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The Food Lovers diet was founded by a company called Provida Life Sciences in 2004.* They incorporated the knowledge of a certified nutritionist to help formulate their diet plan, and flippantly over promise on their website leading to false advertising.* They are based out of Encino, California and sell an overpriced educational book and DVD system for $120.00 a set. I was able to get in contact with the customer service center, and she was having a hard time answering my simplest questions. This led me to believe the company outsources help, and they do not take the time to educate their employees on the products, and why they can benefit the customer. As you can see in the link here, this company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau for a number of reasons. To contact the company go to: To Order Call: 1-800-301-5047, Customer Service: 1-877-366-3587.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Food Lovers Diet?

Like any calorie controlled, healthy eating plan you will lose weight. The books were written by certified nutritionists, so there is professional backing to their content. The question with Food Lovers is not about its effectiveness, but its actual need. Many people do not need to spend this much money on books and dvd’s to learn to eat every 3-4 hours and to incorporate healthy fats and proteins into your diet. Surprisingly enough, the how it works section on is not in depth at all, which puts a red flag on the program. There is an internet and its resources for a reason, and the abundance of information surpasses the Food Lover’s content.

We have found some testimonials outside the official site that might be a warning to anyone wanting to invest in this system.

C Such* said, “Anyone looking into getting this program – DON’T. Customer service today hung up on me. I got the program and found a charge of $64.87 on my credit card in addition to the Food Lovers charge. The $64.87 is a RECURRING charge every month and they would not refund the money.” 

Eugene M. Reynolds* said, “While the program may or may-not work for you, I just happen to look at my discover card statement this month and found a $64.87 charge from this company. It seems this charge is made every quarter for some support they offer that is free for the 1st 14 days and then automatically charged each quarter. I was livid and called to get a refund, they said they could only refund the most recent charge as a “courtesy.” Overall she feels like the company fails to tell you these small details and therefore she feels like it is a scam.

This is how they vaguely explain their “How to” Section:

No Prepackaged Food to Buy 
Everything you need in order to lose weight is already in your refrigerator. 
Never Feel Hungry 
You’ll never feel hungry because you’ll never go more than 3 hours without eating. 
Snacking Is Not Only Allowed – It’s Encouraged! 
Snacking helps to fire up your metabolism and keeps your body burning fat all day. 
The Easiest Way to Lose Fat? 
The Food Lovers Fat Loss System makes it easier to shed fat and lose weight by eliminating food cravings, self-deprivation and other negative aspects of dieting… so you’re more likely to stick with it and get the results you want.

Is The Food Lovers Diet Easy To Follow?

Because the program promotes essentially changing nothing about your lifestyle, it will be relatively easy to follow. The program is 21 days long, and the book will guide you through portion control. This can be a really good thing, yet a really bad thing for people truly trying to incorporate a healthier lifestyle for long term health.* Because they are simply trying to educate on portion control, the only side effects may come from hunger if you are used to eating more than the program allows. The question is the necessity of the program, which I do not find important after looking into this program. To spend a whopping $120.00 on unnecessary books and materials seems crazy to me, not to mention the lack of customer reviews outside of the website leads me to believe this company is just a plain waste of time and money. The only piece of scientific data on the website was a small box, and quote by Dr. Keller Wortham, M.D. talking about how you can lose weight fast and get healthier than you think you can by going on this program. As you can see there is not a lot of substance in that statement.


When we have reached customer service representative the question “it is a requiring payment” was answered very vaguely. It is 6 payments of $19.99 plus $19.99 shipping. When we inquired if a one time payment would be possible the answer was “possibly”. We did not get a clear answer therefore we are weary to trust this company.
The company has done a good job with their ideas, and motives but there is no real need for the product long term. With the information out on the internet today, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars for information readily available at your fingertips. I would not waste the time to try this program out, when I have the tools already at my fingertips. Beyond that, it is not for everyone because it is expensive.* There are much more affordable ways to become a healthier you, and lose undesired weight. You can purchase knock off versions of this product on amazon, but the only real way to get your hands on the books and the DVD’s are directly from the website which is not good. Finally, their social media presence is also not strong, which leads me to believe the popularity is just not there.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.


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  • Fat Elvis

    To follow up, I contacted Customer Service this morning and complained about the additional $64.87 that they charged me after I purchased the program from their website. Turns out, that fee is a “membership fee” that was incurred when I filled out a mandatory field on their site when I was completing the purchase. There was no indication that I was agreeing to a quarterly fee of $64.87 at the time that I submitted this form. They informed me that the fee was non refundable after the 2 week trial period, but I didn’t receive the program package in the mail until 2 weeks after the online purchase. So my “2 week trial” refundable period expired while my package was in the mail. In fact, I paid an additional fee to get my package more quickly, which still took 2 weeks. This is clearly a deceptive business practice. I returned the package this morning for a refund of the purchase price, but not the membership fee. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE THIEVES!!

  • Fat Elvis

    I purchased the “program”, paid in full, so I thought for $167.86. Received the system, and I’m thinking, fine. Then today I get a notification today that they are charging me an additional $64.87. This must be what Jackie Maxwell is talking about. I can only assume that this a “membership” fee buried in the fine print. I’ll be returning the program tomorrow. Deceptive Business Practices

  • Jackie Maxwell

    I purchased this program and had NO idea they were charging my account EVERY quarter $64.87. This has gone on two years and my credit card account is set up on automatic payment so I am embarrassed to admit I didn’t know they were doing this!!! I am disputing it today! Tried to call and sat on eternal hold so going through my credit card company to dispute it. UUUUGGGG beware !!!

  • Richard Large

    anyone know why Robert Ferguson quit promoting this diet?

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