Isagenix Back Office Review

In this review I wanted to touch base on the back end system of Isagenix, and what it means to be a member of this company.

Isagenix is a large multi-level marketing health and nutrition company offering a variety of products and platforms to its customers and to Associates selling to those customers. They offer Associates a website called “Back Office” or “ABO” where you will log in with your first and last name—all lowercase—and password. It can be found on the main website,, and then in the right-hand corner, there is a tab which says “Associate’s Log In.” I want to highlight some of the most important functions of this website, and the most important tabs you might come across.

Most of the time independent Associates get access to this Back Office system and they can choose to grow their business right from this platform.

As an Associate, you can order products at wholesale cost (30-33 percent off retail) directly from Isagenix and resell them to your customers at retail. This enables you to earn 30-100 percent profit simply on product sold from your own inventory.

On this website you can manage auto-ship for your customers or yourself, follow your business volume (BV) points, and try to keep your BV number above 100 to apply for paid-for product and free shipping.

BV value is determined by the point value assigned to each Isagenix product available for purchase, based on its cost. For example, the 60-count Natural Accelerator is worth 20 BVs per unit purchased.

It is also recommended that you have your auto-ship dates, going out every 29 days or less, so you earn money off of your own orders as well as those of the members you might enroll. You can adjust the shipments and edit any auto-ship orders days before they ship out, in case additional or substituted products are needed.

Isagenix Back Office Log In

Once you are logged in and have checked out the auto-ship dates and your BV, you can edit your orders, adding or removing product as necessary. Each Isagenix Associate has their own website where they can manage product information, videos, and an overall story of what the Associate offers.

When you first log in, the left-hand side displays information about your account, like your rank, bonuses, and business volume numbers. This is extremely educational for someone looking to better understand what Isagenix is all about and how they can grow their own business. Under the “Resource” tab there are different challenges you can participate in; one of the most popular is the 16-week Transformation Challenge.

The Back Office system Isagenix offers also allows you to sign up for a Mind and Body Course. This course teaches you how to train your mind to make better choices so your body can reap the benefits too. This course costs $39.99, but if you complete it Isagenix will give you a $45.00 credit to purchase product, so it pays for itself. Most people who join Isagenix and go through this course recommend it, so don’t miss out.

So what does it mean to “get paid on yourself”? Because Isagenix pays every 30 days, by effectively managing your auto-ship orders—coming every 28-29 days—you can get paid on your own orders in addition to compensation for selling product to friends and family or enrolling a new Associate or Member.

Isagenix Back Office Order

Another important tab is the “Place Order” tab, which is different from the “Manage Autoship” tab. Most of the time your orders will auto-ship each month so you can count on having product when you need it. But there may be a few instances where you need a special same-day order, and the Place Order feature will allow you to order and receive product when you want it. Usually this option is for special seasonal items which cannot be added to your auto-ship orders because they are available for a limited number of weeks. This includes Pumpkin Spice products in the fall, and Pina Colada products in the spring and summer. You can also place one-off orders here, even if the item you want is not seasonal.

The “Team Tab” is important to help you grow your business by enrolling friends and family members. When you enroll new associates, they are added to your Placement Tree on a “team.” Then they order product and sign up associates to be added to their tree, and so on. You’ll keep adding new people to either of your two teams rather than making more. Likely you’ll have a “major” team and a “minor” team, depending on their sales volumes and sign-ups.

Isagenix Business Volume Points

When you accumulate 900 points in BV, and at least 300 of those points came from your minor volume sales team and 600 points came from your major volume sales team, you earn a Team Bonus. This is called a Cycle. Your sales teams can Cycle multiple times every day.

Each Cycle earns you $54.00 each month; the more Cycles you accumulate, the more residual income you will have coming each month from Isagenix, by signing people up and having them order.

When you log into your account there are two sides: Left and Right, or “major” and “minor” if you like. It is important to accumulate at least 600 BV points on the left side and at least 300 BV on the right side to create one Cycle. You can accumulate business volume by growing and maintaining your auto-ship numbers.

To wrap up, you can choose to simply be an Isagenix Associate who orders product for yourself on auto-ship each month to accumulate Business Volume points. Or you can set up a team of people who are also on auto-ship; this option offers potentially more income and the chance to move up in the rankings, if you want to make this more of a business for yourself. You have the power to manage your team, enroll in different challenges for personal gain, and see how much residual income you are making simply by enrolling new members who might be interested in growing a business, too. This website is a great tool once you decide to purchase Isagenix products, but it is not available to anyone before their first initial purchase.

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