Miracle Burn 360 Review

Miracle Burn 360 is a diet pill that is manufactured out of New York, and it is made by Marine Supplements. This diet pill is said to be an all natural weight loss pill as well as a natural fat burner and appetite suppressor. For a one-month supply you will be spending $49.99 and that does not include shipping and handling, so this is quite a spend diet pill already. The company touts its money back guarantee as being 100% but keep in mind it is only effective for 30 days after purchase. When looking to get ahold of the company for further questions on their website, I was linked to a contact page where only e-mail was shown, and it is [email protected]. Miracle Burn 360 repeats itself by saying this is the best diet pill on the market, and the most effective one at that but are they telling the truth?

diet pillWhat Are The Ingredients?

The ingredient list is all natural, and there is nothing noted that can be harmful to the customer among consumption.

Green Tea, Medical Amylum, Mulberry Leaf, Citrus Aurantium Extract, Coicis Extract and Cassia Seed Extract.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight With Miracle Burn 360?

As with any diet pill it is always going to be a complete hit and miss as to whether the product actually works or not. Many folks were rather disappointed with the performance of the Miracle Burn 360 diet pill for many reasons. The price is rather steep for how small the bottle actually is when you receive it in the mail. Side effects have been major thirst, frequent urination, headaches, no weight loss, and a lighter wallet which are not the worst we have seen but there are definitely side effects. For all natural ingredients there are quite a few unwanted side effects that should not even be there in the first place. Let’s see what the customer’s had to say about the Miracle 360 diet pills, and their effectiveness.

shutterstock_572667094Had no results what so ever! My husband and I both purchased a bottle of this stuff and both are not at all impressed. We both eat smart, drink 0 sodas or sugar drinks and exercise daily & we both had little to no weight loss. I lost 0 my husband only lost 3 pounds the whole month and we figured that was from our diets and exercise.” Amazon Customer*

 “Miracle Burn 360 did not work for me and it made my face turn red. I eventually discovered that it was raising my blood pressure. Not sure which ingredient caused that but I'm scared of the side effects. I would not recommend this product.” Beth*

 “Ummm..for $50 I expected a MUCH bigger bottle. I'm still going to use the product, but if it doesn't work I'd like my money back. I'm not sure if I missed where it says it only has 30 capsules but had I seen it, I wouldn't have bought this. I'll change my review if I find that this is worth it.” Amanda*

 “This does not work whatsoever even if you double up. Don't waste your money.” Meme*

 Is Miracle Burn 360 Easy To Follow?

The diet pill as instructed on the website is meant to be taken with breakfast and an 8 oz. glass of water. There is no need to take more than one pill, and it is quoted from the website: “Miracle Burn 360 does not require consistent intake to ensure effective results. After three weeks of use Miracle Burn 360 can be taken every other day for effective results.”* So they do not require you take it every day if you do not want to, which labels this diet pill as extremely easy to take. There are no other instructions given to the user, and if they do not like the diet pill they have 30 days to return it for a full refund. The shelf life on this product is 2 years from the purchase date.* I couldn’t find a single article anywhere on the website that showed the customer why the certain formula was created, nor if there were any scientific articles written about the diet pill. This has me worried to say the least, as customers are blindly accepting the fact that the diet pill says it will work with nothing to really back it up with.

drinking waterThere is no nutritional program to go along with the Miracle Burn 360 diet pill, so they expect you to take the pill and just see weight come off with no other lifestyle changes. This may not be the most effective way to see weight come off, especially if you are not exercising.


While the company makes Miracle Burn 360 look like a magical weight loss pill, it truly does not do what it says it’s going to do for many customers, after looking through testimonials and the actual voices behind testing the product. With how expensive the product is, you would think their return policy would be stronger too, and it fails to meet a higher expectation. I was pleased to see they offered social media sites to the interested customer but to my dismay they have not been updated in years. This is no way to treat a customer, or potential customer as it shows that the company’s line of support is rather weak or even non-existent. It is all hyped up, yet the product does not deliver as it says it is going to deliver. I would not waste my time, efforts, or money on the Miracle Burn 360 diet pill because it will let you down in the weight loss area, and that is almost a guarantee!

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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