LookSlim 90 Diet Review

LookSlim 90 is a diet pill said to help you shed both water weight and fat weight, and the company Healthy Me Inc. manufactures the pills. As quoted from the website, LookSlim 90™ does not stimulate, starve or trick your body into weight loss. It simply helps to support the body and fuels the body's natural mechanism in burning off excess fats and sugars more efficiently.”* The company states that the pills are made with all natural ingredients, but fail to provide any insight to what is in their product minus raspberry ketones. On top of not providing the actual ingredient list, the company claims that the formula is backed by science but there is no proof anywhere on the website to back the claim. In the Q&A section, they also claim that this diet pill is purely a protein supplement and that if you have high blood pressure you should consult your physician first.*

diet pillWhen looking at their support channels, they offer a customer service number to call, which is: 866-566-5754. I primarily wanted to ask about their money back guarantee, because it was not mentioned on the website and they did not answer any of my phone calls.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On LookSlim 90?

The whole idea behind this diet pill is to reduce the amount of sugars that are being absorbed by the body, which therefore is supposed to dissolve fats. When you look at their disclaimers they tell the customer they cannot promise any weight loss, and they clearly do not offer any sort of money back guarantee. To add to the negatives, there are absolutely no customer voices anywhere outside of the website that suggests any sort of feedback to how the diet pill worked. We do know that because this product is said to be a protein supplement, one of the ingredients listed is collagen protein but they are very discrete about that information.

sugarDue to the lack of real customer reviews, and the weird disclaimers on the website telling the potential customer that the product won’t necessarily work for weight loss (even though they tell you on the front page it will) this is enough for me to say this pill just plain does not work for weight loss. Were there any side effects noted? Who knows, because no customers are saying a word about the LookSlim 90 diet pill.

Is LookSlim 90 Easy To Follow?

The instructions on the website: “Take two capsules with a glass of water between dinner and bedtime. Try to stop eating and drinking ( other than water) after you take the LookSlim90. This allows LookSlim90 to be absorbed and work for you more efficiently. LookSlim 90™ is a 90 day program, but you can remain on it for as long as you like. This is not a 30 day program, your body needs time to rebuild lean muscle, which in turn will burn your fat.”*

 Overall actually taking the pill is not hard work, but shelling out $50.00 for a one month’s supply of this unproven supplement is more than I want to stomach. Funding the product alone will be the hard work here, as the LookSlim 90 supplement is very expensive for what you are actually getting. As stated before, there is no science to back up claims that this formula is scientifically proven. It is easy to say, but when you can’t actually back up claims you are making it becomes a problem between the potential customer and the seller.

This company is a borderline fraud, and I would not trust the claims, or the product with my time or money.


shady business modelThere are so many holes within this business model regarding the LookSlim 90 diet pill. The company claims you have to take the pills for 90 days to see the product work effectively, so have fun paying another $100.00+ dollars for more bottles that are not really proven to work for weight loss. Another unsettling fact about this product is the no money back guarantee anywhere on the site. Even the worst diet pills have a money back guarantee somewhere (even if it is just for 30 days). Finally, there is no social media sites offered for a more in depth look on the product or to provide another channel of support for the paying customer. Overall, their lack of customer reviews, support channels, and unproven effective ingredients labels this diet pill as completely ineffective and a complete waste of time.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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