Stop & Drop Diet Review

The Stop & Drop Diet book was written by Liz Vaccariello, and was released to the public in December 2015. The idea behind the book is that healthy simple meals do not have to be time consuming and hard to prepare. Liz provides a series of quick on-the-go meals for you to indulge in, no matter how busy your life becomes. She educates the readers on everyday food items that are killing your waistline goals, as well as alternative options that may be as simple as the changing of a brand. Another tool she teaches in the book is how to eat out without ruining your healthy eating routine, as many people struggle with this. Lastly, the book prides itself on featuring over 500 photographs of foods both good and bad to give readers a visual of what they need to be eating or staying away from.

waistlineThere is no means of support for the reader except when going through the main publisher’s page, which is confusing and cluttered with hundreds of books they have produced. The publisher, Simon & Schuster, is accredited on the Better Business Bureau website (see it here).

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Stop & Drop Diet?

Many dieters stated that they liked the book, however it was wordy at times. After finishing the book, roughly half of them even applied in the information from the book, which was rather surprising. The goal to losing weight with a book like this is to try to diet as you read, and not wait until you have read the entire thing to get an idea of how to start. Others found the book overwhelming, and said it did not help them whatsoever in their weight loss journey. This book has gotten many poor ratings from the customers who have purchased the book, as many of the foods are frozen and fast food choices.

overwhelming bookMainreader* said, “First, let me state that I have never before returned a book. I returned this book. If it were possible to give the book less than 1 star, I would do it. I was totally appalled at the preponderance of processed, frozen, and fast foods that make up the bulk of this “diet.” For anyone who is trying to eat clean and avoid processed and fast foods, this certainly is not the book for you.” She continued by saying the photos in the book look really good, but the recipes were not good at all. The ingredients are going to be hard to find if you live in a rural area, which will make going through the diet almost undoable. She would not recommend this book to her fellow readers sadly, based off of her own experience.

Esbee* said, “I found this at our local library and was so horrified to read this I had to write a review – at least the time spent reading would have some value if it stopped others from wasting theirs. The book aims to promote specific processed food, frozen foods and fast food brands in the guise of a diet book. The only way folks would lose weight and get ‘healthier' than before the diet (please note, I am not saying ‘healthy') is if they currently eating junk all the time and are extremely overweight. Of course then, following ANY calorie-cut plan would work.” She just didn't feel like this diet promoted healthy eating choices at all, which made her very upset. She also said there are so many amazing books to read in the health and nutritional category so it is best not to waste your time reading this book.

Is The Stop & Drop Diet Book Easy To Follow?

It was a rather wordy read, which made it hard for people to digest and apply the information given to them. Also, this book is made for people who are eating out a lot versus eating at home. In the third section of the book, Liz talks about all of the different alternatives to restaurants and their meal choices, but doesn’t give that many ideas on what to make for dinners at home.

It is almost as if she is promoting certain fast food meal options as well as frozen food meal options. More or less, readers wanted more recipes for dinners in their homes versus eating out. For those of you who like to eat packaged and pre-made foods, this diet book may be more liked by you, versus many dieters who do not. There is absolutely no scientific evidence portrayed in this diet book as to why it will work for weight loss.*


This diet book did not get stellar reviews, and this mainly has to do with the fact that she targets only one set of people. You will spend roughly $20.00 for this diet book, and it is up to you what you get out of it and apply when it is all said and done. Not everyone eats out daily and enjoys packaged food options, especially when trying to lose weight. This is most definitely not going to be a long-term solution to your weight loss goals, as many of the food options she suggests are not all that healthy for you in the long run.

packaged foodIt is almost like putting a Band-Aid over a gaping wound that needs real attention. While the book itself doesn’t have social media networks, the publisher does indeed have a following and activity on their networks. The Stop and Drop Diet book does bring out good points when eating out, however, a dieter’s main focus should be learning to prepare healthy meals for themselves and their families long term in the comfort of their own home.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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