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Ideal Shape’s CEO David Meine, and Co-CEO Carla Meine started this company in 2003 and the company’s headquarters are based out of American Fork, Utah. They offer a variety of shakes, powders, supplements, and protein bars to a customer base looking to lose weight. While the products are pretty standard, they are quite expensive given that the products are made with extremely processed ingredients. The ingredient lists on their products are so long and contain words that the general population can’t even pronounce. Right on their website they claim, “The Ideal Plan is filled with “Good Stuff.” The ingredient lists, and this statement do not match up, sending out a red flag on the company’s integrity.* This company is not Better Business Bureau accredited, but you can take a look here. Their customer service was prompt, and they answered every question I asked them which was nice to have happen for a change.

You can buy a variety of programs packs, such as:

  • Shake Starter Pack: 1 tub (30 day supply) of the shake powder, a smoothie recipe book, and a shaker bottle. Retail cost: $107.98
  • Buy 2 Shakes Get 6 Freebies:  2 tubs of the shake powder, 2 boxes of protein bars, 1 bottle of Ideal Burn Supplement (fat loss and energy pills), shaker bottle, and 1 Ideal Plan recipe Book. Retail cost: $217.94
  • 30 Day Ideal Plan: 1 Ideal Plan Recipe Book, 1 Smoothie Book, 1 Shaker Bottle, 2 tubs of shake powder, and 4 boxes of protein bars. Retail cost: $245.98
  • 60 Day Ideal Plan: 1 Ideal Plan Recipe Book, 1 Smoothie Book, 1 Shaker Bottle, 4 tubs of shake powder, and 4 boxes of protein bars. Retail cost: $491.96
  • 90 Day Ideal Plan: 1 Ideal Plan Recipe Book, 1 Smoothie Book, 1 Shaker Bottle, 6 tubs of shake powder, and 6 boxes of protein bars. Retail cost: $737.94.

There is a lot of pressure to purchase their products all over the site, before simply getting educated about them. When calling into their support line I was told have a 30-day money back guarantee for all of their products, which was short but better than others I have seen in the past.* They were not hard to get ahold of and they were friendly overall. This company screams, quick fix and is not something I would invest my time or money in for long-term results.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Ideal Shape Diet?

There are mixed reviews whether or not this program works for people. It is not a long-term solution for weight loss, as this program promotes their weight loss supplements over a healthy diet. The price point works for some people, but it still rather expensive in the long run. There are some reviews I found outside of the website that seemed like genuine and honest feedback:

“I am disappointed in this product. I had used it before and it had a nice, milkshake texture to it. But the company changed the formula and now it has a gritty mouth feel, as if one of the ‘new’ ingredients doesn’t dissolve. I’ll finish this can but won’t buy this product again. I’ll look around for a competitor’s product.” Tim S.*

“My strawberry shake has a sticker on it saying it has LEAD in it! What the heck!!!!???” A. Syversen*

To see the reviews click here.

When searching, there were no clinical studies done on the ingredients of the products, and the science behind why they make you lose weight.* I would not put any of their products in my body due to the high numbers of unknown ingredients. Their secret ingredient Slendesta is simply a hunger suppressor made from potato skin. The skin from the potato can trick the brain into thinking it is full.

Is The Ideal Shape Diet Easy To Follow?

They do not make it clear when and how to take their supplements on the website. There are meal replacement shakes to take in place of the meals, and they come with 30 days worth of shakes. You can be on this program for 30-60-or 90 days long before re-ordering. For snacks they offer boost powders and protein bars, but once again it is not clear when and how much of these to take. Because they are promoting less calorie consumption, you are naturally going to get hungry. Drinking shakes and eating protein bars will not satisfy your hunger at first, but may later on down the road. One side effect you may experience with the ingredient called “inulin” is gas, and bloating. For those of you with a thyroid problem, the small traces of soy found in the shakes will not do your body well as it will reduce the production of your thyroid hormone. Other than that, people have mentioned cravings due to the liquid diet, and restrictions when participating.*


On Facebook that have a large number of likers, but the activity levels do not match up when they send out their daily posts. At the minimum they are getting 10-20 likes per post, which is, a small number compared to their following base. Their Twitter account had a small following with little activity, and their Instagram account activity was very minimal compared to the number of followers they had as well. Overall, their social media was not impressive, and is not being used as a tool for marketing.

The company’s products are overpriced based off of the ingredients they are made from. It is another lose weight quick program that floods your system with gritty tasting meal replacement shakes, bars, and powders. I would not recommend this program, as the ingredient lists are too long to trust.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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  • Tajwar Uquru

    This company use to be quite good but now the customer service is horrible. A CSR named Nicole was the rudest person in the CSR dept. I placed an order then 5 min later called them to cancel it because i made a mistake on the address, they told me that my order cannot be cancelled and if it goes to the wrong address you are out of your money. I talked to another manager who was rude and just as unhelpfull. I will never buy from Idealshape again.

  • Kelly Smith

    How successful were you on the Ideal Shape diet? — Still loosing – but I have lost 163 pounds since May 27, 2013.

    Would you recommend the Ideal Shape diet? — YES – The Shakes and Replacement bars are really good – otherwise it would have been hard to stick to it.

    What was the hardest part while on the Ideal Shape diet? – I never called this a “diet” but a JOURNEY — hardest part was changing my mindset and understanding calories in versus calories out — Also to EAT to FUEL not EAT to EAT

    What was the easiest part while on the Ideal Shape diet? The Shakes and Bars – I knew the calories I was consuming so I did not have to count EVERY meal, just my snacks and diner.

    Where you exercising while on the Ideal Shape diet? YES – it is after all a Calories IN versus Calories Out game — also wanted to improve my physical fitness.

    Advantages of the Ideal Shape diet? As stated in easiest part – I know the calories I am consuming in the shakes or bars and they actually filled me up — gotta drink the full glass of water after – that is the key.

    Have you had any side effects while on the Ideal Shape diet? No BAD side effects — was STROKE level on Blood Pressure now….NORMAL.

    Disadvantages of the Ideal Shape diet? The Obvious – shakes for Breakfast and sometime lunch can be a tad boring, but it is the method I have used and it WORKS, so the 163 pounds loss advantage far out weight the disadvantage.

    Would you recommend Ideal Shape diet? YES – but again I do not think of it as a Diet — but a way of life — watch your calories in and out — I live a normal life — and now can actually participate in life – so would I recommend – YES! Have I recommended – YES!

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