Infographic: Targeting Children With Treats

  • American children spend 44.5 hours a week watching television and are exposed to up to 30,155 TV ads a year! 50% of these ads are for candy, snacks, sugary cereal and fast food, so it’s no surprise that Americans spend nearly $6.5 billion on holiday candy every year and 1/3 of American children are overweight or obese.
  • Daily media consumption: 4.5 hours in front of the TV, 1.5 hours on the computer, 2.5 hours listening to music, over 1 hour playing video games, 38 minutes reading.
  • American children now eat an average of 3 snacks a day between meals.
  • Amount spend on holiday candy each year in America: $1 billion Valentine’s Day, $1.4 billion Christmas, $1.9 billion Easter, $2 billion Halloween.
  • On average, teens eat 34 teaspoons of sugar every day.
  • 1 in 3 American children is overweight or obese. Childhood obesity has become parents’ No.1 health concern – ahead of smoking and drug abuse. They consider TV ads promoting junk food to be big part of the problem.
  • Youngsters who are already overweight are even more susceptible to junk food ads and will increase consumption by 134%.
  • $51 million is government spending on marketing healthy eating and exercise to kids.
  • The types of ads aimed at children under 12: 33% candy and snacks, 28% cereal, 10% fast food, 29% all the other.
  • $1.6 billion is food industry spending on ads promoting foods high in calories and low in nutrition to kids.
  • 50% of overweight children remain overweight as adults.

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