting and no exercise sound like an ideal diet for anyone. However, because the Belly Fat Cure Diet restricts so many foods and food groups it is a diet that leaves itself wide open for slip-ups. Eating lots of eggs, meats, and cheeses is wonderful for a little while but can get old in an awful hurry.


The Belly Fat Cure Diet is also a costly diet to undertake. Even though you will get to eat until your heart’s content, you will be eating a lot of proteins. That means buying a lot of meat which can be quite costly. Furthermore, the book itself will cost you around $20 and an additional $8 if you want the sugar and carbohydrate counter that comes highly recommended.

The Belly Fat Cure Diet is a great name for a book, but it is little more than your typical low carbohydrate diet. Many of the claims in the book seem a bit unrealistic, such as when Cruise says results are almost instant. While it is possible to lose the nine pounds in one week, the question of safety then comes to mind. In addition, losing nine pounds simply isn’t something that can be achieved week in and week out without putting your health at risk, which can leave many participants feeling a bit duped.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

Carb Lovers Diet Review

Carb Lovers Diet Review
Carb Lovers Diet Review

The Carb Lovers Diet is a diet plan that was created by Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Roth, who are both editors of Health Magazine. According to the duo there are many fears about carbohydrates that are unfounded and as long as you are eating the right kind of carbs in the proper portions you can enjoy carbohydrates every day.

The premise of the diet is to find carbohydrates that are known as “resistant starches” as these foods will pass through you without being absorbed, in a similar fashion to fiber. Using these special carbs and a mix of other healthy foods you can have 1,200 calories each day for the first week and then go up to 1,600 for the following three weeks. Each week you are allowed two glasses of wine or light beer and even allowed a bit of chocolate.

However, most sugars and “bad” carbohydrates are off limits. If the Carb Lovers Diet is adhered to the authors say six pounds of weight loss will happen in the first week alone.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Carb Lovers Diet?

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Because the Carb Lovers Diet is a balanced diet for the most part and also one that restricts calories it is quite likely that weight loss will occur. However, the claim of six pounds in one week might be a stretch. Additionally, because the diet restricts so many of the carbs that might be considered bad, but taste so good, the chances of slip-ups happening are very good which would of course diminish any weight loss results.

The Carb Lovers Diet does recommend weight and toning training three times per week. If a dieter stuck to that regimen, it would add to the likelihood of weight loss success.

Is the Carb Lovers Diet Easy to Follow?

The Carb Lovers Diet is easier to follow than most carbohydrate specific diets, especially since it lets you have a treat once a week. However, the diet is so restrictive that it can be hard to maintain.

It also isn’t an easy diet to be on if you enjoy eating out. Many meals that are prepared at a restaurant will include what the Carb Lovers Diet considers as being bad carbs and would therefore be off limits.


The idea behind the Carb Lovers Diet is a good one, but the name of the diet is very misleading. Most people already know that carbs from whole grains are good for you while carbs from ice cream are not without having to pay $25 for the guide. Because the diet focuses on good carbs and eliminates the bad, the carbohydrates that most are hoping to keep are in fact restricted, which can leave participants feeling a bit deflated.

Cinch Diet Review

Cinch Diet Review
Cinch Diet Review

The Cinch Diet was created by the author of The Flat Belly Book, Cynthia Sass. The Cinch Diet is really a 30 day diet that is meant to re-calibrate your body to get you used to eating a certain way. The diet focuses on eating all the right things and eating them in the proper portions.

The first five days of the Cinch Diet (5 Day Fast Forward Plan) is meant to be a detox of sorts. During this period you are only allowed to eat spinach, raspberries, yogurt, eggs, and almonds. These foods are selected as they are high in nutrients and still on the tasty side.

After the first five days of the Cinch Diet are completed you then move on to the “Cinch Diet Core” which sees your variety of foods increase greatly. In this phase you will add fruits, vegetables, plant fats, whole grains, and proteins. This supposedly makes for the perfect combination of food needed to increase your metabolism and help you burn calories and fat.

Here are 3 simple rules to be followed to achieve ultimate results.

