The Microbiome Diet Review

The Microbiome Diet was written by Dr. Raphael Kellman, and it was published in June of 2015. On the front cover of the book it states that this book is “ the scientifically proven way to restore your gut health.”* For those of you who are not aware of what a microbiome is, it is simply the counterpart to all of the genes in the human body. It is all of your genes, which include each and every microbial species found in your body. Now that we have that covered, in this specific book there are supposedly over 50 recipes given that will aid in gut health, which in turn will result in weight loss. There are two kinds of audiences who are attracted to this book, the dieters and the people seeking gut health who have had problems in the past. Who does this book cater and speak to the most? The dieters, and this has the other people rather annoyed when going through the book.

The book itself does not have a support line, but Dr. Kellman has a website that links to setting up actual appointments for a variety of health issues such as: gastrointestinal disorders, lyme disease, autoimmune disorders, thyroid health, neurological conditions, autism, fibromyalgia, and cancer. As you can see these are not simple conditions, but rather serious ones at that. They are located in New York, New York and their phone number is 212-717-1118.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Microbiome Diet?

As stated above, there are two audiences who are attracted to this book, and the people who are seeking weight loss may find this book a little on the scientific trial and error side of things, even though it does cater to dieters with the foods and menus in many different ways. There was a mix of customers saying they lost weight when reading the book, and then others who said they felt side effects like upset stomach, reflux, and burning sensations when eating the meals recommended. This already does not sound like a dieters dream book. Let’s take a look at what the customer’s have said:

“Minor nitpick #1: Kellman spends a couple paragraphs dismissing all of the paleo style diets … and then proceeds to outline a three week paleo meal plan …” Edward Miles Stapleton* also said, “Minor nitpick #2: for a book talking about how to reset and heal your microbiome, Kellman makes no mention of all the advantages of resistant starch.” He also went onto say that the repetitive nature of the actual reviews are more distracting than helpful and that they would work better as sidebars. He felt like all of the useful information would just get buried under repeated and useless information, which was very frustrating to read. Overall, he just felt like the book would be a lot better if the author just cut the book entirely in half and left the rest of the babble out.

“It takes so much time to prepare all of the meals. I eat extremely healthy: very little processed food, no dairy, gluten, soy, and minimal sugar already but this diet is still time consuming and costly. I could not maintain this way of eating if I had a demanding job.” Amanda Bentley*also went onto say, “This diet is also extremely expensive! Do not try it on a whim to lose weight. You definitely want to do outside research before committing. I am taking the minimum supplements and it costs me about $220 a month, not to mention a huge grocery bill to add in all the extra prebiotic veggies and because I'm eating more than normal. For me, it is worth the cost because I have tried so many other things.” Amanda also whistled the same tune as Richard and said that the book is very redundant and actually contradicts itself often which was unsettling when trying to get the readers trust. She also didn't feel like the author went into great detail on which foods were allowed, so it left her guessing about many foods in the end.

 Is The Microbiome Diet Easy To Follow?

This book is based off of many different studies done on both humans, and rats (yuck!). With that being said, this book is not going to be the easiest read, as you will be middling through many different testimonials that may get redundant as well as read about the studies done to get the information presented in the book. Many times, diet books will not tell you how they got their formulas, and ideas so this is a step in the right direction on that front. One of the downs with this particular book, is all of the supplements you must purchase (9 to be exact) and they are not always easy on the stomach when you first try them out. There is a lack of protein, and a lot of veggies, which also could be hard to follow for some. This program finally has been said to be really expensive, for example one person alone commented that they are paying $220.00 per month on groceries for just themselves. This book doesn’t lack any scientific evidence, but it may bring on side effects and a lighter wallet (not necessarily a smaller waistline).


This book by no means is a scam, or a waste of time to read but it is not for everyone. There are studies on studies, and testimonials to make you want to scream. There are lists of foods you may not have heard of before, as well as a laundry list of supplements you must take for gut heath. Dr. Kellman promotes himself and his clinic on social media, and his book is just a way to get his information all in one place. There are not too many followers within these social media channels, but there are useful pieces of information being posted daily. When it is all said and done, this is not a cheap “diet” plan to be on, and it will take both time and patience alongside of money. There are three phases in the diet book, which take you though a gut-cleansing journey, but be mindful that these phases have not been wired around weight loss alone.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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