Infographic: Heart Healthy Foods

  • Acorn squash is excellent source of vitamin A which prevents the oxidation of cholesterol. Good source of fiber and vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant.
  • Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats that actually protect the heart. Also a good source of fiber and antioxidants.
  • Asparagus are packed with fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, and potassium. Potassium plays a key part in regulating heart function and controlling blood pressure. Folic acid and vitamin C help prevent heart disease.
  • Avocado is heart health powerhouse, filled with fiber, B vitamins, vitamin C, good fats, and potassium.
  • Blueberries are pack a lot of antioxidant punch. Paired with fiber, these antioxidants help control cholesterol levels and keep plaque at bay.
  • Beans, black or kidney, are an excellent source of fiber, healthy fats, and B vitamins.
  • Broccoli contains sulforaphane, which triggers defense mechanisms that reduce inflammation and protect the arteries from damage and disease. Rich source of fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Contains co-enzyme Q10 which plays a crucial role in muscle health and strength, including the heart.
  • Brown rice is rich in fiber and powerful antioxidants. Also contains special compounds called lignans that fight heart disease.
  • Cantaloupe contains fiber, potassium, vitamic C, and vitamin A, all of which protect the heart.
  • Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A, preventing the oxidation of cholesterol. Also rich in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium.
  • Chia seeds have an abundance of healthy fat and fiber, along with healthy protein. Supplies all the heart healthy benefits of flax without the concerns surrounding phytoestrogens.
  • Dark chocolate contains compounds called flavonols, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Balances blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • Oatmeal is filled with fiber, potassium, and healthy fats, oeatmeal combats heart disease, lowers cholesterol, and brings down blood pressure. Also contains some unique and powerful antioxidants.
  • Oranges contain flavaones, powerful compounds that can drastically lower vad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels. Also rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and B vitamins.
  • Papaya is exceptionally ruch in vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, potassium, and fiber. They also have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Red bell pepper of any color contain large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C, but red bell peppers supply the most. Rich in B vitamins and contain some capsaicin that helps with blood flow and cholesterol.
  • Grapes contain a powerful antioxidant in their skins called resveratrol along with other antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. These improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and prevent plaque.
  • Spinach contains co-enzyme Q10, which supplies energy to muscle cells and may also lower cholesterol levels. Also rich in potassium for blood pressure, fiber to continue lowering cholesterol and remove toxins, folic acid, and many antioxidants.
  • Sweet potato is much better for you than their white counterparts, sweet potatoes contain potassium, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C.
  • Tomatoes contain lycoprine, the pigment that gives their bright red color, is mighty antioxidant that can lower cholesterol and protect the heart and arteries from free radical damage. Also rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium.
  • Walnuts, like almonds, are rich in monounstaturated fats that actually protect the heart and a good source of fiber and antioxidants.

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