How To Renew Your Energy At Work In The Afternoon

The computer screen is getting fuzzier by the moment, and you suddenly forget what you have been working on for the past two hours. In that moment your mind goes completely blank, and no thoughts run through your head. Then.. you’re back! This afternoon slump affects nearly every working individual around the world, and more often times than not we just put up with it. It shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence, and there are definitely ways to sneak around your regular weekday crash.

The good news is this “afternoon crash” as we like to call it is completely normal and it is our body’s way of telling us our internal clock is working on all cylinders (yay! I guess?). The first and easiest way to boost your energy is to get some exposure to sunlight, even if it is for a couple of minutes. Going outside can rejuvenate your mind, and give you a small natural boost that you may need. There are more ways as I will explain below that will have your energy back in no time.

Bathroom Break Anyone?

If you are feeling a little fuzzy in the brain after working a lot of long hard hours, (especially in the afternoon) take a walk to the bathroom that is farthest from your desk. You will get some much needed walking in, as well as clear your head for a couple of minutes with the purpose of going to the bathroom in the meantime. This is a good idea because your brain will be cleared (as well as your bladder) and you will be able to be more productive when you get back to your desk.

Stairs Are Not Just For Fire Drills

If you work in an office with multiple levels, try and take a couple flights of stairs to get your blood pumping and your legs moving. There is nothing more fulfilling than getting a little sweat in while at work. Remember that tired, brain fog that had you under its spell? Well, that feeling may be out of sight when you get back to your desk thanks to the stairs. Remember it is not a bad idea to take the stairs instead of the elevator in everyday life at work too!

Coloring Books Are Not Just For Kids Anymore

Adult coloring books are becoming all of the rage these days! I am not saying bring your coloring book to work, and waste the company’s time. But they will benefit if you are able to clear your mind for a few minutes coloring, to get back on track with all of your work projects. There is nothing more efficient than an employee with a clear head for the entire workday! It may take you weeks to finish one page, but pull it out and let your mind relax for a couple of minutes.

Become A Little More Personable

This one draws a fine line, as many people’s job require them to be on e-mail with people across the country. Or many people find that interruptions in their own office leads to a more stressful day long-term. These people would prefer e-mail communication versus face to face. If this is you, always be mindful of this before popping into someone’s office uninvited. However, there is a lot to be said for face-to-face communication and the rejuvenation of the mind. When you are talking to someone face to face it is refreshing (sometimes) and may help clear your head versus staring at your computer all day long.

Re-evaluate Your Lunch Options

What did you have for lunch today? Many times when asked that question, people often do not remember! This is crazy, but we take our lunch breaks for granted and don’t savor our food with each bite. Instead, we are eating on the go and always in a hurry. On top of that, we are eating a lot of refined carbs, and sugar which will lead in an insulin spike in the body, which eventually will bring us crashing down a few hours later. If this is a normal occurrence for you, take a look at what you are eating and ask yourself if it is full of wholesome and sustaining foods to better power your brain. If not, and the answer is soda pop and carbohydrates you may want to change your choice during tomorrow’s lunch.

How Were Those Z’s Last Night?

A good night’s sleep cannot be substituted by anything, not even a nap or caffeine. If you are constantly sluggish, ask yourself if you are getting at least 8 hours of good sleep a night. If you are answering no, ask yourself why? Do you have young children who keep you awake? If so, this is not a forever thing and will come to pass. Or are you staying up too late watching your favorite show? Your entire day revolves around the amount of sleep you got the night before. Being tired not only kills your energy levels, but it also kills your brains creativity. Taking a nap will combat your tiredness throughout the day, but sometimes it will leave you groggier than before which will lead to a harder afternoon than anticipated. Aim to get at least 8 hours a night of sleep, and do yourself a favor and put the electronics away at least 30 minutes before you lay down!

Whatever your solution I hope these tips will help you fight off that unwanted afternoon crash, and substitute it for a more productive day. Fresh air, sunshine, a little exercise, or activity can help you get through even the toughest of days! You are not alone, so get out there and shine today.