SlimFit 180 Diet Pill Review

SlimFit 180 Review


Natural ingredients

Energy booster

Appetite Suppressant

Fat Burner


No ingredient information on site

Take up to 5 supplements per day

Unprofessional site

Very expensive

What is SLIMFIT 180

SlimFit 180 is a food supplement. Their idea is that you turn your life around 180 degrees with their supplement bundles.

The 5 products in the bundle are:

  • Maximum strength hoodia gordonii
  • Maximum strength green coffee
  • Keto blend
  • Energy blend
  • Stress & Anxiety blend

You can buy 3 bottles that cost $144 or 5 bottles for $180 from the SlimFit 180 site. There is no information as to which 3 bottles you get with the 3 bottle bundle. In fact, there is limited information on this tiny site.

The tiny site looks like it has been put together with the barest of expense and it shows. It’s poorly and basically conceived. And they appear to have hired a low paid freelancer of limited skills and motivation to execute their plans.

Science (Or Lack Of) and How Does SLIMFIT 180 Work?

Since SlimFit 180 think YOU the consumer deserve NO information about ingredients that you put in your body.

Which makes reviewing this cowboy brand virtually impossible. I wouldn’t have the first clue as to how a bottle that says “Keto, Energy Boost or Stress & Anxiety” on the bottle, works.

So, I will try with the two bottles we have some clues about. That’s the green coffee extract and hoodia gordonii.

If you’ve been on the diet trail for as long as me, you’ll remember that hoodia gordonii was somewhat of a craze many years ago. I can remember calling around trying to get my supply of this precious herb.

But here’s the thing. Even back then, the whole discussion around hoodia gordonii was about getting good quality and high strength ingredient. So, for $36 or $48 how much hoodia is in Slim Fit 180? Well, I couldn’t tell you.

And the hoodia gordonii product probably isn’t pure. It says that the ingredients support increased metabolism. However, Hoodia was hailed for its appetite suppressant, not fat burning properties. So, who knows with this product?

That’s aside from hoodia never delivering on the hype back in the early Millenial. Sadly, while I was desperate for hoodia to be that natural miracle appetite suppressant that could do you no harm. It’s not really. The truth is that a study may have shown a reduction in appetite in rats and chickens associated with the brain not the stomach.

However, the researcher noted back in 2004 that he wasn’t confident the same mechanism would be effective in humans. There have been no human studies documented that have proved hoodia’s effectiveness.

The green coffee supplement has probably the most detail of any of the supplements on the site. It’s described as:

“This unique blend of chlorogenic acids’ and coffees works to “block” and prevent fat storage;

without compromising nutrient absorption by the body.”

Well, that’s actually correct. It’s one of the few diet ingredients that does have studies to back up its effectiveness. But once again there is no detail of the amount in the product so its impossible to assess whether the product has a useful amount.

Bottom Line

Now the SlimFit product was previously marketed in a 12-month package. That was a 12-month supply of The Hoodia Gordonia product, a plant-based cookery book, weekly exercise and meal planning guides, a fitness video series, and apparently access to the “company’s on-staff team of professional nutritionists and trainers.” Although I would wager there was never a team available.

It would appear the previous marketing strategy of asking for $400 or $57 every month wasn’t working. So, what did Slim Fit do? Give other options than the 12-month package? Lower the price?

Er no, they thought they’d ask for $144 -$180 per month from you, instead.

Now usually I say you can check out a product by reading genuine customer reviews. But when I said that, it was based on the product displaying their ingredients. I thought that was a given. I was wrong.

Are there really people out there that would spend nearly 150 bucks on a lucky dip of supplements? You get three out of the five. And even then, who knows what on earth is in the KETO, STRESS & ANXIETY or ENERGY blend?

Not least the fact that’s assuming you’re happy to hand over 50 bucks for hoodia gordonii of no specific strength. You are always looking for a clearly labeled amount of hoodia that you are buying and taking. Look for an amount of 250mg of hoodia gordonii or higher per capsule. Any marginally respectable supplier will give you that very basic information. You can get hoodia for around $15-20 per month.

The same applies to green coffee bean extract. This is a proven effective fat burner so makes a good choice for dieters. If you like this ingredient check out the best supplier and look for a daily dosage of 800mg per day or more. The market price for this ingredient is around $10-$15 per month.


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