Naturally Slim is a weight loss company that was founded in 1977 by President Marcia Upson. They pride themselves on … 11

Every day there seems to be more propaganda and products coming out to help you lose weight or maybe just … 1

The basic rules of longevity seems to be clear to most: exercise, eat healthy, do not smoke or drink excessively. … 1

In a world of flavor, there is nothing more dissatisfying than being subjected to bland diet foods. I am going … 1

Nate Miyaki founded the Half Day Diet in 2015, which makes this company less than credible from the get go, … 1

Lemon juice – has an amazing quality to split fat components therefore help you lose weight. This might not be … 1

For many years we have been told by health professionals, researchers, different organizations and even our mothers that eating too … 1

Flabs 2 Abs is a 30-day body transformation program that offers strength training exercises, plus cardio and nutritional advice. Brothers … 1

  BMI is a statistical calculation intended as an assessment tool. It can be applied to groups of people to … 0

Six months ago, my friend decided to get rid of the effects of heavy late dinner, for the first time … 0

We all know good habits are best formed early in life, and it is much easier said than done most of the … 0

It is quite common to confuse being thirsty with being hungry. This is a rather irritating problem to have, as … 0

Most of us out there are all too familiar with the daily grind of not being organized enough to bring … 0

Unfortunately beef is more readily available to most people in the United States and beyond than Bison. However, Bison naturally carries … 0

Dieters are trained to notice food labels. Wandering the food aisles looking for the right foods to eat to shed … 0

In some countries, just like in the United States many articles profess warning that eating red meat can shorten your … 0

One of the problems in our daily lives is the need to jam more into our schedules, as if we … 0
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