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Atkins Diet ReviewDr. Robert Atkins created the Atkins Diet back in 1972, and its overall message of low carbohydrates on a daily basis will most definitely lead to weight loss. There are no calorie restrictions when going through this diet, and you can eat as much protein as you want, as long as you do not incorporate any carbs into the mix. The idea behind eating as much protein as you want comes from protein’s ability to fill you up faster and for longer amounts of time.* The Atkins Diet sells many different snack options such as protein bars, shakes, and frozen meals that can be found in most grocery stores around the country, but are not required while following this program. When going through this diet there are four main phases:

Phase 1:

You are only allowed to eat 20 grams of carbs per day for two solid weeks during this phase. You are encouraged to eat high fats and proteins, along with many vegetables, as this is said to start the weight loss process.*

Phase 2:

This is the balancing phase where you can add more nuts, fruits, and low-carb vegetables back into your diet. The goal still remains the same however – eating as much dense protein as you can.*

Phase 3:

This stage is the maintenance or fine-tuning phase where you are near your goal weight and need to maintain it. While still focusing on more protein consumption than carbs, you can slowly add in a few carbs here and there. Be mindful.*

Phase 4:

The final phase is the long-term maintenance phase. After incorporating more proteins and less carbs into your diet throughout the program, this phase allows you to eat more carbs, as long as the lost weight does not come back on.*

While taking carbohydrates and some fruits away from your diet are said to be healthy, this can also leave you feeling sluggish at best. This diet goes to the extreme to take away anything but meat and veggies for extended periods of time. Users have reported that their bodies do not smell good (breath, sweat, and skin) due to the large amounts of meat they have to consume. Depending on how much weight you have to lose, there are two programs to choose from: The Atkins 40 (aimed at people who need to lose over 40 pounds) and the Atkins 20 (aimed at people needing to lose 20 pounds or less). Each program’s eating restrictions are pretty much the same, but the portion sizes are different.* The cost of the program is purchasing the book for roughly $20.00, and buying the groceries each week for yourself.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Atkins Diet?

Because a large amount of processed foods and carbs is completely cut out of your diet, the Atkins Diet has seen success. The question is, does the weight lost stays off once other foods are incorporated back into the diet? Most of the time, lost weight has been said to come back on once those carbs and sugars make their way back into the body. There is scientific evidence that backs up the idea that sugars and carbs will turn into fat in your body, so the overall idea of the diet has legs to stand on. What remains unclear is how healthy the long-term consumption of animal fat in large numbers is to your body over time.* There were faulty rumors going around that Dr. Atkins himself died of a heart attack back in 2003, which left many second-guessing the validity of the program. This was however not the case, as he died from traumatic brain injuries. People with heart problems, kidney disease, and high cholesterol are cautioned to consult a doctor before jumping into the Atkins Diet.

Is The Atkins Diet Easy To Follow?

No. Any time you are drastically changing your diet, it will be tough to follow initially. To start out, you are only allowed to consume 20-40 grams of carbs at the most, which can send some people’s systems into shock. There have been side effects of sluggishness, irritability, headaches, and foul odors such as bad breath when participating in the Atkins Diet. In total, the programs can take a person a couple of months to finish, but everyone will lose weight at their own rate. The first phase lasts for two weeks, and then the other phases are on a personal time basis that is dependent on your weight loss goals.

The original protocol allowed for extremely high amounts of saturated fats which can directly impair the body’s ability to react to insulin, so implementing low-carb, high fat diet might help you shock your body into releasing weight short term, but it may also speed up the development of insulin resistance. Eventually, that can lead to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and heart disease. New revised program recommends healthier options but still allows high amounts of fat and the effects of that are still not known.

It does promote physical activity of up to 30 minutes a day, but does not focus on this as a main contributor to losing weight. If you are a vegetarian, you are able to follow the diet, but it will be much more challenging as your only source of nutrients will come in the form of vegetables, nuts, and seeds.


When looking into the Atkins Diet support systems and social media, they have a large following of people with little user engagement on their social media accounts. The support systems are most definitely present with forums, support lines, and chat groups, which was nice to see. There are many positives to eliminating refined sugars and carbs from your diet, and one of them happens to be weight loss. This diet program is not for everyone, as many people have noticed their cholesterol levels rising, bad smells coming from their bodies, and an overall lack of nutrients when trying to complete this diet. You can purchase extra diet snack products almost anywhere you look, as well as the Atkins Diet book from the website directly or major distribution channels such as Amazon or Ebay. The diet takes a lot of time and energy, as many life changes will need to be made in order to be successful.*

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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  • Claudia O’Leary

    Couldn’t agree with you more! You can eat healthy following an Atkins type program. I make my own mayo etc., use real food like butter, cream. The truth is, not eating meat makes you weak! No soy oils or corn oils in my diet. I stay away from the New “Atkins” pre-made stuff and bars. Might have had a headache in the beginning from detoxing all the fake diet and junk foods and toxins out of my body. Big deal!, The “bad odor” thing is ridiculous. I lost weight and keep it off. I’m 63, walk every day I can. Never sick, have tons of energy.

  • Linda

    I personally think high protein diets are good for you but carbs are absolutely needed to actually distribute the protein. I still do not see how high fat even if its healthy can be beneficial long term. Everything should be consumed in moderation. You want your body to burn fat while decreasing carbs.

  • Donnie Gribble

    Hi I have been on Atkins diet for 11 weeks at first the weight fell off fast but now its about 1 lb per week. I started at 212lbs yesterday I went to weigh and im down to 183. I started with a 43in waist now im a 35in waist. It works and its not that hard to stay on it you are limited to what you can eat. lots of omelets with any carb free meet carb free cheese green olives. I make pams of quiche with eggs any carb free meat heavy cream broccoli spinach. Most vegs have lots of carbs you cant even eat a can of green beans I eat a lot of can collard greens and I get the chicken thats all ready cooked at WalMart or any store and shred it up and make omelets or any other time you can eat all you want. I cant believe I have not cheated if you go on this diet no cheating if you just eat one peice of candy it will mess your diet up. You eat no carbs and your body takes yours in your body and burns them. It works but you can all so go on a no fat and just eat carbs all depends on you. I think I can lose what I want in 3 more months 155 is right around the corner good luck everyone you can do it look at the carbs on everything you eat get almond milk with sugar free pudding helps your sweet tooth when you craving something sweet the almond milk has 8 carbs in a half gallon oh the unsweet almond milk it sucks by itself but makes great pudding 2 cups of pudding is only 2 grans of carbs. One more thing I have not exercised at all i’m going to join a gym now but you dont have to it will help out big time but some people just dont have extra time or money in this crazy world.

  • Pat Payne

    I have been in ketios for 2 weeks (dark shade of purple) but NOT loseing weight…What am I doing wrong..very low carb diet… drinking water…I go to water arobics 3 x a week…I no longer have cravings for sweets….But shoulden’t I be losing weghtas well????

  • Debbie Yantis

    How many net carb grams do you get in Maintenance?

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