I Love This Diet Review

I Love This Diet Review



Update: May 25, 2022

6.3 Out of 10
I love this diet is a healthy alternative spun off of the Jenny Craig diet in freezer meal form. It focuses on a low calorie, low sodium meal plan style program, and all of the meals are pre-made for the customer. It’s meal plan uses dishes from companies like Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, Kashi, Simply Balanced, Healthy Choice, and other supermarket freezer meals that appear healthy to the outward eye. Right on the website it says that the diet was created by registered dieticians, but it does not go into anymore detail about this at all.* Does that mean registered dieticians who actually created individual programs like Jenny Craig, Kashi etc. or did they actually have dieticians working on “I love this diet”?!

You are able to sign up for a subscription on the “I love this diet” website for around $50.00 for six months, or $60.00 for an entire year. The food is obviously purchased separately, so the cost of the website and membership will get you coupon codes for the freezer meals, and some information on the kinds of meals to purchase. That is it. This is very limited in my opinion, and already does not seem like a great weight loss program. They state that you will lose a small amount of weight per week on this freezer meal diet, which is very small in the grand scheme of things.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The “I Love This Diet” Program?

The weight loss seen by customers has been very slow, and it probably is due to the amount of calories allowed per day. When you sign up, it will give you one of five different calorie options, all which fall between 1,300 and 1,850 calories per day. The options for food can be anything from bagels to breakfast parfaits and soufflés. As we are all aware, this is high in carbohydrates, and sugar, which does not help someone with weight loss. Because the weight loss is so small per week, it will take a long time for someone to reach their weight loss goals with this diet.

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Is The “I Love This Diet” Easy To Follow?

This diet consists of just freezer meals, which is not hard to follow in general. The problem with the diet is how many processed foods you will be consuming, and it may not make you feel your best throughout the diet. If you get sick of the freezer meals, there is an option to cook directly from the “Love Cookbook” on the membership website. There are over 275 meals to choose from which makes the diet easier to follow than others, however it’s the idea of eating primarily processed freezer meals that makes my stomach turn.

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This diet is cheap to access but what are you really paying for? Wouldn’t it be easier to just go to the store, pick what you like, add up the calories which are clearly listed on the packaging and be done with it. Recipes available on the site are great but in this day and age there are so many incredibly creative food blogs, online magazines and social media sites that offer all of that for free. Will you lose weight? Yes, the weight will come off at the slower rate but you will achieve your goals if you don’t get sick from the same variety of food required to consume for a long time, to achieve even the smallest of weight loss goals.* What is very important to remember here is the quality of food you will be ingesting. Just the word prepackaged means that it is not fresh, it also means that it most likely contains additives and high sodium amounts to offset the low calorie taste.

Easier is not always better, actually in most cases in life it is the opposite. You get what you pay for and when it comes to weight loss and healthy nutrition you pay with your health.

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  1. I went onto the ILOVETHISDIET website and noticed it hadn’t been updated since 2016. There is no way to call them and there’s no company information on them. I’ve emailed them about these concerns and have received no response. Also, any reviews I could find either originated from their own site, or were written by ‘members’ 4 and 5 years ago. The fact that they don’t auto renew your membership kinda tells me they take your money one time and someone sits in their garage emailing out coupons and recipes. Sorry, it all seems very scam-ish.

  2. I joined I love this diet about two months ago It does work, BUT I was trying to get on it yesterday and were telling me that they can’t open it up because my password wasn’t right the same password I had been using since I opened my account with them.

    then they e mail me a long list of numbers and letters and when I go through the trouble of putting them in, they tell me they were already used.

    their contact us is stupid be cause you can’t even e mail them, there is no phone number to reach them, I don’t know how I can get in touch with them to try to straighten this out.

    I paid for a lifetime program with them. I am now beginning to believe they are a rip off and I can not recommend them.

  3. I have tried Ilovethisdiet and it works. It helped me lose weight after i left weightwatchers. Even though I really liked WW, the monthly bill was too high.

  4. I decided to try it because it had a money back guarantee, you can forget that. There is no way to contact them, there is a link to click on but there is nothing about getting your money back. I think it is a scam.

  5. I lost over 90 pounds with ‘i love this diet’ and wife lost about 40 or so, so far. Took us a good year to get there but it works. Signed upfor a lifetime membership and emailed them when I needed help. They email back pretty fast. I didnt ask for a refund, so dont know what the process is for that. Just stick to the plan and youll get to goal. I plan to celebrate when I reach 100 pounds lost, so almost there.

    I like lean cuisine and healthy choice, and hate cooking, so this worked for me. true, there’s similarities to JC and NS, but food tastes better I think.

  6. I went on this diet (Ilovethisdiet) almost one year ago. I have lost at least 40 pounds so far and only have another 10-15 to go. I am a huge fan!! There are so many different meals to choose from I never get tired of it. Plus I have learned how much is enough and my appetite has diminished, too.
    The program has lots of tools to help you learn how to eat more healthily. It counts calories for me. I only needed the program for less than 6 months because I learned what I needed. I eat the same thing every morning–lowfat and low sugar yogurt with berries and cereal for crunch. YUM then 2 hours or so later I have a Sargento Snack that I share with my pup. Two hours later its time for lunch. I like a string cheese or Outshine frozen fruit bar for afternoon snack. Then it’s dinnertime. I like to add some asparagus or other veggie to my Lean Cuisine or Healthy Bowl. I always have a sweet treat several hours after dinner. I eat frozen yogurt, Nada Moo ice dessert or an apple. I drink as much water as I wish and always drink 2 cups of coffee in the AM with sugar free creamer.
    This is a long review but I hope its helpful–even just for one person. I am wearing clothes I didn’t think I would ever fit. My joints are not hurting like they did. I have a new sense of confidence in myself.

  7. This is a great diet, I encourage you to give it a try. Its a really great way to learn how to eat healthy.

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