Leptopril Review

Leptopril is a weight loss pill manufactured by Generix Laboratories, and the company is based out of Salt Lake City, UT. This diet pill has been on the market since 2010, and they are seen as an alternative diet prescription diet pills. This is just like your everyday run of the mill diet pill, with a crappy looking bottle. The ingredients for this diet pill are: Leptopril Proprietary Blend: (Green Coffee (Bean) SE (45% Chlorogenic Acids), Trimethylxanthine (i.e., Caffeine), Schizonepeta Tenuifolia (Spica) SE, Rhodiola Rosea (Herb), L-Alanine, L-Valine, L-Methionine, L-Cysteine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Glutamine, Green Tea (Leaf) SE, Forsythia Suspensa Vahl (Fruit) SE, Coleus Forskohlii (Root) SE. Other Ingredients May Include: Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, FD&C Blue No. 1, FD&C Red No. 40, Titanium Dioxide, Gelatin.

The actual supplement does not have a support number or website for that matter, and the product can be purchased on websites like Amazon.com or at Wal-Mart. The product is relatively cheap, only costing around $25.00 for 95 capsules. Generix Laboratories is registered with the Better Business Bureau, see it here.

Does Leptopril Work For Weight Loss?

This product had some people ringing its praises, but then it had more people saying it did not help them in their weight loss journey at all. This diet pill is just another manufactured munch of empty promises that get people into believing it may work for their weight loss and health. The second you stop taking these pills if you did have any success, is when the weight will come right back on. Just to see a few of the real customer testimonials look below:

Crystal W. * said, “Did not see any results from this product. I had high hopes based on the good reviews. I exercise regularly but needed something to boost my weight loss. I noticed a boost in energy to they point I wasn't sleeping at night. I started taking only one pill a day because of this. No change in appetite but I did change what I was eating and didn't lose one pound.” On the contrary she said that it changed her bowel habits and that made her feel very uncomfortable and that resulted in her not wanting to eat. Due to always feeling bloated, she wouldn't buy this product again.

Jeanie Uhlik* said, “This has NEVER happened to me before, when I take these I feel like I have sand behind my eyes and I keep falling asleep, it makes me the opposite of what it should. I gave it a week, then I even bumped it up to 2, but that made me even more sleepy. Has anyone EVER heard of this kind of “reverse” reaction??? It's going back, I am not a happy customer!!!” 

Angelia Olson* said, “My doctor told me I was 40lbs overweight-I decided to try this. I am 5'5″/187lbs. For the past 30 days I've taken between 3-4 pills as directed. On average exercise 5 days a week, eat 1200 or less calories daily,don't eat after 6pm, no bread, pasta or alcohol and on average I burn about 10,000 calories a week. Sadly, I've lost one pound.” She went onto say it just hasn't worked for her at all, and that she felt like the only thing that worked was her caffeine levels and her energy levels due to the supplements ingredients. She feels as if there is no magic pill that makes weight come off so that makes exercising a must do.

Is Leptopril Easy To Follow?

As instructed you are to take 2 pills with a large glass of water at lunch time, as well as two pills with dinner and a large glass of water. This is all you have to do, and as you can see it is not hard to follow. You are instructed not to exceed 4 pills per day, and there are warnings on the back of the bottle. I don’t know about you, but anything with warnings on the package can’t be good for your health and overall wellbeing. This is just another mediocre run of the mill diet package that does not have very many success stories behind it. It also is not backed by science, and customers are just taking the products word that it may help with weight loss, when all it really might do is help with side effects.

The companies basic write up of the products warns, “Limit the use of caffeine-containing medications, foods or beverages while taking this product because too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness and occasionally, rapid heart beat.” *


Leptopril is average at most, and many people are not losing weight with it. Sure, you will get a few fanatics or paid customers here and there but they are very hard to find with this weight loss product. As soon as you stop taking Leptopril, you will either feel better if they were making you sick or you will gain back any pounds you may have lost with Leptopril. There are no social media networks, as this diet pill Leptopril is made in a factory by the thousands. They do not care to create any kind of means for you and your support as a customer.

There is also no word about any money back guarantees, which I assume lies in the policy of the location in which you purchase Leptopril from. For a supply of 95 pills you will roughly pay $25.00 plus shipping and handling. This is not a steep price thank goodness, because the diet pill not very impressive. You truly are getting what you pay for in this circumstance, and that is a cheap diet pill that hasn't been proven for weight loss.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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