  1. You must be on a strict eating regime. First meal has to happen within 1 hour after you wake up. The rest of your meals have to be spaced out between 3 to 5 hours.Eat like clockwork, starting within 1 hour of getting up and spacing meals 3-5 hours apart. This can help ensure continuous metabolic rate and minimized cravings.
  2. Eat variety of lean protein, produce, whole grains, plant-based fats and make sure to season everything to make sure your food is not boring.
  3. Seasoning food should be done with various herbs but flavor enhancers like sodium or high calorie, chemically flavored seasonings should be avoided.

Because this is a Mediterranean Style diet, poultry and beef should be avoided.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Cinch Diet?

Weight loss is quite likely on the Cinch Diet especially in the first five days. However, this is going to be primarily due to the fact that the caloric intake will be so low and, if following the Cinch Diet properly, five days of 30 minute walks will also be required. So, with lower calories and five days of exercising, weight loss is all but a sure thing, though it may not be the safest weight loss. You will also have to maintain this new lifestyle shift or risk losing any gains that you have made.

Here are some of the reviews found online.

“I am on the cinch program I loosed 15 lb in 4 month and inches it is a very good program”, says shany.

once I started the Core plan and added grains I began to gain and/or not lose. I added whole corn tortillas, ezekiel english muffins (eating only half), dry whole oatmeal, and whole grain sesame crackers“, says MANDALINE

Is the Cinch Diet Easy to Follow?

The Cinch Diet does provide menu plans, but many of them require a great deal of preparation. Those who do not have a lot of time on their hands may find that the Cinch Diet is not easy to follow as meal prep and working out are required with the diet plan.

In addition, the Cinch Diet does focus on healthier food options, but also cuts out certain foods and food groups altogether. This means that you have to have a lot of discipline in order to ignore the cravings that you will likely face on a daily basis.


The Cinch Diet is balanced to a certain extent, but much of the food that is required on the diet is more on the organic side. This can tend to get costly and might even require you to visit a specialty store or two to make the lifestyle shift that the Cinch Diet calls for. Cinch diet also has food limitations which makes it somewhat difficult for those who for example like or cannot live without red meat. On the other hand the diet recommends consuming dark chocolate for a snack almost everyday, that is certainly a nice change in comparison to other diet plans.

It is true that the Cinch Diet teaches you to eat the right foods in the right portions, but should $26 be spent on a book to find out this information? Really, this is nothing new and most individuals learned this in school, they simply don’t apply it to their everyday lives.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Review

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Review
Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Review

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet is an online based diet that has gone by many names in the past. Its most recent name was Weight Loss 4 Idiots, but the diet has remained largely the same. Basically, those wishing to participate get their meal plans sent to them for 11 days as the program works in two week cycles. The remaining three days of the cycle are meant for “cheat” days so participants don’t burn out on the diet.

The diet consists of lots of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole foods. Everyday meal plans consist of four meals that each need to be eaten every 2 ½ hours apart. There is no calorie counting or portioning, but the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet does recommend that you only eat until you feel “almost” full. If followed properly the diet promises nine pounds of weight loss every 11 days.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet?

Dieters might lose some weight on the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet as it restricts certain bad foods from being eaten, but the claim of nine pounds in only 11 days is suspect. While it is not impossible, losing that much weight in that short amount of time can be detrimental to your health if there are certain vitamins and other nutrients cut out of the diet.

Is the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Easy to Follow?

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet is easy to follow in the sense that all your meals are planned out for you. However, there is nothing that allows you to tell the system what foods you do and don’t like. You also can’t tell the system if you are allergic to certain foods.

This can be frustrating and might be easier if you could seek help in the matter if such an instance occurred. Unfortunately there is no help that is readily available with the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet which can then leave you stuck figuring out a solution on your own.

We have, however found other dieters sharing suggestions concerning substitutions while on Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet program. Here are some simple rules.

  • Any type of fish can be substituted for another fish, but it must be non breaded. For example, you may substitute Trout for Halibut, tuna for salmon, etc.
  • Any type of meat can be substituted for another similar meat item. For example, you can substitute ham slices for chicken (or pastrami slices for turkey). The fat content is not important.
  • If you want to substitute for a particular fruit, then you may only choose either: apples, pears, oranges, peaches or plums. For example, you may substitute oranges for apples (but NOT bananas for apples, and NOT grapes for apples).
  • If you have questions about which types of veggies are allowed in a bowl of mixed vegetables — then just remember that ANY veggies are allowed except POTATOES or CORN (those are not allowed).
  • Different types of mixed nuts can be substituted for each other. For example, if you want to substitute peanuts for walnuts
    then that’s okay. You can also substitute cashews for macadamia nuts, etc.

