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The Sugar Busters Diet is from a book by the same name that was originally self-published but has since gone on to sell millions of copies. The entire idea behind the Sugar Busters Diet is to cut out sugars in all forms, but with an emphasis on refined sugars.

This is not too dissimilar to that of a diet that consists of following the Glycemic Index, though the Sugar Busters Diet is more cut and dry. With the Sugar Busters Diet all refined sugars are on the do not consume list. This includes anything with corn syrup, anything with molasses, all beer, all regular sodas, anything with dextrose, anything with glucose, and even regular honey. The Sugar Busters Diet goes on to ban other carbohydrate producing foods such as carrots, white rice, potatoes, corn, and anything with refined flour.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Sugar Busters Diet?

The short-term prospect for losing weight on the Sugar Busters Diet is excellent. This is due primarily to cutting out all sugars in your diet. The average caloric intake while on the Sugar Busters Diet is about 1,200 per day so when compared to a normal diet that might be double or triple that, it’s easy to see that weight loss can be expected.

However, such a diet will have you hit a plateau if additional changes aren’t made. Once your body gets used to eating the reduced calories and you lose the initial weight, keeping it off and/or losing more will require you to stay vigilant as to what you eat at all times and might require you to incorporate some exercise as well.

Is the Sugar Busters Diet Easy to Follow?

If you like to have even the occasional snack or have a beer or two after work, then the Sugar Busters Diet will not be easy for you to follow. With all sugars being cut out that means many of your favorite foods and beverages will no longer be allowed. This will create cravings like no other and unless your will is strong it will likely lead to you falling off the diet.

In addition, if you like to go out to eat often, this diet will prove to be a challenge. Most restaurants use at least one of the outlawed ingredients with each meal so finding something you can have will likely be taxing.


The Sugar Busters Diet book costs $24.99, but what is it really teaching you? Basically it is going to tell you that cutting out all sugars and eating less food will help you lose weight. That seems like general information and even if you do lose weight with the Sugar Busters Diet that weight loss might be short-lived as the diet is one that is extremely hard to follow, especially for the long-term.

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