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Atkins Diet

The low-carbohydrate diet has been around since the mid-18th century, when it was literally the only treatment available for diabetes (insulin wasn’t discovered until 1922). [1]

It was introduced for weight loss in 1862—the story of William Banting is well worth a glance. [2]

But no plan brought

Shred: The Revolutionary Diet is the creation of Dr. Ian K. Smith, and it deals with confusing the metabolism with diet. According to Dr. Smith, by confusing the metabolism with what is being ingested, it never has the chance to slow down and that allows dieters to lose vast amounts of […]

Scarsdale Diet

Like so many diets that are out on the market today, the Scarsdale Diet was started by a doctor for his patients and then made the program into a book and sold it globally. The doctor responsible for the Scarsdale Diet is Herman Tarnower. Dr. Tarnower uses a blend […]

Slimgenics is essentially Slim4Life 2.0. The website’s different, the specific weight loss programs differ slightly, but the underlying modus operandi is the same: Slimgenics' costs are exorbitant. It’s a wildly overpriced weight loss program that hustles customers to pay far too much money for nutritional advice provided by counselors, staffers without […]

Ideal Boost Drink Mix

Ideal Boost is a weight loss product manufactured by the company Ideal Shape. It is a drink mix that is touted to be low in calories. Ideal Boost is said to help the dieter block hunger cravings throughout the day. Sugary drinks of many types such […]

Around for almost 40 years, Slim4Life provides nutritional advice, Slim4Life Review

a diet plan and numerous required supplements and other products

as part of its weight loss program. What exactly is the Slim4Life Diet and what does it claim beyond, you know, being slim for life? […]

Lindora Weight Loss Clinic 

Marshall Stamper founded the Lindora Clinic in 1971, and the company is based out of Newport Lindora Diet ReviewBeach, California. They are a clinic overall, not merely a diet pill website. With all of the sincerity the website offers to […]

TLC Diet Analyzed

The TLC Diet is a diet that was designed to help people with high cholesterol lower their levels significantly in just six weeks.* TLC stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, however I don't know how therapeutic it will be to change over your eating habits […]

Mayo Clinic Diet

The program is essentially a weight loss and diet program created by experts to help one maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle long term. They use the healthy weight pyramid as a guide for what you can and cannot eat. This program aims to teach the individual how […]

Seattle Sutton

“Seattle Sutton” herself founded the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating Diet in 1985. The headquarters is based out of Ottawa, Illinois but they also have offices in New Hope, Minnesota as well. This program is a meal delivery service, and the customer will not need to set foot in their […]

Is 18Shake As Luxury As It Seems?

18 Shake is a self-described “luxury meal replacement shake” that's made from all-natural ingredients. The company behind it, 18 Nutrition, has been big on selling this shake as being the healthiest, most natural diet shake out there. It's supposed contain only high-quality ingredients, and […]

Bistro MD Worth A Try?

Bistro MD is a food delivery company that delivers what they call “doctor approved” meals right to your doorstep. Each meal is portion controlled and a full day of eating consists of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Calories are also controlled to be around 1,200 for women […]

Is Wonderslim is as Wonderful As It Sounds?

WonderSlim has been around since 2001, and they are located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Their  products are ones that are sold exclusively online and are meant to help men and women lose weight. This is done by way of meal replacements in a […]

Ideal Protein

What Is Ideal Protein, A Legitimate Diet Program?

Developed by a Parisian physician Tran Tien Chanh who in his findings claimed that a standard North American diet causes pancreas to overproduce insulin leading to enhanced sugar cravings and therefore weight gain. If A plus B equals C, finding the solution […]

Dash Diet

More than 1 million people on the planet have hypertension—high blood pressure. Arguably the best diet to control high blood pressure is the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet plan. You will likely lose weight on it as well, though weight loss isn’t the intention; it’s the bonus. […]

Isagenix Diet

Isagenix is an MLM company that sells various dietary supplements and personal care products. In a MLM (sometimes called a pyramid because of the multi-tiered direct selling approach) the compensation is far higher at the top then at the bottom rung. This is especially the case in the very […]

Super Shred Diet

The Super Shred Diet was written by Dr. Ian Smith and was released to the public in December of 2013. The program consists of four weeklong cycles and it is said to be conducive to following at home, on the road, or even at work. In the first […]

Danette May Fitness Program

“Eat, Drink, Shrink.”

I have to admit, I think that’s a pretty clever title for a weight-loss book. So right off the bat, Danette May gets big ups from me for that. And if it works, well, even better.  

But before we begin to learn more about Danette May and her popular weight-loss […]

PS1000 Diet Program

It might seem surprising to see such raving reviews for a diet you may or may not have heard of before. It really shouldn’t matter if celebrities who get paid to do so, or real people who actually use the product, endorse a diet. What matters is […]

Trim Down Club

The Trim Down Club (TDC) is an online diet program started in 2012 to help club members lose weight by making their own healthy meals for their entire family to enjoy. The company markets easy access to the program, helping to build you a personalized […]


Medifast is a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (cost 9/15/17 5 pm EDT per share is $56.48) worth $285 million, give or take. Forbes magazine named it a fastest growing company on its 30th anniversary in 2010 and on its list of “America’s 100 […]

Body For Life For Women

Body for Life for Women was created by Dr. Pam Peeke, and was designed to help women lose weight without losing energy. Dr. Peeke says that this revolutionary system will teach women how to eat better and also show them how the right kind of exercising […]

Ketogenic Diet ReviewKetogenic Diet

First of all, what is the Ketogenic Diet plan? The Ketogenic Diet plan is recognized as a low carb and high fat diet. Often compared to the Atkins Diet and other low carb diets out there today. Ketosis […]

What Is Omnitrition?

Jeff and Kim Johnson look like two aging Barbie dolls. The couple, who are in their early 40s and 50s, are purveyors of Omnitrition, a weight-loss supplement company. Their promotional Facebook page is plastered with photos of the two donning salmon-colored tans, on the beach and at dinner, usually […]

The BRAT Diet names actually stands for the acronym Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. These are all bland foods that are known to help stomach and digestion issues. Although these four foods are outlined in the title, there are other foods that the diet allows. If the food is considered bland, […]

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Calorie King Review

Calorie King is a website that offers insight to maintaining health, conscious eating habits, and weight control. They have been in business for over 40 years, and the founder is Allan Borushek. Borushek was a health educator and clinical dietician back in the 1970’s. He published the first carbohydrate and calorie counter in 1973 in Australia. Fast forward to 1996, and CalorieKing.com launched. The website […]

SparkPeople Review

SparkPeople is a goal based website aiming to help its members achieve overall health, weight loss, and wellness. In a sense it is a community website that has over 11 million people actively associated within the system. It offers calorie counters, meal plans, recipes, personalized fitness programs, advice from experts, and community support. It was founded by Chris Downie, ex Ebay employee who saw success […]

Flat Tummy Tea Review

Flat Tummy Tea is a company that offers a variety of weight loss drinks such as teas, shakes, and even lollipops. In. this review I am going to focus on the herbal tea blend and give you the full scoop on the product. The company is based in Perth, Australia but they also have a distribution and manufacturing center in New York to better access […]