Go Cleanse Diet Review

Go Cleanse is a product said to be made up of all-natural ingredients that will help anyone lose weight, and the company has been around since 2006. The makers of Go Cleanse claim that the everyday diet of most individuals is made up of an improper mix of foods, and that in order to properly lose weight, a colon cleanse is necessary. The Go Cleanse product is supposed to rid the colon of all toxins, excess waste, and any parasites that might hinder weight loss. They make a point to tell the reader that this is not a diet, or a colon cleanse but it is a “revolutionary cleansing technology.”In order to really learn about the program you have to call into their support line at  866-352-6888 as the websit does a poor job of even explaining it well in detail, don't worry we have you covered. When checking with the Better Business Bureau, the company does not come up as registered.

There are two days of the cleanse 1. The Shake Day: where you will drink two protein shakes and provide yourself a 400-600 calorie lunch. 2. The Cleanse Day is when you will switch to the liquid nutrition in the form of their Aloe Vera blend which is meant to be taken on days 3,4,10, and 11. You then will be assigned over to a nutritional cleansing coach who will walk with you step by step during your cleanse. There are two options for purchasing: The 11 Day Cleanse which will costs you $187.00+ a $39.00 wholesale fee plus shipping and tax OR you can purchase the 30 Day Cleanse that costs $363.00 plus the $39.00 wholesale fee and shipping/tax. There are snack wafers that come with the cleanse meant to be taken twice a day, and you are to purchase almonds to go along with those wafers. You will be drinking half of your weight in water. Finally there is an accelerator pill you will take once day for energy. Wow! What a day! 

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Go Cleanse Plan?

There is little information available on the effectiveness of Go Cleanse, with the exception of some customer reviews found on the company website. However, reviews can be tainted so they should be viewed with caution. Go Cleanse is a dietary supplement that is to be taken either before any nutrition and exercise plan is started, or soon after it already has. Therefore, there is likely no significant effect that the Go Cleanse product will have on its own. Any weight that might be lost will be a direct result of the actual cleanse and will be mostly water weight that will be able to be put back on quite easily.*

According to the website, “The programs use one of the world’s rarest forms of whey protein from New Zealand where they do not use herbicides or pesticides and they use a low temperature pasteurization process. This process allows for over 20 amino acids to be preserved which assist the body in cleansing itself. The pasteurization process in North America uses a high heat process which destroys the key amino acids and enzymes in the protein.” The side effects and customer testimonials are not traceable, which makes the program pretty vague. They do offer a money back guarantee, but they give no details to how many days it is, which is again very vague.

Is The Go Cleanse Plan Easy To Follow?

Go Cleanse is very complicated, and there are a lot of moving parts as you can tell from the above clip of how to go on the program. You have protein shakes to drink twice a day, snack wafers and almonds to snack on, as well as a ton of water to drink. This does not include the Aloe Vera cleanse you will go on for four of the days, as well as the accelerator pill you will have to ingest once a day. On top of all of this madness, the website is very vague about the entire program, the coaching yo will supposedly receive for free, and the supplements themselves and what they are actually made of! All in all, this program is very confusing to follow and the company does a terrible job of marketing it to a potential customer. There is absolutely no scientific evidence is to why their products are cleaner than others found anywhere on the website. When I called into the customer support line, a rep rattled off all of the instructions so fast I could hardly understand what she was saying. It made me want to hang up the phone, and run very very fast.


Go Cleanse is simply another in a long line of modern cleansing products that are available for sale. However, the difference with Go Cleanse is the price. While preferred customers can get weight loss supplements for roughly $39.95 per bottle, the average customer for Go Cleanse is paying almost $200. This can be even more expensive than it looks at first blush, depending on whether or not you are doing the 11 or 30 day cleanse. Either way, there are far more affordable cleansing products on the market that are likely just as effective, which a lot of research behind the products themselves. Don't waste your time or money on a company that can't even supply you a picture of the cleansing products you will be buying on their website.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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