“General recommendation is to not use other types of food substitution unless both foods are very similar.”


The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet is not all that expensive at only $27, but you have to look at what you are getting. Basically you are getting low carbohydrate meal plans that you still have to buy all the ingredients for and then prepare. This is something you can likely achieve with an online search or two for free.

Additionally, the claims of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet are simply out of reach. While you might in fact lose nine pounds in the first 11 days (though likely not safely) there is no way to maintain that success without counting calories and incorporating exercise. However, these are just two things that are not covered by the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet which can see you putting forth money and effort for nothing in the end.

Review Sources

New York Diet Review

New York Diet Review
New York Diet Review

The Ultimate New York Diet is a diet and exercise plan that was turned into a book after the author David Kirsch was approached by Extreme Makeover to create a crash diet that would safely see individuals lose weight quickly. The Ultimate New York Diet consists of nutrition, fitness, and mind/body focus all geared to help participants lose 14 pounds in just two weeks.

The Ultimate New York Diet is actually an eight week program that sees participants only get 900 calories each day of typically low carbohydrate foods. There is no alcohol, sugar, bread, coffee, fruit, or dairy products allowed and participants are also required to work out for 90 minutes a day combining cardio and resistance exercises.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the New York Diet?

Just the fact that those on the Ultimate New York Diet only get 900 calories a day would likely attribute to some weight loss. Add to that 90 minutes of strenuous exercising each day and weight loss is quite likely to come.

As for the claim of 14 pounds in two weeks, it is indeed probable with the combination of low calories and hard workouts, but it isn’t weight loss being gained in a safe manner. The body can get by on 900 calories each day but when combined with so much activity it is not safe to keep the caloric intake so low.

Is the New York Diet Easy to Follow?

The Ultimate New York Diet is not going to be an easy diet to follow. First of all there are far too few calories for most people to get by on. Additionally, there are so many restrictions that many will have a hard time even getting through the first few days of the diet. For example, cutting out coffee altogether when you are used to a couple of cups each day is hard. The same holds true for the many food groups that are left out of the Ultimate New York Diet.


The Ultimate New York Diet is not one that comes without costs. The book itself costs around $25. Add to that the high cost of the protein rich foods you will eat. Also factor in the special protein shake that is Kirsch’s own brand at a whopping $3 per serving and the Ultimate New York Diet is one that adds up quickly.

But, the ultimate cost could be your health. The Ultimate New York Diet claims to be a safe diet, but everything about proper nutrition will tell you otherwise. It might be a good diet to go on if you need to lose a few pounds for a special occasion, but staying on the Ultimate New York Diet for any extended length of time is not a healthy choice and could prove detrimental to your overall well-being.

Rice Diet Review

Rice Diet Review

The Rice Diet was developed at Duke University by Walter Kempner back in 1934. Kempner was studying the effects that a diet with rice used as a staple had on those who were obese, had diabetes, or had hypertension. Out of his studies a complete diet was born that has evolved over the years.

The “rice” part of Rice Diet is somewhat confusing. While the original work was centered on rice as the main food source, the diet has since evolved into one that simply restricts the foods you eat and lets you choose certain foods for every meal. To date there are 30 foods that can be chosen when meal planning for the Rice Diet.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Rice Diet?

Dieters that choose to follow the rice diet can lose significant amounts of weight if they follow the diet exactly as it is laid out. However, that is often easier said than done. Again, there are only 30 foods to choose from so your choices are limited and many of your favorite foods are likely off limits leading to the tendency to cheat on the Rice Diet often.

In addition, the Rice Diet is considered to be an extreme diet. This means it is really only supposed to be used under the direct supervision of a medical expert. But, because there is such a huge market for diets there are now many books and programs out that give suggestions as to how participants should go about the diet. While these suggestions may lead to weight loss, the question of safe weight loss is greatly debated.

Here are some testimonials from dieters who have tried the rice diet.

“I’ve done this plan and lost a pound a day. Went back to my old eating habits though and gained my weight back. Any plan is so much easier when your family members go along with you. When you have to keep making meats and fatty foods, well, the temptation is there to eat it and more than likely you will.”  – says cookinmary.


