Isopure Review

Isopure supplement review

Isopure Supplement Protein Supplement

Protein is an essential part of nutrition for the body each and every day, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a lot of products on the market in the form of a protein supplement. Isopure is one of those supplements, and the company touts its product as being pure, lactose free, and free of fat and carbs. Many protein powders come with hidden carbohydrates and calories that many of us just do not want to have in our diet, so this is the main hook line with the Isopure, and it has attracted so many people in the door.

The company was founded in 1984 by two men named Hal and Ernie, and their headquarters are based out of New York. The company sells its products at a few major retail locations such as GNC, Amazon, Body, and Vitamin Shoppe locations. Let’s dive into the actuals about the Isopure protein products.

How Does Isopure Work?

The Isopure line comes in the form of powders or actual drinks. Below I will break down both the powder and the drinks as well as their costs. They are simple orders, and each of the powders and drinks have their own set of instructions for use so please read them depending on the product you are interested in.


Infusions– 14 oz $24.99 (Citrus Lemonade, Mango Lime, Mixed Berry, Pineapple Orange Banana, and Tropical Punch.

Zero Carb- 3 lb. $42.99 (Alpine Punch, Apple Melon, Apple Pie, Banana Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, and many more).

Unflavored Whey- 1 lb. $18.57 No Flavor

Natural Flavor– 3lb. $41.99 (Chocolate, or Vanilla).

Aminos– 10.5 oz. $34.99 (Alpine Punch, Cherry Lime, or Cranberry Grape).

Coffee– 3lb. $41.99 (Colombian Coffee, or Espresso).

Mass– 3.25 lbs $30.93 or 7lbs $46.73 (Creamy Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate).

Anytime Energy- 150 g $24.99 (Alpine Punch, Apple Melon, or Cherry Lime).

Original– 8.8 lbs. $185.00 (Creamy Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, or Strawberries and Cream).

Creatine- 500 g $26.99 (Plain).

L-Glutamine- 600g $24.05 (Plain).

Whey– 5 lb. $103.00 (Chocolate, and Vanilla).


Natural Flavor RTD- 12 pack $49.99 (Alpine Punch, Grape Frost).

Zero Carb- 12 pack $42.99 (Alpine Punch, Apple Melon, Blue Raspberry, Coconut, Icy Orange, Lemonade, and many more).

Coconut Water- Cocotein– 12 pack $39.99 (Fruit Punch, Original Flavor, Tropical Punch).

Plus Nutritional- 6 pack $30.12 (Alpine Punch or Grape Frost).

Mass- 12 pack $36.99 (Alpine Punch, or Grape Frost).

Plus Zero Carb- 6 pack $30.12, (Alpine Punch, or Grape Frost).

Tea- 12 pack $42.99, (Black Tea Lemon, Green Tea Lemon).

Is Isopure Safe?About Isopure

Based off of their ingredient lists (available online), and their reviews this product is safe. There were many solid reviews regarding flavors and how it makes the body feel overall. It is marketed as a clean supplement all over the board. There are no real side effects that will affect your health poorly. Some said the main protein supplement (chocolate and vanilla flavors) were less sweet than your average protein powders on the market today. They are sweetened with sucralose, and either water or your milk of choice.

The Bottom Line: The entire line of Isopure products is clean and safe to try out.

Pros and Cons of Isopure

With this specific product line, Isopure doesn’t have any major cons minus the cost really and the subtle taste. The products have been said to taste good overall, and they do their jobs as marketed. I am combining these two sections together because there are not a lot of cons due to the neutralism that the company provides the customer. The subtle taste may also be a pro for some people who do not like a lot of sweet and intense flavor from their supplements.

The Bottom Line: If you are sensitive to soy or don’t like sucralose, this might not be the product for you. If you do not have any dietary restrictions this is a good option for you with more pros than cons and good overall flavor choices.


Isopure is a nice company with nice products for the customer to choose from. The flavor profiles are appealing, and the different options for sizing and cost are nice as well. If you want to buy the protein in bulk you are able to do so, but if you only want 14 oz. you can also go that route too. Isopure is sold in many large retail locations, as well as online so it is easy to try out if you are interested. Isopure is not a large gamble, and the company does not rope you into a subscription service to buy their products. Buy at your leisure and enjoy!


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