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all-day-energy-greensAll Day Energy Greens was founded in 2008, and they are located in Camp Verde, Arizona. The company that produces All Day Energy Greens is called the “Institute for Vibrant Living” and they provide an entire line of products ranging from men’s health to weight loss. I am reviewing the energy greens supplement that comes in a powder form. The supplement has natural plant and vegetable extracts such as:

  • Ginger root, Green tea, Milk thistle, Organic beet root, Aloe Vera, and Organic barley grass powder.

A major downfall is that while their title promotes energy, there have been more negative reviews noticing no increase in energy while taking this supplement.

Regarding their support line, it was easy to get ahold of them. Their money back guarantee was lifetime, even if the product had been opened. This was nice to know that the customer could take a risk, and purchase the product with no obligations. The product itself is rather expensive, which is why they have their lifetime guarantee. For a one-month supply of the All Day Energy Greens it costs $40.00 per canister.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On All Day Energy Greens?

While there have been mixed reviews about this product actually doing its job, it seems like another gimmick product in a market full of items exactly like this. Some people have seen success, while others have not. The taste was reported to be bitter, and the lack of energy it gave to people was a point of concern as well.* A few reviews from outside web sources:

This is the most horrible tasting thing that I have ever tried. A lot of people are saying it’s sweet but mine is just bitter. I’m talking aloe vera bitter.

I literally had to hold my breath and chug to get it down. I think the energy must come from you running around like a crazy person and gagging after having to ingest anything so awful. I think I’ll just eat a nice green salad and call it a day. 

I bought a 30 day trial – took for 4 days – I felt I did have more energy – but on day 4 – I had extreme diarrhea for hours! It made me very sick – it must be contaminated with bacteria.”

When taking a deep look into their website, there were no clinical studies done on why the All Day Energy Greens was formulated. Nor is there any evidence that the formula was scientifically thought out, as not a single sentence of information is given to readers.*

Is All Day Energy Greens Easy To Follow?

Because All Day Energy Greens is not a diet, but rather a supplement it is easy to take. To use “All Day Energy Greens” you mix one scoop a day with a smoothie, or drink of choice. It is said that each scoop is meant to be equivalent to five servings of fruits and vegetables. The main objective of this product is supposed to give you renewed energy, not to help you lose unwanted weight. This is a hefty price tag for a one-month supply of a product that is not even proven to help you gain more energy.

Everyone’s bodies react differently to supplementation, so because this product has all natural ingredients, there have been no negative side effects reported. The only minor side effect was a bad aftertaste that the supplement left, as well as the product not giving them more energy. There were other reports of digestive problems after taking the product, and minor allergies that came from ingredients in the supplement. It will vary from person to person.


This product can be bought directly through their website, Amazon, and Vitamin Shoppe online. No matter where you buy the supplement, the money back guarantee is the same, which is relieving. They do not have any social media outlets, as they are mainly a supplement company who distributes to locations like Amazon and Vitamin Shoppe.*

When it is all said and done, All Day Energy Greens is made with good ingredients, but it has not been proven to help someone gain more energy and shed unwanted pounds. To top it all off, the taste has been under par, which has left a sour taste in the customer’s mouths. I would not personally buy this product, as it is very expensive for what you are getting, and it is unproven.

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  • Patricia

    If you all would read the article about this product you would see that it is not a diet product! It is not promoted as a weight loss formula. It is a nutrient formula that has the added benefit of some weight loss when used properly.

    • JEN


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