21-Day Shred Review

The 21-Day Shred by Ian Coleman is an intense, and very active diet program that leaves little room for rest and recovery. During the time they are doing the program, dieters will be working out like absolute pheens as well as eating as clean as they have ever eaten before. Is it easy? Most definitely not. The program requires you to be in the gym for 75 minutes a day, and by saying in the gym actively working out it doesn’t include your rest time. This program is not meant to be over 3-weeks so be careful no t to overdo the intensity. The program consists of two parts, which are the exercise portion as well as the nutritional program. It is all available via download for $59.99. There are not many point of sale opportunities with this product as it is mainly a PDF document, so buyers beware.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The 21-Day Shred?

This program is very intense, and has been said to market very unrealistic results. The body builders associated with their program have more than likely been working out in the gym longer than three weeks. These are professional body builders that are trying to make money with their bodies which are used as a marketing tool for the average joe to purchase the product and get into the gym to shed some pounds and get the body of their dreams.* This product is promoted by Men’s Fitness, and there are absolutely no testimonials on the site, nor is there any visible money back guarantee to look out for. Where is the weight lost if not all in the gym? It is said that you will consume 1/3 of your calories before dinner time, which will feel like a fast to many people. So have people lost weight on the program? Yes, but the key will be keeping it off long term.

Is The 21-Day Shred Easy To Follow?

No, not at all. This program is both fast and furious regarding severe dieting and a ton of intense gym time. This is not going to be an easy program for someone who is not used to this type of exercise. The workouts are said to be fast paced, exhausting, and exhilarating all at the same time. (Not for the faint of heart.) You will be participating in both gym and cardio exercises, in which women are allowed to consume 1,500 calories per day and men 2,100 per day. You will switch off between upper body and lower body workouts as well as cardio no matter if you are doing upper or lower body.


This program is difficult to follow, and it is only available via download. It will tell you not to join the program if you are a beginner to exercise or to dieting all together. This three week program does not fit the bill for most people, so be cautious when looking into starting it. All in all, there are not many testimonials from customers, which is concerning, as well as no money back policy. This is simply a download to follow, and nothing more. No support is offered, nor is there any guidance along the way. For $60.00 you are paying for workouts that you may not know how to do, as well as a nutritional plan that is not realistic for your weight loss goals.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.


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