Nate Miyaki founded the Half Day Diet in 2015, which makes this company less than credible from the get go, … 1

Lemon juice – has an amazing quality to split fat components therefore help you lose weight. This might not be … 1

For many years we have been told by health professionals, researchers, different organizations and even our mothers that eating too … 1

Every day there seems to be more propaganda and products coming out to help you lose weight or maybe just … 1

The basic rules of longevity seems to be clear to most: exercise, eat healthy, do not smoke or drink excessively. … 1

Morning has come, and you have no frame of mind for success? The diet you have chosen has not provided … 0

Fasting almost always is associated with starvation. There are different fasting methods that people have used for centuries, sometimes not … 0

There is always a lot of talk around yogurt, and the benefits (or lack thereof) when consuming it. As you … 0

Many of us have relatives who were apart of the Great Depression era, and the thought of food waste to … 0

There are a growing number of people who are undertaking walking as a means to lose weight. The fitness and … 0

As I sit at the table, on the last Eve of the year, full of beautiful and tasty treats, glasses … 0

Well, it’s almost that time of year again! We go from getting into our daily routines to getting 1 less … 0

There is nothing better than a home cooked meal, am I right? Not only do home cooked meals taste great … 0

Naturally Slim is a weight loss company that was founded in 1977 by President Marcia Upson. They pride themselves on … 0

When it comes to weight loss there are all kinds of motivational tools that can cause people to stand up … 0

The ability to swim is a vital skill for a person at any age but learning how to swim at … 0
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