Is Venus Freeze Worth Your Time?

Is Venus Freeze Worth Your Time?
Is Venus Freeze Worth Your Time?

I am not going to lie, I am a sucker when it comes to the newest, most effective, best, highest rated etc. So, as soon as the woman who I entrust to do my facials every month has informed me that they are buying this new amazing $80,000 machine that is said to perform magic on your skin (and boy do I need some magic after having lost a lot of weight) I jumped right in. The fact that they were offering it to the existing customers with a 25% discount was just a cherry on top.

 So what is Venus Freeze?

Venus freeze is a non-invasive skin and cellulite treatment said to tighten and renew your skin. It has been featured on the popular TV show “The Doctors” and explains that by circular heat motion it promotes blood vessel and collagen growth. It claims that the effects are permanent but might require 8-10 sessions for it to show maximum results. Mind you, one appointment can run up to $150 per session and can add up to $1500 per area! One area amounts to a sheet of paper, and in my case that area was the inside of my thighs.

The day of the treatment I arrived not knowing what to expect. I had never even laid eyes on this so called “magic” machine. First thing the technician did was ask if she could take pictures of my problem areas (thighs). I agreed as long as it wouldn’t  be shared on Facebook with my name on it, lol. Once that was taken care of, I laid down on the table with bare legs and she started massaging my legs with a massager like looking attachment that heats up in the process. It was not very pleasant as they heat it pretty high, but hey magic was happening there. I did 8 sessions laying on the bed for 30 minutes at a time (15 minutes for each thigh). I really did not mind the process, and my technician was very friendly and our conversations ran smoothly.

After each session I was asked if I saw the difference. I said “not really” trying to not sound negative. She kept telling me that she could see “improvement on my skin’s elasticity”. Okay, I will go with that. So, once my 8th session was over I had to choose to continue or be happy (or in my case not happy) with the results? I honestly saw no results whatsoever, and even the before and after pictures she took of my thighs had not even slight evidence of change although he did point out a few areas that she though looked different.

 What Is The Verdict?

Venus Freeze really does nothing when it comes to cellulite reduction or removal. Cellulite is a very difficult problem to resolve or even just reduce. Skin enhancing procedures are mostly surgical and if there is any other procedures that can work for you it is best that you discuss it with your doctor before trying any new modern treatments.

After looking around online I have also found that Venus Freeze machines run for about $40,000. So, I might not be the only one who got scammed.

I have spoken to many ladies that have tried the Venus freeze technique and they all either had very similar results, which is none, or they noticed slight changes to the skin. A few of them did say they saw results but unfortunately they did not last long.

So, after looking into it more, my recommendation is keep your money or better yet invest it in a personal trainer who will show you how to decrease the appearance of cellulite and teach you what foods to eat to increase skin elasticity. Note: water is a key source for skin elasticity!


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