Infographic: 5 Ways To Stop Mindless Eating

  • Use smaller plates. Regardless of plate size, we typically eat 92% of what we put on our plate. And, seeing an empty plate makes our brain think we’re full. Research suggests that moving from 12 inch plate to 10 inch plate can help you cut up to 500 calories per day. That can lead to a weight loss of 1Lb per week.
  • Identify your eating triggers. By identifying what makes you eat outside of your planned meals, you can find new ways to manage your emotions and look for alternatives to unhealthy snacking. So ask yourself, “What makes me thoughtlessly chow down?”
  • Don’t eat straight from the package. When package size is doubled, consumption of snack foods increases 30-40%. Why? Our brain doesn’t tell us when to stop, and we’ll keep eating as long as food is available. Count your servings before you start eating, and it will make it much easier to track your calories.
  • Make a meal game plan. By eating unplanned meals throughout the day, the calories we consume add up to almost two extra meals every day. Make a game plan every day, and do your best to stick to it!
  • Don’t eat while distracted. Eating while preoccupied, like when you’re watching TV, texting. Surfing the internet, working, driving, etc., causes you to eat faster, eat more, and makes it harder to remember how many calories you’re consumed.

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