The 90-Day Diet Review

The 90-Day Diet was founded by Pat Sutton, and the platform for the diet is free of charge. The diet obviously lasts for 90 days per its name, and its first foundational concept is based off the fact that humans are not able to digest more than one food group at a time. If you eat meat, you don’t necessarily need to pair it with potatoes and vegetables and so on. It is not advised to mix fruits and veggies together either, as the foods groups are seen to conflict with one another. Each day you will consume a different food group, and you will hopefully continue those eating habits once the 90 days is through. Part of this diet teaches the customer how to continue healthy practices even once the diet is complete. The model for the food intake however is quite confusing, and sets the dieter up for quite the stomachache if you ask me!

food groupsWhen looking into their contact page, there was no information on how to contact the company whatsoever. The website is very cheap and plain looking with no customer voices or testimonials anywhere. They offer a “food combining chart” on the website, so take a look here if you are interested. Other than that, you are on your own trying to navigate the deep and dark waters of the 90-Day Diet.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The 90-Day Diet?

There were absolutely no customer voices on the website anywhere, nor was there any clinical research done to prove why eating one category of food per day (no matter the food) would help you to lose weight.* One of the days is a carbohydrate day loaded with cakes, pastas, and candy. Does this sound like a set up for weight loss and improving health and wellness to you? It sounds like a stomachache day to me, especially if you are trying to clean up your diet and eat a little healthier. It is stated that a dieter can and will lose weight on the diet, but it does not really give you a good timeline for that. The program is also free of charge, but Pat endorses several other companies on her website such as cookbooks with sugar free desserts, and training systems for sale on accessible links.

carbohydrateIs The 90-Day Diet Easy To Follow?

The days are going to look like this in regards to your daily food intake:

Day 1: All Foods Containing Protein (Meat, Eggs, Dairy Products, Soy Products). You are allowed some non starchy veggies this day, as well as a piece or two of whole wheat bread.

Day 2: Legumes and Pulses ( Potatoes, Rice, Soy Beans, Corn, Peas, Lentils) You are allowed some fruit at breakfast.

Day 3: Carbs Sweet Or Salty (Cakes, Chocolate, Pizza, Pasta, and Pastries)

Day 4: Fruits (All fruits, and you can couple in seeds and nuts if you need more calories).

Day 5: There is supposedly an only water day, but it does not emphasize much about it on the diet’s website.

confusing dietThere is a general idea of how to follow the diet, but it is very hands off and on your own. This kind of diet is free which means there is going to be no support and no accountability when going through the program. The overall idea and proof of concept behind this diet is rather confusing, which does not help when starting to try and change your lifestyle. It has to make sense, which this diet does not really do. It is more a guidance of a diet that could be good, versus an actual set in stone program for the dieter to follow and be successful on.


It is best to skip looking any further into the 90-Day Diet if you are looking for a real diet program, as the concept itself does not really have the dieter’s best needs in mind. I think this is one of the laziest, least thought out diets on the market today, due to its confusing layout and lack of customer support anywhere. It does not offer any real insight to why their method may work for weight loss, nor do they push to help someone get started. The foods that are allowed are rather mind boggling in the diet world, and the items marketed on the website are questionable. Overall this product is pretty low on the diet list when it comes to being successful, and it is merely an after thought when it comes to actual customer success.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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