Secret Diet Drops Review

These mysterious secret diet drops were manufactured out of Scotland, and have been around since 2011. The supplements are meant to be coupled with an extremely low calorie diet, which has me wondering if the lack of calories is the only explanation for any weight loss that happens when taking these drops. This doesn’t surprise me, but there is absolutely no information as to why this product was created, and why it is meant to work. Overall this product is raising red flags immediately. This is not a sustainable diet product meant to help you lose weight and keep it off long term. If you are looking for a customer service number, you will not find one. This review is not to try and educate you on the product, but inform you about their legal mishaps in their recent past.

scotlandDo Dieters Lose Weight With Secret Diet Drops?

This company is under large investigation right now, because the owners duped tens of thousands of customers into thinking their drops actually work for weight loss, curing cancer, and would give them more energy.* Sisters and owners of The Secret Diet Drops are from Scotland and used an online service to lure in customers to believe that apple cider vinegar slows cancer cells and growth. The sisters then claimed that their words were lies, and that their drops were no good. This was after they claimed that their product would help with arthritis and break down fat too.*

scamThe claims are not backed up by any research, nor are they clinically proven. The sisters were selling the “Secret Diet Drops” for 35 British Pounds which is very expensive for liquid that may have cost them under 5 cents to create. They cashed in over two million dollars in their scheme, and later got busted on criminal accounts. To read the article published in March of 2016 click here.*


confusingBe very careful when looking into diet companies, and do your research on the clinical testing behind the ingredients and claims. A good company will provide you this information whereas a faulty one such as The Secret Diet Drops will leave you with many holes and question marks. A name such as this one is very skeptical too, so listen to your gut when looking into diet programs. In conclusion to the sister’s story, they barely skipped out of jail and were given 180 hours of unpaid work as well as took a large fine of 9,000 British Pounds to the company.* This doesn’t seem like much, but their name and credibility is now completely shot which sank their company inevitably. This is not a viable diet company, and you should not put your weight loss goals in the hands of this unstable company.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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