Infographic: Foods That Pack A Protein Punch

  • Americans tend to take in twice the amount of protein they need already.
  • Health problems caused by too much protein: osteoporosis, cancer, kidney disease, kidney stones.
  • Eating animal products often means that you are eating too much protein.
  • Researches in England found that when people added about 5 ounces of fish to a normal diet, the risk of forming urinary tract stones increased by as much as 250%.
  • Plant-based protein is usually cheaper and healthier than animal protein. And it’s delicious too!
  • Plant-based proteins often blow away the competition when compared to animal sources of protein.
  • Protein needs can easily be met by eating a variety of plant-based foods.
  • Men over 18 need 56 grams of protein, and women over 18 need 46 grams.

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