How Do Models Eat

Many young girls look at the glossy magazines before going to bed, and dream to be like the slender, beautiful and perfect models they see in these magazines. They typically have a long-legged, thin, and beautiful ideal body. Their weary eyes keep the world of the fashion business going. However, not many of these naive young little girls know what kind sacrifices are required in order to achieve this beauty ideal.

Nutritionists are practically screaming about the dangers for your health and overall wellbeing required to achieve and sustain this kind of body ideal. Despite this fact, increasingly younger girls are trying to be like their idols, refusing a normal diet and are trying to lose weight in order to match the size cherished, by all available means. Including incorporating the diet used by many models. There is a good chance that none of them realize that by following this diet they will in turn sacrifice their health, which will be more difficult to recover from at a young age.

What type of diet models choose to do; versus what they say they do may be two entirely different things.

Many know that in order to achieve fit and slender bodies they need to first eat right and exercise on the regular basis. Or is this only something they think they should tell the media and journalists, when asked about their diets?

Most nutritionists and doctors argue that in order to achieve and sustain the body “ideal” required to work as a model, regular diet and exercise is not enough. To prove their point, there have been many cases of young girls dying from malnutrition while trying to achieve the model body physique. The constant shortage of vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients can eventually cause many diseases to develop, most of which can become chronic. Because of of these health factors France has issued a ban on companies using models that are too thin.

What Do Nutritionists Have to Say About It

Nutritionists state that no diets should be used by young girls, whose bodies are still developing. Lack of needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients can slow or even damage their development which will negatively affect them long term. Dieting at an early age can also damage nails and hair, along with developing mental disorders and suffered genital function. However, since we all have had to be teenagers at some point in our lives, hearing “no” is not always going to stop them from attempting to diet. It is important that they make well informed decisions, and make choices that would be long term rather than losing a pound a day by starving. Restricting their diets by a few hundred calories will bring long term results but will not deplete the body of important nutrients needed for basic survival.

What Are the Most Popular Model Diets?

3 Day Fasting

Fasting for 2-3 days at a time to lose a large amount of weight (2-5 pounds) and keeping a clean diet in between fasting days. This type of dieting is not recommended to be done more often than 3 times a month. One key thing to remember is that you need to stay hydrated on the days you are fasting. Herbal teas, water, green juices can be used to stay hydrated.

It must be noted that the three-day diet is designed only for three days and if done for longer periods of time, can threaten to cause health problems.

Some models in conjunction to fasting use other methods to lose even bigger amounts of weight by using diuretics. Please note that this method could be extremely dangerous to your health.

The 3-day diet produces quick results, but many women still report difficulty sticking to the rigid regime. Side effects might include dizziness, extreme feeling of hunger and in extreme cases even vomiting. If the exercise regime is continued, these side effects could be more pronounced.

7 Day Diet

Many models do not want to take harmful drugs and prefer rigid diets to keep themselves in shape with the help of separating foods. The principle of this diet is very simple – separating carbohydrates and proteins. With this diet, proteins and carbohydrates enter the body with different meals, which allows them to be assimilated quicker and easier, without converting it into fat. Carbohydrates are recommended to be consumed in the morning, as they are digested much faster in the morning. For breakfast you can eat any porridge, cooked without adding milk, sugar or oil. The porridge perfectly nourishes the body and gives a charge of energy and lightness throughout the day.

For lunch, it is recommended to consume protein. This can be a lean fish, boiled but plain. For dinner you can eat a salad made of any vegetables. Terms of dinner are the same: no oil or fatty sauces. Dressing for the salad can be soy sauce (low sodium), as well as lemon juice. Nutritionists, however warn that such diet can be kept for no more than fourteen days. During this time, you need to drink a lot of water and take vitamin supplements.

What Suggestions Do Nutritionists Give?

Nutritionists say that for a young healthy girl, it is quite possible to stay in shape without the exhausting diets. The secret for a good body is ridiculously simple. You just have to get your body to process all the energy of what you eat during the day, then it will simply have nothing set aside as a reserve on your thighs and other problem areas. So, how do you teach your body how to use all the calories for its intended purpose? Surprisingly, you just need to eat often and in small portions. With this simple solution the body simply has nothing to store, and you'll always be cheerful and beautiful. This diet will produce results, and does not take long to help any woman who decides to lose weight and keep it off.

Tips How to Manage Portion Control

Many women know the fact, that weight loss results from diets may fade with time. After a while, unconsciously, people return to their usual portions of food ultimately putting an end to portion control. The famous model Claudia Schiffer, who for many years was eating this way, encourages all women to do one single thing – throw out all large plates. But for many, this causes a problem when dealing with family members who do not intend to lose weight. One trick is to put all large plates deeper in the cupboard or hide them all together. Use a smaller plate to put your appetizers and main meal on that plate and try to stack everything on it at once. Do not go for seconds! Over time, your body will get used to smaller food portions, and then you will physically will not be able to eat more and problems with overeating will disappear.

Is It Possible to Escape Weight Fluctuations?

We asked many nutritionists and received a definite answer, NO! The fact is, that our body is an intelligent machine and when it is working properly it can store a certain amount of fat, and then if necessary burn it. For example, this technique uses our body due to seasonality. Our body knows that it will be cold in the winter, as it will be attacked by a lot of viruses. In order to warm the body in the cold as well as repel the flu or colds, the body needs more energy. So close to the winter month, we will inevitably have to gain 4-8 pounds, which will be spent for the protection of the body. In the spring we will naturally get thinner, because the heat and power consumption is slightly reduced, hence there is no need to build more.

What diet does a model use for rapid weight loss before the show?

There are dozens of diets models use in order to lose weight quickly. Some techniques they use right before big shows can quickly help you lose 5 – 7 pounds. Here are a few simple tips anyone can do:

One of the most popular is the kefir diet. Its essence is the 2-3 days of eating only yogurt (plain) or drinking kefir and nothing more.

Amono– diet is when you can eat only egg whites, apple, cheese (skim). But keep in mind that any mono-diet depletes the body, so use it only in extreme cases and only for a few days at a time.

Tips for choosing a diet

Nutritionists advise that women should use Three to Seven Day diets, and use them only on rare occasions. For anyone wanting to lose weight, doctors recommend to forget about the existence of elevators, park your car a few blocks away from your work, be sure to drink plenty of water before going to bed and throughout the day, and walk as much as possible.

By applying these simple rules, you will soon see positive results and changes in your body shape and overall wellbeing. If you want to keep your shape, you should eliminate sugar, salty, smoked, starchy foods and alcohol. This does not mean that you cannot drink a glass of wine, but only one and no more than once a week. The same principle applies to the rest of the harmful products easily accessible to consumers today. Always remember that every woman is beautiful, if she loves herself. So love yourself, and choose the best for yourself. People see you through your eyes and if you believe you are beautiful you will radiate it!