Is the Rice Diet Easy to Follow?

The rice diet is easily one of the most restrictive diets out today. Therefore, it is all but impossible to follow for any considerable length of time. Cravings kick in within a few days and unless your willpower is iron-clad then you will likely have a hard time following this diet.

Those into exercising don’t usually like this diet either. With the low levels of food that can be eaten there usually isn’t much left in the energy department, making even light workouts extremely tough to say the least.


If you are clinically obese, suffer from diabetes, or suffer from hypertension then you might wish to talk to your personal physician about the Rice Diet. However, keep in mind that any diet that is done under the direct supervision of a medical professional will not be one that is cheap.

While you can go at it alone, buying all sorts of books and even joining support groups, the risk is not worth the reward. Weight loss is great, but not when it comes at the expense of your overall health.

Ultimate Metabolism Diet Review

Ultimate Metabolism Diet Review
Ultimate Metabolism Diet Review

The Ultimate Metabolism Diet is geared towards those who have tried just eating better on their own and have failed to lose weight. The Ultimate Metabolism Diet book guides participants through a process that is meant to help them determine what their metabolic type is by looking at a variety of variables.

Once the dieter knows what their metabolic type is they can read the section of the book that corresponds to their type and get advice on diet, exercise, and even supplementing. According to the Ultimate Metabolism Diet, this makes your metabolism work harder and that is what allows for weight loss success.

No matter which metabolic type a person may be, the foods that correspond with the Ultimate Metabolism Diet are the same for the most part. Low starch foods, low glycemic foods, low to non-fat dairy, raw nuts, and whole grains make up the bulk of what gets eaten.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Ultimate Metabolism Diet?

Short term weight loss with the Ultimate Metabolism Diet is all but guaranteed, especially if you exercise while on the diet. However, the long term weight loss that most participants experience is not all that impressive. This is likely due to the fact that the Ultimate Metabolism Diet is one that is restrictive and therefore one that is easy to stray from.

Is the Ultimate Metabolism Diet Easy to Follow?

Any diet that is restrictive in nature, like the Ultimate Metabolism Diet, means the likelihood of straying from the diet’s formula is high. Those who have the most success with the Ultimate Metabolism Diet are those who have the willpower to stay on the diet, which is not as easy as it might seem.

For one, there is a lot of preparation that goes into the Ultimate Metabolism Diet. Your meals will not be ones that are easily thrown together so you have to be willing to give yourself a bit more time with food preparation than you might be used to. However, this is not something that everyone wants to do.

You might also find it hard to stick to the Ultimate Metabolism Diet if you like to dine out a lot. Because it is so restrictive, you may have trouble finding things on the menu to suit your metabolic type needs.


The Ultimate Metabolism Diet is supposed to show you the most efficient way to kick your metabolism into high gear. While that is a great theory, the diet is really one that is just lower in calories and one that cuts out all the junk food you might be used to. That combined with exercise might be enough to have you lose some weight. However, you don’t really need to spend $15.95 for the Ultimate Metabolism Diet book plus large amounts of money on the “specialty” foods in order to know that.

Fat Burning Diet Review

Fat Burning Diet Review
Fat Burning Diet Review

The Fat Burning Diet was developed by Jay Robb after he “stumbled” upon the diet in an effort to deal with his past health issues which included sugar levels that were out of whack. What he discovered was a way in which he says weight can be lost by cycling diets between high carbs and low carbs.

The theory behind the Fat Burning Diet is that low carb diets are great for weight loss, but hard to sustain and unhealthy over time. Each day participants get three meals and those three meals will vary according to the day and variation of the diet the participant is on (there are 12 variations to meet different goals).

According to the Fat Burning Diet the way in which food is eaten on the diet stimulates the body to burn fat. Participants are rewarded for their efforts once a week with a “free time” when they can eat anything their heart desires, but only for an hour.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Fat Burning Diet?

Dieters on the Fat Burning Diet can expect to lose weight in the short term, but the long term results tend to vary. The Fat Burning Diet stresses the need to work out regularly and the recommended exercises are a combination of walking and weight lifting for the most part.

So, some of the weight loss is likely attributed to the exercise and when combined with a better overall diet, weight loss should come. Of course, most people know this without having to buy the Fat Burning Diet book.

Is the Fat Burning Diet Easy to Follow?

