Why Learning How to Swim Can Safe a Life

The ability to swim is a vital skill for a person at any age but learning how to swim at an early age can have some advantages. Being able to swim can save a person’s life. There are many accidents and deaths in the water due to people not knowing how to swim or how swim well.

Swimming is also an excellent way to build strength and increase bodies ability to resist low temperatures, colds, and other environmental factors.

Swimming in the water helps your body to regulate it’s temperature and adjust to temperature changes which then helps your body to adjust to weather changes too.

It is important to learn how swim right because that way you are using all body strength evenly and correctly. Swimming lessons are especially useful for children and teenagers , as promote the development of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, which in turn causes the growth and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system of the child. Fast movements of the legs help to not only strengthen all muscle groups but also the developing feet of the child.

Swimming – is a cardio form of exercise that causes an increase in the blood of children and adolescents growth hormone – growth hormone – 10-20 times . This contributes to longer and leaner body, increase not only muscle mass but also the mass of heart and even lungs .

Swimming lessons and exercise improve endurance, strength , speed , joint mobility  and even coordination. The exercises in the water not only strengthens the muscles of the arms and legs , but also the core muscles , which is especially important when formatting correct posture in children and adolescents .

Through symmetrical movements and horizontal position of the body, the pressure is taken of the spine and swimming can correct the posture and even prevent scoliosis.

Swimming and diving  are like no other kind of exercise which also teaches how to breath right.  It is not easy to swim and also hold your breath. It teaches when and how much air to breath in and when and how to breath out.

Swimming also increases metabolism allowing your body to burn about 100 calories for every 15 minutes spent in the water with a temperature of around 75F.

Swimming on the regular basis also has a calming effect on the nervous system of the child and adult, improving emotional stability  and helping to have a more restful sleep. Swimming as a sport is also great because it completely eliminates injuries of the musculoskeletal system , concussions , fractures and others.

To be successful in teaching your kids how to swim follow these few rules:

Never force a child to enter the cold water, submerge his head against his will or intimidate them.  First have a conversation and talk about the methods you will use outside of the water, when they feel comfortable with you and maybe other kids they will slowly get the courage to enter the water themselves. Make sure to praise a child on how well he does even if he only has small success like entering the water or just simply listening to the instructor.

Human beings are the only creatures on earth that are born not knowing how to swim. 20% of water related deaths are children. There are so many activities that children do on regular basis that are water related : swimming pools, vacations on the beach, walks by the river, water sports etc.  We can prevent horrific accidents by teaching our kids how to swim while they are small.