Infographic: 7 Superfoods To Help You Live Longer

  • Kale: Contains carotendoinds that help protect against cancer, heart disease, and infection. Promotes eye health, is high in fiber, extremely high levels of vitamin K, which supports bone health. Provides Vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B6, manganese, and potassium. Lowers choresterol, and is available year-round.
  • Acai Berries: Has anthocyanins for heart health, promotes weight loss, full of antioxidants. Can reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Acai berry oil can be used topically as both emoilient and moisturizer. Protects skin from cellular damage.
  • Coconut Oil: Can be used topically, as it makes a great inexpensive moisturizer with a light natural fragrance. Helpts the bodyabsorb other untrients. Is safe to cook at high temperatures. Contains monolaurin, a nutrient only found in breast milk. Helps control diabetes. Use it as a hair treatment, as it makes hair shiny and even repars split ends.
  • Chia Seeds: Has Omega-3 fatty accids. Helps you stay hydrated. Regulates blood sugar levels. Is rich in protein, vitamin B complex, calcium, potassium, and fiber.
  • Lentils & Beans: Are full of soluble fiber that is great for reducing cholesterol. High in iron, so eat with one of the vitamin C rich foods for maximum iron absorbtion. Great for weight control as it is packed with protein, fiber and very filling.
  • Blueberries: Are full of antioxidants, help prevent infection, rich in bio-available copper, elenium, zinc, iron, vitamin C, B complex, and vitamin E. Promote brain health and are high in fiber.
  • Maca: Is a powerful aphrodisiac- bosts libido in both sexes! Immproves energy, strength and stamina. Reduces anxiety and depression.

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