The Fat Burning Diet is not the hardest diet to follow, but it isn’t exactly easy. Confusion often follows the diet, even though there are meal plans included. Trying to figure out what your meals will be for the week and then accommodating that need at the grocery store can prove challenging and even though the diet fluctuates between high and low carbs, it is still very restrictive in nature.

Any diet that is restrictive will be one that leads to cravings. The Fat Burning Diet does allow you to have a free for all once a week, but only for an hour and sometimes getting to that hour can prove to be too much for some. The end result will then be going off the diet, which will greatly hinder any results.


The Fat Burning Diet is a new spin on those who can’t seem to stick with only high carbs and low fat or low fat and high carbs. Unfortunately, it is a bit restrictive and after buying the Fat Burning Diet book for about $12.95 and then buying all the “specialty” foods required to do the diet properly, the Fat Burning Diet is one that isn’t so easy to uphold.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

1200 Calorie Diet Review

1200 Calorie Diet Review
1200 Calorie Diet Review

The 1200 Calorie Diet is a calorie restrictive diet that is meant to teach you how to eat better. This is a given as the low amount of calories doesn’t allow for much food to be eaten unless you use your imagination.

The 1200 Calorie Diet promotes eating all the things that you learned were good for you in school such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and lean proteins. Participants are encouraged to eat several small meals each day to combat the hunger pains that low calorie diets can produce, but there is no specific meal planning with the 1200 Calorie Diet and dieters are left to decide what they want to eat on their own.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the 1200 Calorie Diet?

When on the 1200 Calorie Diet it is very possible to lose weight. This weight loss though will greatly depend on how well you follow the diet. While it might be easy to stick to the diet in the short term, and thus see great weight loss results, the tendency to get tired of the 1200 Calorie Diet after just a few short weeks is common, especially with the limited guidance.

Once you are fed up with any diet the likelihood of cheating on the diet becomes very great. Therefore, weight loss success for the long term will be limited at best.

Is the 1200 Calorie Diet Easy to Follow?

Again, there is no actual meal plan, other than a few sample meals, so you will have to do a great deal of planning on your own in order to follow the 1200 Calorie Diet to the letter. This is often enough to make some throw in the towel and opt for a diet that is a bit easier to follow.

While any low calorie diet is hard to follow because of cravings, the 1200 Calorie Diet can be especially tough as you might think your meals are proper, but in reality they may be lacking proteins and/or fiber that would otherwise help keep you feeling full. Yet more hassle to have to deal with and another point that makes the 1200 Calorie Diet hard to follow.


The 1200 Calorie Diet is a diet that could be successful, but one that lacks guidance. Not only is it near impossible to get help with meal planning, but there is no mention of what type of exercise should be done, only that it is encouraged.

Additionally, the 1200 Calorie Diet says nothing about supplementing which is a must with any calorie restricted diet. Unfortunately, the 1200 Calorie Diet is one that has a lot of promise, but due to its lack of direction it can be a diet that is not 100% safe and certainly not one that will be easy to sustain.

3 Day Diet Review

3 Day Diet Review
3 Day Diet Review

The 3 Day Diet is a fad diet that has been around for quite some time and it is designed for rapid weight loss in, you guessed it, three days’ time. Basically, there is a menu planned out for the participant and that menu must be followed to the letter in order for it to be successful.

During the three days of the 3 Day Diet participants eat three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and each meal changes with each day. The theory behind the meals changing is that the specific combination of foods helps create a reaction in your body that stimulates rapid weight loss.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the 3 Day Diet Diet?

The weight loss success of the 3 Day Diet varies according to who you talk to. The claim is that you can lose 10 pounds in three days, but this only seems doable if the person on the 3 Day Diet had plenty of weight to lose in the first place.

As far as keeping off the weight that is lost, that is all but impossible. Usually, the dieter will revert back to their regular diet after the 3 Day Diet is over and within a day or so gain back all of the weight that was lost and in some cases even gain a couple extra pounds.

Additionally, the 3 Day Diet doesn’t allow a body to lose weight in a healthy manner. It is far better to achieve gradual and consistent weight loss than it is to seek it out in such a short amount of time.

This is confirmed with the 3 Day Diet’s recommendation of no heavy exercise while on the diet. Because of the lack of energy producing calories there would be no way to safely workout while on the 3 Day Diet.

