Sletrokor Review

Sletrokor is a new all-natural weight loss pill that's supposed to help you slim down, suppress the appetite, lower blood pressure, and even boost your immune system. This product has a serious pedigree, since it's made by the people behind 18Shake, one of the highest-quality meal replacement shakes on the market. Recently one of the ingredients in Sletrokor, garcinia cambogia, has gotten a lot of hype for its hunger-reducing qualities, helping people to lose weight by helping them avoid snacking. Interest in supplements containing this ingredient has led people to start wondering which products are better than others. Since there are plenty of other pills containing garcinia cambogia, you might be wondering how Sletrokor measures up. To answer that, we're going to take a look inside Sletrokor and see for ourselves.

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Sletrokor Ingredients

As we mentioned above, garcinia cambogia (also called Malabar tamarind) is one of the primary ingredients in this supplement. This extract contains hydroxycitric acid, which has been shown in lab tests to suppress appetite and reduce fat accumulation.

Sletrokor also contains a number of other ingredients, including aloe vera (thought to be able to increase your metabolic rate), cascara sagrada (a natural laxative that can help keep you regular), and gymnema sylvestre, which has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels.

This product contains 30 pills in each bottle. The recommended dosage is two pills each day, taken with an 8-ounce glass of water.

How Does Sletrokor Work?

The great thing about Sletrokor is that it's easy to use: simply take it twice a day with water, and you should begin to see the benefits in a matter of days. According to the main website, Sletrokor is supposed to have a number of benefits that don't just include weight loss. They include regulating cholesterol, triggering a boost in serotonin, suppressing hunger, promoting an active metabolism, maintaining healthy blood pressure, boosting your immune function, and reducing your body's leptin ratio.

Sletrokor is easy to use, but it's not a “miracle pill.” If you expect to get the best results from using it, make sure you implement healthy changes to your lifestyle, which include eating healthy and getting proper exercise.

Users who are taking medication for high blood pressure are encouraged to check with a doctor or other medical professional before taking this pill, since it can block the effects of some medications due to the amount of calcium and potassium.

The Bottom Line: Sletrokor is straightforward and easy to use. Users just take two pills each day with a glass of water, and that's it.

Is Sletrokor Safe?

As with all supplements, if you are currently taking any sort of medications, you should check with a medical professional before using a nutritional supplement. Aside from that, there are no known dangerous associated with using this product. That said, there is one notable potential side effect from this product, and that's from the cascara sagrada, whose laxative effects require no further explanation.

Aside from that, there are no side effects like those you'll get from other products, which can include anxiety, insomnia, and stomach pain.

The Bottom Line: Sletrokor is safe for most people. Those taking medication should speak to a doctor before taking it, and people should also be aware that one of the ingredients in this product has laxative effects which should be taken into consideration.

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Pros and Cons of Sletrokor

As far as pros are concerned, there are several: not only is this pill easy to use, but it contains a short list of natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Unlike other diet pills there are no stimulants in Sletrokor, meaning you're avoiding the side effects those can cause. While dietary supplements work differently for different people, the fewer ingredients there are, the fewer chances that it will cause side effects in most people. In addition, the product comes with a solid money-back guarantee, which ensures that customers have some recourse if the supplement doesn't work for them.

The biggest con for this product is the price. One bottle – which contains a two-week supply – costs about $54.00. For most people that's just too much money to pay, especially if they want to use a product long-term. However, many people are willing to spend a bit more for quality ingredients. The packaging also doesn't offer any broader health and weight loss advice, but most diet pills don't come with general dietary advice, making this criticism minor.

The Bottom Line: While there are pros and cons, the cons are pretty minor when all's said and done.


While this diet pill is a little pricier than others, we still think it's a solid choice. Not only is it easy to use and comes with natural, well-tested ingredients, but promises almost no side effects.

Here's the big question though: does it really make you lose weight? That will depend on the person. As we said before, it's not a magic bullet for slimming you down – instead, it's meant to be used as a part of a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating a clean, nutritious diet and getting a good amount of exercise.

Other garcinia cambogia pills can have hidden ingredients, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or come with substantial side effects. Sletrokor, on the other hand, has none of those, and can rightly be said to be one of the most compelling diet pills on the market.

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