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The 21-Day Fix program is produced by Beachbody, and combines a workout routine and a nutrition plan to help someone lose their desired weight. The company has been in business since 1998. They are based out of Southern California, and the owners and co-founders are Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. The name 21-Day Fix can be somewhat tricky, as nothing is fixed in 21 days when it comes to your health and weight loss. Sure, you can form a habit in three weeks’ time, but by no means does this guarantee you will be fixed for life. Just be cautious of putting all of your eggs in one basket due to the name. Their support line number is 1-800-518-6818. There are so many different outlets and customer service reps to talk to, you may be on the phone awhile but overall their customer service was pleasant. Be sure to know that you will be automatically signed up for autoship programs so cancel if you need to.

Their motto is simple: Simple Fitness, Simple Eating, and Fast Results.* Seems simple enough right? But what does it entail exactly? The program makes a strong point to mention that you are not partaking in a “diet program,” rather a nutrition program meant to better your overall health. Be mindful that when you are going through the checkout, you will be asked to buy “more” which is where they make their money.* From multi-vitamins and Shakeology subscriptions, to Beachbody club memberships, keep in mind these are auto shipped and you will be billed every month until you cancel (even past your 21-day fix).*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Beachbody 21-Day Fix?

There have been success stories from people, but again this program is not for everyone, as there have been negative stories as well. Some of the shakes from Shakeology that Beachbody produces do not taste the best, but again some seem to like them and these are required daily. It is a rigorous three-week program that will demand willpower as tough as steel to get through with producing actual results. There has been success, however, you must be able to get past some of the obvious hurdles. As stated there has been some weight lost, but it will not be the same for every individual. Most times going through a program like this alone will be challenging as there are many advertisements and upsell opportunities coming your way.

I like the work out for the most part. I HATE all the advertisements that are on the CD. I feel like the price that I paid for the CD, it should be just exercises, that I paid to work out with, not promotional ads for other types of exercise programs. Sunshine

“This program requires you to portion all of your food using color coded containers and work out 7 days a week for 30 minutes a day. So, does it work? Yes and no. It really depends on your goals and your starting point. Are you looking to lose weight? You will most likely do that. Are you looking to develop good eating and exercise habits that will last you a lifetime? That might happen.” Erik Faust


Is The Beachbody 21-Day Fix Easy to Follow?

Beachbody tries to make this program look as easy as possible on the website, but in all reality, it is going to overtake your life (social included). You are constantly portioning food, trying to figure out your new workouts, and all the while, adjusting to this major change in your diet. I would not call this program easy to follow at all when you look at the small details that will give you success while participating. After all the Luna bars you will be consuming, you will be excited to put them away for a while when the three weeks is over. Eating out is a chore and should only be done in moderation while going through this three-week process. The idea, once you’re done with the 21 days, is to implement this into your life moving forward, but many people have said it is not very realistic long term. Take the good from it and realistically implement parts of it into your daily life.


There is a 30-day refund policy. This program, in a nutshell, is a few workouts (which you can get anywhere really), portion + color-coded containers, a shaker cup, an eating plan (which may not be conducive to people with food allergies), and online support (which is really just customer support from* The idea behind it has no bad intentions, but it is extremely rigorous to follow long term. Beachbody, as a whole company, has been known to produce very intense workout programs and series for its followers, so this program’s overall “toughness” does not surprise me. It will take a lot of self-control and time out of your day to follow it strictly.

Many times, the meal plans are not going to cut it for your taste preferences (Example: Fish of any kind makes me sick, so I have to really get creative on my own to keep things fresh and new). It seems like an organized system, but it also seems expensive, rigorous, and unrealistic for many of us out there. What confuses me a little bit is the fact that they don’t want to be called a diet, but they market the weight loss aspect of the program all over the website. Do with it what you will, but this program seems a little expensive and overzealous for what it is actually going to give you long term.*

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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  • cyndi

    This totally worked for me. I didn’t find it expensive at all- I just followed the ratios and measured my food, I ate what I wanted, just did it in the proper portions. The exercise was tough but got easier. I didn’t feel like it was a diet- felt more of a lifestyle change. The results were great as promised!

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