Is the 3 Day Diet Diet Easy to Follow?

The 3 Day Diet is only easy to follow for about the first half of the first day. Then the hunger pains start kicking in and by day two your cravings are really going wild. In fact, as hard as it might be to believe, the dropout rate for the 3 Day Diet is just about as high as the completion rate as many just can’t take the drastic changes that the diet calls for, not even for three days.


The 3 Day Diet is simply a fad. While it may not cost you much money to try it won’t do you any good in the long run. It is hard to sustain your urges even for the three days of the diet and unless drastic changes are made to your diet after you complete the 3 Day Diet, there will be no way to maintain any of the weight loss that you may have enjoyed.

Vegetarian Diet Review

vegetarian diet review

The Vegetarian Diet is one that has several options for participants. The most popular option is the lacto-ovo option, which sees participants shun meat and go heavy on dairy products and eggs. Others might choose to go “ovo” which mean they will also cut out dairy and then others might go just “lacto” which means they will cut out eggs.

Whichever way participants on the Vegetarian Diet decide to go, the common theme is no meat whatsoever. As far as replacing those meat calories, there are several sources that can be used to help guide you, but it is essential to have at least some of those calories made up with other foods.

Studies show that vegetarians are at a higher risk of protein, calcium, iron, iodine and vitamin B12 deficiencies.  

Healthy Foods To Include In A Vegetarian Diet

Fruits: Apples, bananas, berries, oranges, melons, pears, peaches
Vegetables: Leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots
Grains: Quinoa, barley, buckwheat, rice, oats
Legumes: Lentils, beans, peas, chickpeas.
Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, cashews, chestnuts
Seeds: Flaxseeds, chia and hemp seeds
Healthy fats: Coconut oil, olive oil, avocados
Proteins: Tempeh, tofu, seitan, natto, nutritional yeast, spirulina, eggs, dairy products

Most vegetarian diets mean that you should avoid meat, poultry and fish. Some vegetarians also restrict eggs, dairy and other animal products.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Vegetarian Diet?

Whenever you cut meat totally out of the equation and eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in its place, you are bound to lose at least some weight. However, most of the research available for the Vegetarian Diet shows that dieters tend to have more weight loss success in the short term and less in the long term as it is quite simply a hard diet to follow at all times.

There is also concern as to how healthy, or unhealthy, any weight loss that comes as a result of the Vegetarian Diet can be. A nutritional deficiency in key micro-nutrients can lead to symptoms like fatigue, weakness, anemia, bone loss and thyroid issues. Without the essential vitamins and minerals that many meats provide, weight loss that does come may come with a health risk attached.

Is the Vegetarian Diet Easy to Follow?

The human body was designed by nature to be omnivorous. In other words, it was designed to eat both vegetables and meat. So, by cutting meat out of the equation you are depriving your body of something it was designed to live off of. This leads to cravings and that leads to cheating.

Additionally, the Vegetarian Diet requires a great deal of planning on your part. This is not only planning your daily meals, but also means having to plan what you can and can’t have while out at a restaurant. This can be a tedious task and tends to turn many people off of the diet.


Even though you get to cut meats out totally, all the good stuff that has to be purchased in order to replace the meat is not going to be cheap. Additionally the Vegetarian Diet is not a diet to be on if you like to be active. Because you will be depriving yourself of energy rich calories, any level of moderate to heavy activity will not be able to be safely tolerated by your body. So, weight loss might come to some degree, but getting toned and tight won’t be so easy to achieve.

Review Sources

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator


BMI is a statistical calculation intended as an assessment tool. It can be applied to groups of people to determine trends or it can be applied to individuals. When applied to individuals, it is only one of several assessments used to determine health risks related to being underweight, overweight, or obese.

Interpreting BMI calculations for adults

All adults age 20 and older are evaluated on the same BMI scale as follows:

  • BMI below 18.5: Underweight
  • BMI 18.5-24.9: Normal weight
  • BMI 25.0-29.9: Overweight
  • BMI 30 and above: Obese

Some researchers consider a BMI of 17 or below an indication of serious, health-threatening malnourishment. In developed countries, a BMI this low in the absence of disease is often an indication anorexia nervosa At the other end of the scale, a BMI of 40 or greater indicates morbid obesity that carries a very high risk of developing obesity-related diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and type 2 diabetes.


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